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How can I make my dog ​​listen to me? 3 useful tips!

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How can I make my dog ​​listen to me? 3 useful tips!

Do you regret when you call for a dog and he still doesn’t want to run when he is called? Are you afraid that he won’t listen to you in a crisis? Don’t you trust the dog and he? Surely you dream that it would be different … Do you want your beloved pet to listen to you and have a good relationship with you? It is possible, it only requires some effort and maybe fixing some training mistakes. Here are three useful tips to help your dog listen to us more.

1. Focus the dog’s attention using his name

Many dog ​​owners want the dog to listen to what we are talking to him. We dream that the walks would be calm, with a sense of security, that the pet would always listen to us, especially when, for example, another dog passes us, and we want him to go quietly further. Or if our dog goes too far and we say “to me”, he will come back immediately … This dream of many people who have a four-legged friend at home can become a reality. All you need is patience in everyday learning. Focusing on the carer helps a lot. This is the moment when the dog, hearing its name, looks at us and waits for what to do next. He needs our tips – then he feels safer in the field. You just have to work it out well!

Perhaps it seems to you that your dog doesn’t want to listen to you right now. The neighbor says “Hektor, to me” and the dog immediately runs to him. And you say, for example, “sit down” and … nothing. That’s why you keep saying: “sit, sit, sit, sit …” and the dog finally sits, but after some repetition. No wonder he learned that. He apparently realized that he did not have to sit down after the first command issued. If you repeat one command over and over to your pet, do not be surprised if you may not listen to you in a key situation. Unfortunately, playing the command is still one of the basic training mistakes. The consequences of this can be different. Let’s stick to the sample “sit down” command.

Clear communication is the most important thing

The dog can learn that the command is not “sit” but “sit”. He can also just get frustrated and nervous, not knowing what the guardian expects from him. And he can also learn to ignore a person over time – he stops listening to him when he would expect it. Oh, burned! What to do then You have to “go back” a bit and learn the command again. It may be that you will need to come up with another word. As a pet will immediately sit on the “meatball” command, it is also good – it is important that the behavior after one repetition is obtained. And it’s important that you understand each other. Only then you have to do it correctly.

The most important is clear communication between the human and the dog. The man says “lie down” – the dog lies down. The man says “sit down” – the dog sits down. When a dog learns what a word means, it’s enough for the guardian to speak it once and the dog will do it. It’s also worth focusing the dog on yourself first by saying its name. Focusing on the person who gives the order is the basis. It is also really worth exercising. If the dog always responds well to his name, turning straight to his guardian and looking at him, then it will also be easier for him to do whatever he asks.

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2. Make everyday life easier by giving clear instructions

A well-developed command is such a command, which is enough to say once, and the dog knows what to do and performs it. Therefore, working on commands requires time, patience and consistency. If the dog does not know what to do at the moment, when you say, for example, “sit down”, then at the learning stage of the command you can guide him with the gesture and the word “good” when you see that the execution of the command goes in the right direction. When he finally does what you asked him at the beginning, praise him very much and give him a reward. However, remember not to repeat the command once issued.

It is also worth entering a word that releases the dog from the command, eg “OK”. Then the dog will learn that he has to sit for so long until the guardian releases him. If it breaks the command, say “go back” and show that it should continue to execute it until you hear “OK”. Dogs can quickly associate that it is better to listen than to constantly return to the same place and, for example, extend the time to have fun together. It is better to do what you want, because it will be fun sooner or you will finally be able to go to your favorite place! It’s very useful in everyday life with a dog. It also gives a greater sense of security to the guardian, if he knows that the dog can certainly listen to him and will not move from a place, e.g. in a dangerous situation, until a person allows him.

Exercise shorter and better

Do not be afraid to go to training or reach for professional books on command learning, if you feel that you will not repair yourself what the pooch has already learned to mislead. It all takes time, but just imagine how you say “to me” and the pooch runs right away … Isn’t that wonderful? You say once: “don’t move” and the dog doesn’t move anything off the floor. This is not only great, but it can save a dog’s life when you need to react quickly.

Learning commands should also be pleasant and spread out in time. Find time to practice with one command poocek. Say the name, command, wait for the dog to do it (point it out with a gesture) and when it does what it takes, praise and reward. Do this three times and order a break. Release the pooch (“OK”) and let him play or do something at ease. It is important that the dog always has positive associations with learning, then it will be easier for you. Always end the exercises together with a successful dog! Don’t wait until he gets tired. It is better to work out shorter and good. As long as the pooch has the strength to listen to you.

3. Be attractive to your dog and build a relationship with him

It is worth constantly remembering that our dogs want to listen to us. Really! Your dog never wants to hurt you – he learns what you teach him. And when there is no consequence, he simply does what is more beneficial to him. The dog is able to learn a lot. Only sometimes needs more focus, guidance, and can reduce the number of distractions during exercise. I need more time to study and more consistency. Your consistency is especially important, because dogs are very smart and know that if they can fail to do it once or twice, they will start to let go … That’s just the way it is.

So it’s worth knowing how to teach a dog well so that you can enjoy a greater sense of security on everyday walks and in various life situations. Over time, it will get better when your pet understands that it is good and beneficial for him to follow the instructions. Yes, the prize is important – it doesn’t have to be a treat, but for example, dragging together with a toy. Dogs, contrary to appearances, are not always selfless. Maybe they are so in love with man, but when it comes to performing tasks, they must have the advantage of doing something. For some dogs the prize is a relish, for others playing with a beloved guardian. However, it is always worth rewarding a pet to strengthen the behavior we require from him. Thus, knowing your dog, you will know what is the biggest motivation and reward for him.

Take care of positive relationships

Build a relationship with your dog. Have fun with him. In addition to demanding constant obedience, give him time to relax and play with you. Make you the most attractive to him! Do a lot of cool things together. The more trust a dog has in his guardian, the more he will want to do something with him and listen to him. A strong relationship between you is a very important element! Remember that the commands are important because they facilitate your mutual communication, but your mutual relationship is equally important. The dog will learn a command much faster when it is praised with joy by its guardian after its proper execution than when everything is “like in the army”. Positive training with a guardian whom the dog trusts, that’s it! Remember that not only a dog is to listen to you, but you must also learn to listen to a pet – his body language. These moments, when the dog shows that something has fallen in his paw, and you react immediately – they also build your mutual trust. Give your pet time to play with you and other dogs. Let him get tired positively. After all, a dirty, tired dog is a happier and more polite dog.

Katharina Schlegl-Kofler, a dog training instructor, once said: “The more attractive a man is to his four-legged friend and the more he initiates joint activities, the more attention the dog will devote to him and the less often he will try to look for exciting experiences on his own.” So be attractive to your beloved pet, and your presence and time spent together will be the greatest reward for him. He will be focused on the one he loves most deeply and selflessly – that is, on you.

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