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Health check for your puppy: is it important?

Health check for your puppy: is it important?

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Health check for your puppy: is it important?

The health check-up for your puppy gives you the best start in life to grow healthy and strong . So, once your puppy is at home, one of your first jobs is to make an appointment for your new best friend to have his veterinary checkup.

Main reasons for the health check-up for your puppy

If you are a newbie in the adventure of raising a puppy, you should keep in mind that he will need to complete a vaccination program . In addition, regular check-up will ensure timely monitoring of your puppy’s growth . You’ll also want to make sure you’re aware of any potential problems.

What is the ideal time for your first check?

If you have acquired a pedigree puppy from a breeder, it is normal that a veterinary examination has been included in the sales contract , within three days after delivery.

In addition, according to the terms of the sales contract, you are expected to take your dog for an annual physical and vaccination exam.

On the other hand, if your puppy comes from a shelter or rescue center, it is common for him to be affected by diseases. Therefore, it is vital that a good veterinarian check your new puppy, as soon as possible.

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What procedures to expect in a health check for your puppy

First, you will have a complete physical exam to determine your health status. The veterinarian will check for external parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice or ear mites.

A stool test will also be done to check for internal parasites, such as tapeworm or intestinal worm, in addition to blood tests.

Initial vaccination or a discussion about the types of vaccines your puppy needs and when they should be scheduled is especially important . In this first consultation, crucial tasks such as the elimination of worms and the implantation of microchips will be addressed . Finally, we will discuss the spaying or neutering of your puppy.

What is the physical exam?

The health check-up for your puppy includes a series of procedures: weight and body temperature determination. There is also examination of eyes, nose, ears, paws and genitals of your puppy, as well as auscultation of the lungs and heart with a stethoscope.

Additionally, the veterinarian will gently palpate the lymph nodes and the abdomen of your puppy. Also, the veterinarian will examine the mouth and teeth, fur and skin of your puppy. After the physical exam , the veterinarian should ask general questions about your puppy’s history and will answer any questions you have .

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Castration or sterilization of your puppy

Many veterinarians believe that these procedures not only help solve the serious problem of overpopulation of unwanted pets , but also make pets more friendly, which facilitates coexistence.

Sterilization removes a female dog’s uterus and ovaries , usually around six months. In an important surgical procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, complications are rare and recovery is usually completed within two weeks.

In castration the testicles are removed and it is also performed under general anesthesia. Generally, it is done when the puppy is about six months old; It only requires a brief hospital stay. Full recovery takes between 7 and 10 days.

What should I know about pet insurance?

Your veterinarian can also tell you about pet insurance. The hiring of this insurance seeks to cover costs of treatment of any serious condition in your pet that, otherwise, may become impossible to pay.

It is important to keep in mind that the cost of pet insurance is generally low. In addition, hiring insurance could mean the difference between being able to apply a treatment that can save your life and euthanasia.

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