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Hellish Vampire Squid – Photos, Appearance and Description

Hellish vampire Squid - Photos, Appearance and Description


Hellish Vampire Squid – Photos, Appearance and Description

Hellish vampire squid is a relic cephalopod mollusk, which you are unlikely to be lucky enough to meet during the next vacation. Creepy in appearance and in his way of life, he lives alone, not having friends and neighbors.

Hellish vampire squid

Deep Water Detritofag

It is deep-sea because it lives all its life in the tropical and temperate waters of the world’s ocean at depths of 400–1000 m. This is a place where almost no light penetrates, and there is so little oxygen that one has to adapt to survive in such adverse conditions. To do this, marine life have blue blood with a high content of copper in it. It helps to more efficiently distribute oxygen throughout the body, which is almost not dissolved in the surrounding waters. It is the only mollusk known to science that lives in such great depths.

Deep Water Detritofag

Detritophage is an individual that feeds on carrion and rot. And what remains to be done when there is so little food around? You need to somehow survive and the hellish vampire catches everything that comes down to him from the upper layers of water. The outgrowth-filaments are covered with sticky hairs, and when the mollusk keeps them afloat, a trifle sticks to them, floating nearby. Then he cleans away what is stuck, with the help of the main tentacles that form the cloak, and packs the garbage in the mucus. After which he swallows the resulting slimy lump.

The squid itself can also become prey for predators, but in this case it has a protective mechanism. His entire body is covered with glow organs (photophores), the clam can amplify light, create flashes, scaring the enemy. If the danger is too close, then the squid begins to spit bioluminescent fluid, consisting of many glowing balls. This method is used as a last resort, since the regeneration of mucus requires high energy costs.

vampire with squid and octopus

One of a kind

The similarity of a vampire with squid and octopus, does not make them relatives, it is a separate type of vampiromorphs. The gelatinous body has a length of up to 30 cm and color from red to velvet black. Color varies with depth. The clam has eight tentacles connected by membranes, and at the ends of the tentacles are suckers. The body is also equipped with two ear-shaped fins, which serve as a means of transportation.

Hellish vampire has the biggest eyes in relation to the body, which makes it a champion in this area. Eye color can also vary from blue to red.

Hellish vampire has the biggest eyes

Interestingly, the density of the mollusk’s body is almost equal to the density of water, due to the high content of ammonia. This allows you to maintain high buoyancy and mobility with a minimum of effort. Energy-saving life mode is needed to save oxygen deficient.

For its own camouflage, squid emits a bluish glow that blurs its own contours and makes it invisible to others.


This type of animal is very little studied. Its population is small, and if it is accidentally caught and raised from the depth, it quickly dies due to a sharp pressure drop.

Breeding occurs rarely, as meeting on the sea expanses of the female and the male is unlikely. When this happens, the male implants the female a set of spermatophore, which she can store for a long time. After fertilization, eggs are harvested for about 400 days. Before the appearance of mollusks, the female stops feeding and dies.

Newborn individuals have a length of 8 mm and are an exact reduced copy of an adult individual.

Hero of our time

The name and appearance of a vampire squid scare and repel, but on closer examination it is pathetic. This mollusk has to survive in the hellish conditions of lack of food and oxygen. It does not have impressive size or terrible teeth to scare off the attackers. His means of protection is a harmless bundle of light and a body that tries to give itself a more awesome look with the help of various tricks.

The study of the species occurs in the case of random collisions of deep-sea apparatuses with an animal. All that can be learned at the same time is his means of defense and defense. Let’s hope that his adaptable methods are reliable enough and will help this species survive. And we can only wish him good luck and comfortable living conditions.

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