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Happy cat: food | toys |health | attention


Happy cat: food | toys |health | attention

Fluffy little lumps of kittens get into our house, family. Growing up, they become full members of the family who claim attention, the love of the owner. Cats and cats love their man, regardless of his mood, material condition and health. Love, including animals, pleases when feelings are mutual. But how to tell a fluffy pet in an understandable language that they love him? Let’s try to figure out how to make the cat happy.


Maintaining a proper diet is the key to maintaining health, good mood of a furry pet. Cats living in an apartment do not have the opportunity to do the usual activities – hunting, playing with relatives, protecting the territorial boundaries of the habitat. Staying for a long time in a confined space, animals often grow fat.

To prevent obesity, which entails an increased load on all internal organs, diet helps. The selection of high-quality, age-adapted, and healthy food is the best way to take care of a pet. Do not increase the portion indicated on the package, monitor the condition of the cat yourself. Remember that cats are always in a state of seeking prey. This means that the pet will not give up a tidbit, even if not hungry. Be sure to provide your pet access to a source of fresh water.


Cats retain physical activity for a long time. They are happy to respond to offers to play with the owner. Communication with the animal through the game helps to better learn the nature of the four-legged pet, allows you to maintain a sufficient level of physical activity. During your absence, you must provide the opportunity for cats to play on their own. In pet stores a wide selection of toys is presented that will satisfy the taste of the most fastidious cat.

Campaigns to the vet

This method of manifestation of love is unlikely to please a pet, but without this it is difficult to talk about love for the animal. It is difficult to control the state of health without consulting a specialist. Visits to the veterinary clinic are necessary for timely vaccination, monitoring the course of pregnancy (for cats), and monitoring the condition of the genitourinary system. A happy cat is a healthy cat.

Own bed

It’s no secret that the pussies prefer to relax, hiding in a secluded place. In order not to look for a pet in linen baskets, on shelves of cabinets, on a chair, prepare in advance a personal sleeping place for a cat. The bed should be chosen according to the size of the pet, breed characteristics and temperament. In pet stores there are open couches, simulated soft houses, multi-storey “mansions”.

Plant selection

Cats, cats like to chew on indoor plants, most of which are exotic and unfit for food. Inspect the plants in the access area of ​​the fluffy toothy to prevent its poisoning by poisonous vegetable juice. It is optimal to constantly renew planting in a small capacity of grass for animals, which does not require special care, pleases the owner’s eye, animals like it.

Observation point

Cats are very curious. In moments of absence of the owner of the house, they will be happy to watch what is happening outside the window. Your pet will be happy if, on the windowsill, next to it there will be a lounger, a device with multi-level climbing surfaces. It will be especially interesting to watch the cat for birds, for which a caring owner of the cat will hang a feeding trough nearby. No less interest in cats causes an aquarium. Floating colorful fish will be easy prey for a small predator if you do not provide the aquarium with a reliable lid.

Walks in the open air

Cats are no less than other animals in need of walks in the fresh air. If your pet never leaves the apartment, provide fresh air to the room. It is advisable for owners of private houses to think of a structure for safe walks with free access to the street. For this, they build a kind of aviary for cats – kotio. This structure protects the pet during a walk from the attack of stray animals, the unfriendly attitude of people.

More attention

The main way to make a pet happy is to give it more attention. Cats love to be stroked, combed, scratched behind the ear, chin. The cat will be times of joint pastime, whether it be games, relaxation or eating goodies. The latter requires careful attention to the oral cavity of the animal. Do not give cats sweets, monitor the condition of the teeth.

In response to affection and care, the cats respond with a pleasant purr, try to spend as much time as possible with the owner.

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