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Help me, my dog ​​is moulting again! What to do?

the dog moults again


Help me, my dog ​​is moulting again! What to do?

It cannot be denied that winter this year has saved us exceptionally. The lack of frost, snow and warm temperatures meant that the home quadrupeds are already beginning to change their fur for summer … Losing tons of the undercoat! Every guardian whose dog moults again is probably looking for long-term solutions that will allow him to effectively master this problem. Fortunately, we have a few ideas for this!

My dog ​​moults again!

Are you waiting for your dog to fall and you still can’t see the end? Maybe it’s time to stop being limited to combing! There are several ways in which you will be able to reduce the loss of the undercoat for your mentee.

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Choose the right tools

The brushes drowning in the dog’s tufts are grabbed … But are they really good? Frequent combing will definitely help you master the molting, provided you use the right equipment! Each type of hair needs a different type of brush or comb. Rubber combing gloves will be suitable for short-haired dogs and undercoat breeds. A wire brush will be useful for dog keepers with semi-long but not too thick fur. For effective removal of undercoat in heavily offered dogs, you should get a hook trimmer, furminator or other professional equipment that the groomer will recommend.

Limit molting “from the inside”

If your dog moults again, and losing the undercoat already passes any idea, you should consider the diet of your pet. Abundant molting can be a symptom that often accompanies food shortages due to poor quality dog ​​food. Changing food to high-shelf food and supplementing it with salmon oil or yeast can significantly improve the quality of your pet’s coat and reduce hair loss. In some cases, switching to a home diet or BARF will be a great antidote to fluffy dog ​​fluff at home.

A bath won’t hurt!

Bathing a dog is not only a way to keep his fur clean. Scrubbing your pet thoroughly is also a great trick to remove any dead undercoat. Especially if you use a shampoo and conditioner specially designed for this purpose. Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, dog cosmetics will make your pet’s skin moisturized and the hair growing on it will stop falling out of the handful. Regular bathing is an invaluable help during moulting.

Treat your dog to a new hairstyle

Frequent visits to the groomer with the dog, contrary to appearances, are a great way to save time. Regularly and professionally trimmed, combed or cut, the pooch loses much less hair than combed every day at home! If your pet has longer coat, but you are not going to take part in exhibitions with him, nothing prevents you from asking the groom for a more “sporty” hairstyle. The short-cut pooch will not leave its long fluff on the couch. He will also come back from the walk much cleaner, saving you the trouble of vacuuming the carpet.

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