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Top 5 + 2 of The Most Hazardous or Harmful food s For Hamsters ( Eat Healthy)

Hazardous or harmful food Hamsters Health ( What to eat) – Our little friends are greedy and curious, in their nature, there is the immoderate need to munch, so whatever they are in front of their paws by instinct will put it in their mouth without thinking if it could or would not hurt them.

We thought of making a list with all the details of the foods that can hurt our little friend, so you will be aware of what can happen and surely you will not make you pull from thoughts like: but yes only a little thing what you want him to do.

Be careful because some foods even in small doses can have really bad consequences, sometimes even fatal.

So let’s begin this journey of knowledge for the sake of our little friend.

1) Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the foods not only not recommended but just lethal. Its sugar intake and its composition is really toxic for your friend.

You may hear that some hamsters die of a heart attack and soon you discover that they have accidentally gnawed even a cookie with this food.

So we can with certainty and firmness absolutely forbid the use of chocolate, if you want to make it live for a long time try also to explain to your children that you can only give some foods to the hamster and even if he always seems happy when he eats we should not give him everything we eat.

2) Desserts

They are not lethal like chocolate but they are among the foods that can harm our pet very much and they are sweets.

In general we talk about all the biscuits, cakes and whatever you can imagine like puddings and desserts.

For our hamsters there are prizes that for them are equal to a dessert that are much healthier.

For those who do not know our friends are very much at risk of diabetes and poor circulation, which are among the causes of premature death.

It is not enough to make sure that they make movement, wheel and tunnel are a good training but the bad diet does not look anyone in the face and puts him at risk of bad diseases even with the regular kilometers of race.

So among the dangerous foods to be given to hamsters, sweets in general rank high.

3) Honey

We are talking about a food that causes irreparable damage to our little friend but for us humans it is a panacea, or honey.

When we have throat flu or pain we are suggested to use honey to improve the situation, but we feel that when it goes down in the throat it leaves the walls of our esophagus as if anointed with a gelatinous patina.

At this point we talk about what it could do to our hamster.

Our little friend has pillows inside his mouth, they are like elastic containers where he puts the seeds and food before starting the digestion process, it is a typical detail of all the small rodents.

If he eats honey, it settles in the bags and makes them sticky with the risk of suffocating our little friend.

The problem is that in the event of such a problem, there is no time to call your veterinarian and ask for his intervention.

Seeing ourselves die in front of our little hamster just for having given us honey is one of life’s worst experiences.

Personally, I always say that among the saddest experiences of existence, I put those in which we remain helpless in front of situations that we would like to solve but we do not know how to do.

4) Lactose

Here is a speech to explain very well, not everyone knows that most hamsters are lactose intolerant.

We are not talking about allergies but of struggling to digest and assimilate it.

We do not necessarily have to take our friend to visit to check if it is or not but we can do some tests, if we want to immediately avoid making it a guinea pig for our experiments and avoid all dairy products then we could avoid unpleasant problems to our friend.

The cheese for its processing is more digestible but always in small doses. ( We wrote an interesting article where we explained which are the most suitable Cheeses and which are the ideal doses, you can reach it by clicking HERE.)

So milk and derivatives are not really to be avoided, but a procedure of administration must be followed.

As for us humans every hamster has its own digestion and assimilates the foods according to this.

To understand if our friend is one of those who are lactose intolerant, let’s try a small piece of fatty cheese, which will surely devour in a few seconds.

Let’s follow it during the hours that follow for its digestion, if you don’t notice any problems and particular weighting it means that with a lot of attention and moderation we can give these foods to our friend.

However, I would like to underline again that they are not part of things necessary for the right diet, therefore they are considered prizes and can very well do without, especially if we realize that they have digestion problems.

If we have fixed that our friend must necessarily taste the yogurt then it would be better to use that of soy, which in the end does not create intolerances and does not have all the fats than that made with cow’s milk.

So let’s not fix ourselves on food because we think they like it.

We have said many times that our friends are victims of greed do not believe that the small rodents are like in the cartoon Ratatuille of the admirers of good food, the reality is that without making big problems they put in their mouth everything that is put in their small bowl or that they find around the house.

Hamsters would eat everything

I make a little story that has little to do with food but it will make you understand at what levels their greed arrives.

A few years ago I shared a university apartment with another girl and together we decided to adopt a hamster.

I had already had it even as a child while she had never looked after it. The weekend she stayed at home while I joined my family.

I left all bags of transparent film with the various doses to give of cereal seeds and fruit.

We often let him run free around the room and she put him on the ground on Sunday, leaving the bag where the seeds were.

In the time of going to the bathroom on his return the little boy had died suffocated, because of his greed he had also eaten a piece of the plastic that unfortunately he had suffocated putting himself straight in the throat without giving the time to save it.

This makes you understand that they do not have the opportunity to understand what is good and what they should let go of.

5) Meat

Returning to our list of foods that cannot tolerate hamsters we must talk about meat.

Our friends don’t need protein , so we can avoid the whole category of foods we have in mind.

Specifically we can say that the only meat that our friends eat in nature are insects , but not being necessary food I would say that we are not obliged to fill our homes with dead flies and the like.

We must not set ourselves on the idea of ​​many that hamsters are omnivores and consequently can eat everything, we can say with certainty that they are the same ones that have animals that live only three years and think that it is their age limit.

The truth is that hamsters can live many years, I have even heard eight years, but only if they are well controlled for their feeding.

We therefore avoid administering meat that makes an immense effort to digest and does not give any benefit to their nutrition, on the contrary they give a contribution of proteins that they are unable to assimilate and therefore their small and delicate tummy weighs down.

6) Pasta and Bread

Pasta and bread with all its derivatives , are carbohydrates that are not necessary for the proper nutrition of our little friend, we always run the risk of weighing it down beyond measure and making it very sick.

If we tried to give him a breadstick or hard bread he would certainly look very happy because thanks to their consistency they can nibble, but be careful that they become so heavy that they become obese over time.

A hamster that does not follow a correct feeding is found to have major problems, get fat and therefore can no longer do the movement it usually does, consequently its health also deteriorates , in practice we can think that it ages with exponential speed and guilt ours that we have not been able to keep him healthy.

7) Some Fruits are Excellent but not All

We can say that fruit, on the other hand, is necessary in the right diet of our little friends, whether it is fresh or dry, it helps to improve its immune system thanks to the high intake of vitamins.

Even here, however, there are distinctions to be made.

With regard to fresh fruit in moderation almost all fruits can be given, taking care to follow the right course of the fruits present in the current season, to avoid running into foods full of pesticides and other chemical agents that could cause damage to our small animal.

A fruit that is highly discouraged is the watermelon, including seeds, due to its high concentration of water it could create dysentery problems for our little one and therefore I advise you to avoid it if you don’t want to see your hamster suffer. (Here is a complete article on the subject, you can click here to read it)

As for dried fruit, bitter almonds can also be lethal.

They are greedy for sweet almonds, and those can be administered without problems, always following the rules of doses and times.

The bitter instead have within them a small dose of cyanide, so minimal for us humans that we are not even warned, but the small stomach of our friend is unable to tolerate it and we can even risk seeing him die from neurological problems.

The trick to distinguishing the two types of almonds is simple, the bitter ones are asymmetrical and with irregular shapes, while the sweet ones are perfect symmetrical and medium-sized drops.

Also this fruit is part of the prizes not necessary to make our friend live well, there are many other seeds that can replace.

If you do not feel safe and are afraid of hurting your friend without problems, you should also avoid the administration, you will not harm any of his right diet.

How do I manage my hamster?

In conclusion I want to tell you how I personally manage the power of my Pipsy, my super active old man who has been my faithful gnawing friend for almost five years.

His diet is one of my main concerns.

I adopted it which was very small so we had the knowledge of tastes and habits together.

I tried to give all the vegetables and fruits that the hamsters can eat.

Pipsy immediately gave me the opportunity to understand what he liked and what I could avoid.

After about three months we were together I had an idea of ​​all his tastes, so I opened a table on the computer and I created four ideal weeks of food program, one for each season, with fruits and vegetables present in nature in that period.

I firmly decided to follow a diet that includes commercial food, to understand what the specialized companies sell and that includes seeds and cereals, and integrate every other day with fruit and vegetables in well-detailed doses.

It has been four and a half years since Pipsy followed this pattern and never had any major problems.

The few times we did the runs to the vet has always been for my carelessness and for the times I got caught up in the tenderness of his cuddly look that he does when he sees you are eating something.

Final Conclusions on Foods and Harmful Foods for Hamsters

In conclusion, here you will find all the foods you should avoid for the health of your little friend.

Always aware that his health depends on your food decisions, he tries to organize food tables and you will see that you can sleep peacefully, you, while your beloved hamster at night will let go of his night-owl nature by playing and running in his wheel to most of the night hours!



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