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Hearing the birdsong will soon be rare: the experts ‘alarm on birds’ health

Hearing the birdsong will soon be rare: the experts 'alarm on birds' health


Hearing the birdsong will soon be rare: the experts ‘alarm on birds’ health

Whether we noticed it or not, above our heads, in the trees of the parks in the city and on the cornices of the buildings the life of the birds; just close your eyes, and look for their tireless song to console yourself with the fact that yes, there is still some nature.

The same, however, perhaps can no longer be done in the near future; also the birds are disappearing from our planet and the risk is that hearing a bird sing or see it fly in the sky will be a rare phenomenon. When? Soon, maybe already in 2030.

BirdLife International, a non-governmental organization that monitors the conservation status of birds around the world, has published the results of a five-year study: the extinction of birds is proceeding at exceptional speeds and affects not only rare species but also the most common ones.

Skeptics say that extinctions of certain species and the appearance of others have always occurred on the planet; this is true, in fact paleontologists claim that vertebrates have one average life on Earth of 1-3 million years. The problem is that now the stay has drastically reduced to about 5 thousand years.

The cause? The activities of man, obviously. It was initially pesticides and insecticides used in agriculture that decimated the bird population, poisoning and disorienting them during their journeys. Then the climate changes, which revolutionized the availability of food, migratory and reproductive rhythms.

According to the report, well 40% of the populations of the species present on our planet (about 11 thousand) is in decline, and one out of eight is already endangered.

Sparrows, finches, swallows, have always inhabited our places and marked the succession of the seasons; seeing the sky and the countryside emptied of birds is something we cannot afford. The fact that it will be more and more rare and difficult to hear a bird sing it is a serious alarm, given that birds being widespread everywhere on the planet give an idea of ​​how damaged ecosystems are around the world.

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