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Happy May 28, Dogless Day

día perro sin raza


Happy May 28, Dogless Day

Because it doesn’t matter what race they are or if they are not race, dogs are our friends, our family and our faithful companions. In this day, May 28, the day of the dog without a race is celebrated, because all of them are special !!

Dogs and breeds

A dog is classified in a breed type through ancestry tests, through genetic analysis or written records of their ancestry (pedigree). These records may be in the hands of individuals, clubs or other organizations. The FCI (International Cynological Federation) recognizes 337 races and each is owned by a particular country. The countries that own these races establish the breed standard. These standards are the reference on which all judges are based when examining dogs during exposures. Dogs without a breed are all others and are a majority. Dogs without a breed were already before breeds.

gulf day dog ​​without breed

“Golfo” is a dog without a breed, protagonist in the movie “The Lady and the Tramp” (1955)

dogless day dog ​​28 may

A dog without a breed or mongrel is simply as good as any other

Unfortunately there are many adorable women in protective women waiting to be adopted, so on this day we want everyone to remember them … Because they are worth it too!

May 28
May 28 day dog ​​without breed

Here a beautiful tribute to them with this beautiful video with images of dogs without a breed:

Video of alcugasa

HAPPY DAY OF DOGS WITHOUT BREED !!! Thank you for accepting them and loving them as they are ?

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