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How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat (Estrus) – Tips (Q Tips) and Frequency

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat (Estrus) - Tips (Q Tips) and Frequency

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How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat (Estrus) – Tips (Q Tips) and Frequency

Lets answer these questions how long does a cat stay in heat (estrus), does Q tip help and what can you do to calm them down So, your cat begins to howl plaintively and lingeringly, like a banshee, does not show interest in food, sometimes even pisses in corners, and most importantly – rolls on the floor or takes frankly indecent poses: he puts his back aside, hangs his tail on one side, and touches his hind legs. Most likely, the banal happened to her – your cat has the first estrus. 

how long does a cat stay in heat

How Long is estrus in cats?

During the cycle, all the actions of the pet are focused on finding a partner to conceive offspring. Tags in the wrong places – passionate messages in cat social networks; tail to the side and stomping feet – demonstration of the status “In search of a pair”; yelling, otherwise called vocalization, is the call of the “second half”. At the same time, in some breeds, for example, Scots and British, the vocalization can be weak – the cat only becomes a little talkative – while for others the decibels are off the charts. Vocal breeds include Oriental, Abyssinian, Bengal, Angora and Thai (Old Siamese) cats. 

This “outrage” begins in 7-10 months, but cats reach full maturity by 12-14 months. The sexual cycle of cats has four different phases

  • the forerunner (proestrus) – lasts one to two days;
  • estrus (estrus) – lasts from four to six days;
  • posleletka (meteestrus) – lasts from a week to two;
  • rest period (anestrus) – lasts about three months.

Transparent, mild genital discharge is a symptom of the forerunner. At this time, the cat begins to lick more actively, often runs to write, an obsessive-affectionate attitude towards the owners is replaced by sudden aggression. Another characteristic feature – the pet is trying, by all means, to slip out of the house. From the window, from the door – if only to where the males are.

If an uncastrated cat lives at home, and the appearance of kittens is not included in the owners’ plans, the boy must be isolated with the appearance of the first signs of estrus. During the first 1-4 days of estrus, the cat, as a rule, does not allow males to approach him, but it is not worth the risk. 

On the fifth day, estrus manifestations increase: the discharge is already opaque, songs and dances continue with renewed vigor, skating and felting become unbearable, sometimes the cat begins to terrorize male owners, demanding affection from them. Further, the level of excitement decreases, a condition called “after-burn” occurs. If a meeting with a cat has taken place and ovulation has occurred, the cat has a pregnancy and aggression towards cats. 

Sometimes a false pregnancy develops in cats: the nipples enlarge, the animal assumes a feeding position, aggressively protects the “nest”, “adopts” the toy, and hides it in case of danger to the “baby.” Spontaneous ovulation does not occur in cats. This happens only as a result of repeated mating (therefore, in one litter a cat may have kittens from different fathers).

In humans and higher primates, ovulation occurs regardless of the results of the meeting: this can happen before, and on the same day, and after. If the cat does not mate, ovulation does not occur, the egg remains in the ovary and does not dissolve. Therefore, such empty estrus or “empty” lead to hormonal swings, polycystic ovaries and inflammation of the uterus – pyometer. 

What to do if a cat’s estrus goes almost unnoticed

What to do if a cat’s estrus goes almost unnoticed?

Silent estrus does not mean that nothing happens inside the cat: the same hormonal passions rage in the body as the hot cat woman. Therefore, such a pet also needs help.

How not to help the cat

How not to “help” the cat? 

Do not let the cat castrate cat. Such “help” is taken by the pet for mating, followed by ovulation, and “empty” mating leads to ovarian dysfunction and pyometra. 

Any hormonal drugs (Sex-barrier, Stop-intim, and others) are prescribed only by the doctor – after examining the cat and passing the prescribed tests. The owners should not prescribe any medicine to the cat (the exception is if they themselves are veterinarians ). 

Remember that drops systematically applied to each estrus lead to a hormonal malfunction in a cat, and a hormonal malfunction leads to ovarian dysfunction and the development of pyometers (accumulation of pus in the uterine cavity) or hematopyometers (accumulation of blood and pus). If not treated with a pyometer, it can be fatal. If the cat manages to be operated on and saved, then the consequences of intoxication can lead to distant complications, which, in the worst case scenario, the owners will struggle with the cat’s whole life. If you are not ready to live in a clinic, sterilize cats on time.

How to help a cat

How to help a cat? 

If you are concerned about the behavior of a thoroughbred or thoroughbred cat of the pet class, you can give it a drop of Cot-Bayun or Fospasim. They will calm the cat slightly, but will not bring her such harm as hormonal agents.

Most doctors advise sterilizing a cat just after the first estrus so that the reproductive system can form. Therefore, wait for the last stage, the so-called “leakage”, and consult your veterinarian.

Is it necessary to operate a cat?

A cat must be sterilized if it is not of pedigree value or it simply does not want to be mated. The thought “It is necessary to give the cat a birth once so that she experiences the happiness of motherhood” does not stand up to criticism.

Firstly, cats mated in the first estrus are still teenagers, and therefore there are many risks. For example, the danger is that a young cat will throw droppings, that the birth process will cause complications, or that the “mother” will not have enough milk to feed the offspring. Secondly, imagine that not two kittens were born to your cat, but, for example, eight. Can you attach everyone? Even if the author underestimates you, and you easily attach kittens with the help of social networks, can you guarantee that they will fall into good hands? 

The only humane solution is to sterilize or neutered the pet.

How is the sterilization process going

How is the sterilization process going?

Just take a cat and come to sterilization does not work. Firstly, the operation is by appointment. Secondly, before the procedure, it is advisable to take blood tests, and for large breeds (Maine Coon, British, Scottish, Norwegian Forest, Siberian) to do an ECG: this way the doctor will exclude cardiovascular diseases, make sure the cat’s health and give all the necessary recommendations. 

Examination before surgery is carried out to minimize risks during and after it: choose the right anesthesia and its dose in accordance with the weight of the pet.

Before surgery, the cat can not be fed 10-14 hours.

Now sterilization is done “along the white line of the abdomen” – this is a full-fledged abdominal operation or by laparoscopic method, through a hole in the side. The first option gives the veterinarian the opportunity to see the entire surgical field, it is indicated for various complications, but more traumatic. The second is more gentle and suitable for young cats.Do the surgery in a recommended clinic and at a doctor you trust. During the operation, life-threatening conditions (anaphylactic shock, bleeding, cardiac arrest) can occur (but not necessarily).

An experienced doctor will always respond and take action.

Also, in large clinics, the owners receive an animal that has already regained consciousness, so there is no need to listen to every breath of an awakening beauty.

But what if the cat is breeding and has to give birth

But what if the cat is breeding and has to give birth?

Remember that she should not give birth constantly. The maximum is one litter per year (and not every year!) In order to have time to recover. If the cat needs to skip estrus, contact your reproductive veterinarian to examine the cat and prescribe a feline birth control.

How to calm a cat during estrus

In this case, such pills suppress the production of female hormones in a cat, and she stops asking for a cat. This can be compared in some way with chemical castration.

How to calm a cat during estrus

Every owner of a cat is faced with a phenomenon like estrus. During this period, the animal becomes anxious, its behavior changes greatly. This brings a lot of anxiety and anxiety, both to the cat itself and to its owners.

  • The cat becomes mature at the age of 8 to 12 months.
  • Cataracts occur 3 times a year in cats.
  • Cats last estrus for about 2 weeks.

There are several ways you can calm a cat asking for a cat, and in this article we will talk about them in detail. Let’s say which method should be chosen and why.

Ways to calm a cat during estrus at home

If you approach the problem globally and choose the largest number of ways, then the final list of all ways to calm the cat will look like this:

  • Invite a cat for a cat
  • Give the cat sedative pills
  • Give the cat hormonal pills
  • Sterilize the animal
  • Giving time to a cat during estrus

All accessible and humane means to calm a cat look like this if she asks for a cat.Below we will analyze each of these points.

Invite a cat for a cat

There is a certain problem with the fact that not every cat will like your cat, and not every cat will be able to do its job. But this is a problem that deserves a separate article.

The main problem is that after mating, your cat will have kittens that will have to do something. If the cat is a thoroughbred, then the kittens can be sold or just handed out to people, but with ordinary kittens it is much more complicated. Here, either simply throwing them on the street, which is irresponsible, or doing what you don’t want to talk about at all.

You also need to understand that if you invite a castrated cat, and he will mate with it, it still will not solve the problem. After a while, the cat starts asking for the cat again, since she does not need sex, she needs pregnancy and kittens.

Sedative pills

In fact, these are tranquilizers that suppress the mental activity of the animal, and it temporarily stops any activity, including the activity of finding a cat.

  • Naturally, such pills cannot be called useful for a cat.
  • Naturally, such pills should not be given to a cat on a regular basis.
  • Naturally, such tablets can not be given without a doctor’s prescription.

They should be used only in emergency cases, when, for example, you need to take the cat during estrus to another city on an airplane so that the cat does not yell during the flight. In all other cases, their use is not recommended.

Hormone pills

In this case, such pills suppress the production of female hormones in a cat, and she stops asking for a cat. This can be compared in some way with chemical castration.

On the one hand, the method is very good, since it fights not with the consequences of the problem, but with its causes. On the other hand, such drugs negatively affect the health of cats, as they inhibit the natural processes in the body.

Most often, such preparations are used by pedigree cat breeders, who control the number of cats’ leaks during the year, so that the cat gives as many kittens as they can sell.

Cat sterilization

If you are not interested in kittens from your cat, and you responsibly approach the life of the animal, then we recommend stopping on this method. This is a small operation to remove reproductive organs, which in no way affects the health of your cat.

Your cat will be your cat, its behavior will not change in any way. It’s just that she will no longer have leaks, she will not suffer without a cat, she will live in peace, and you will be comfortable with her. This is a humane operation, which is recommended in most cases.

Giving time to a cat during estrus

In this case, you pay attention to the cat and support it in such a difficult moment when hormones are walking around it:

  • A warm heating pad in a cat’s bed – heat calms the animal
  • Soothing Herbs – Reduce Animal’s General Anxiety
  • Your affection and love – the animal does not feel abandoned
  • Play with your cat – distract her attention from the cat search

The problem with this method is that you can’t solve the main problem – the cat will still want a cat. After 3-4 leaks, if the cat does not give birth, she will begin to have problems in the female part, up to uterine cancer.

Therefore, although this method will help you personally experience the heat of the cat, it does not help the cat in any way, but only harms her health.

Conclusion: how to calm a cat during estrus

Cats eating is a natural process. No matter how you try to prevent him, he will still happen. Therefore, you can either suppress estrus with hormonal drugs, or solve the problem in a humane way – to sterilize the animal. And sterilization is recommended by many veterinarians, if you are not going to become a breeder and breed cats.

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