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Best Hamster Terrarium – Buying Guide Testing and Comparison

Welcome to our large terrarium hamster test 2019. Here we are all of us closer tested hamster terrariums present you. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

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We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best hamster terrarium for you.

Also on frequently asked questions you will find answers in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find on this page some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a 

the essentials in brief

  • In contrast to a normal hamster cage, the hamsters are protected by the glass house from noise and drafts.
  • Experience shows that hamsters live longer if they have a larger living space available.
  • A minimum size of 100 × 40 cm of the base area and a height of min. 40 cm should not be undercut.

Hamster Terrarium Test: The Ranking

1st place:  Repiterra Wooden Terrarium

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The terrarium of Repiterra is a high-quality terrarium for an average price. The terrarium is a wooden terrarium with sliding doors, allowing a stress-free removal and observation of the animals.

The terrarium has several air vents and is available in different sizes, all of which support a species-appropriate attitude.

It is made in the EU and comes with a weight of 21 kg. If you want to buy a new home for your hamster, this wooden terrarium is ideal for a stress-free attitude of your rodent.

2nd place:  PawHut Hamster Cage Wooden Mouse Rodent Small Pet 

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This terrarium is also made of wood but was developed especially for rodents. The terrarium is available in different sizes, for a slightly higher price.

But it was manufactured in Germany and tested and certified by veterinarians according to the manufacturer.

This wooden terrarium can only be opened from above, as the lid has been attached to the rear wall with hinges. It offers a very good insight and ventilation, but you should take care when removing the animals that you do not scare the animal.

3rd place:  Skyline Marrakesh 2057 Rodent Terrarium

Skyline Marrakesh 2057 Rodent Terrarium

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This terrarium, unlike the others, is mainly made of glass and provides a wonderful insight into the interior. It is very modern Designed and is therefore a real eye-catcher.

The terrarium is ideal for small animals who like to dig. The closed form keeps the apartment clean. The windscreen is completely removable and thus easier to clean, unlike terrariums made of solid glass. The lid and the rear wall have large metal ventilation grilles. The opening cover is equipped with a hydraulic hinged damper and is very easy to open. Only when closing you should not drop the lid too peppy.

Guidebook: Questions to consider before buying a hamster terrarium

Is a terrarium suitable for keeping hamsters?

If you have decided to acquire a hamster, you first have to worry about its habitation.

Since there are many different options, you can quickly lose track. In addition to the conventional variant of a cage, hamsters also have the opportunity to accommodate them in an aquarium or in a glass terrarium.

Hamster terrariums are available in almost every pet store, but there are some differences that we will explain to you in this article.

A terrarium is ideal for keeping the nimble animals. Since terrariums are usually provided with a glass on all sides, they are very good for watching the small rodents.

Is a terrarium suitable for keeping hamsters

In contrast to a normal hamster cage, the hamsters are protected by the glass house from noise and drafts. (Source: / Ricky Kharawala)

Hamsters tend to like digging a lot, which is why it can happen with ordinary cages that litter and food get through the bars. In a glass terrarium you are protected from it.

However, it should be remembered that glass is more fragile, heavier and unwieldy and can not be transported as easily as a normal cage.

Also when cleaning you have to expect a certain amount of extra work, as the windows of the terrarium should be cleaned regularly.

Since terrariums and aquariums are mostly closed, it is important to make sure that the dwelling ensures good air circulation.

Mostly it makes sense to remove the superfluous silicone inside with a sharp knife, because hamsters could gnaw just about anything and the silicone could be dangerous for them.

What minimum size should the hamster terrarium have?

Experience shows that hamsters live longer if they have a larger living space available.

So if you want to enjoy your new roommate for a long time, then you should definitely pay attention to a species-appropriate attitude.

Even though hamsters are very small animals, the terrarium should not be too small. A minimum size of 100 × 40 cm of the base area and a height of min. 40 cm should not be undercut.

If you want to keep several hamsters in a terrarium, you can remember as a rule of thumb: 60 × 40 cm per animal.

Depending on the height of your terrarium, you can increase the surface area by adding additional levels. Birch or beech wood panels, which you place in the terrarium, are best suited for this purpose.

Be sure to use untreated wood, as hamsters are very fond of chewing wood and could make chemicals or glue dangerous to hamsters. Also cover the plains with litter.

How much does a hamster terrarium cost?

As described in the previous section, hamsters, despite their small size, require a relatively large dwelling.

A hamster cage should have at least the footprint of 100 by 40 centimeters and be 40 inches high. In pet stores cost terrariums in this size about 85 €. If you are artificially skilled, you can also build your hamster home yourself.

But only the cage is not enough to keep a hamster species-appropriate. The necessary accessories will incur additional costs for your new pet. In the following section, we will show you what else is waiting for you.

 Hamster houseHamsters like to collect their food in their cheek pockets and hide it in their caves. Therefore, you should buy your hamster a small house, where he can retire.Approximately$ 12
bedding The floor should be about 5 to 10 inches high covered with it. $ 6
hay Hay serves as an additional food source. $ 5 
Hamster waddingHamsters like to cuddle up, for which special hamster wadding is well suited.$ 4-5
Food bowl and water troughSo that your hamster is sufficiently supplied with food and water.$ 6
hamster wheelThe hamster wheel is one of the classics and is used for additional movement of your pet.$ 12
Another toyHamsters need a lot of work, so you should not miss enough toys.Approximately $6

Conclusion: So before your new family member can move in, you have to spend about 120 euros for the initial equipment.

Where can I buy a hamster terrarium?

Hamster terrariums are available in pet shops, such as Fressnapf or Futterhaus, as well as in many online shops to buy.

According to our research, most of the hamster terrariums are sold through these online shops:


All hamster terrariums, which we present to you on our side, are provided with a link to at least one of these shops. If you’ve found a terrarium you like, you can strike right away.

What alternatives are there to a hamster terrarium?

Hamster terrariums come in many different sizes, shapes and configurations. But what alternatives are there if you do not want a terrarium?

Classically, there is the normal hamster cage with bars. The little rodents can climb up the bars. In addition, the bars make it very easy to attach new levels and toys.

A disadvantage, however, is that your hamster is not protected from drafts and noise. Make sure to put the cage in a warm and quiet place.

Another alternative is the wooden cage. These can also be bought cheaply in most zoo shops. The disadvantage of this type of cage is that it is usually closed from 3 sides and this makes it difficult to observe the animals.

But you can also build a large wooden cage yourself with some manual skill. There are no limits and it offers a lot of scope for creative ideas and expansions.

A very similar alternative is the aquarium. These can often be purchased very inexpensively online or in the trade.

The advantage is that you can watch your hamster from all sides, it is protected from drafts and it has plenty of room for digging, since you do not have to be afraid of an aquarium, the bedding spread in the room.

How can I build my own hamster terrarium?

Of course, you can also be yourself artisan active and your hamster unceremoniously build their own terrarium, which is perfectly adapted to the needs of the animal.

Thereby you should pay attention to a lot.

  • Wire bars should be wired tight and crosswise so that the hamster can not break out. Pay attention to a max. Distance of 8-10 mm
  • Extra levels and grid floors must under no circumstances be made of a grid, as this leads to cannibalism.
  • An aquarium should definitely be attached to an aquarium. This ensures that the hamster can not break out.
  • When using an aquarium, make sure that good air circulation is guaranteed. The height should not exceed the width.

If you want to build your hamster home yourself, but do not want to spend so much money on a large terrarium, this DIY guide is for you.

A favorable method to obtain a large enclosure is an aquarium combination of two smaller, equal sized aquariums. To do this, separate one side from each of the aquariums.

To remove it, separate the silicone between the discs. Cutter knives and dental floss are suitable as tools.

Then push the two aquariums together. However, this results in a small gap in the ground, which could be covered with a disc if necessary. So if it’s not bad for you to get rid of some litter once in a while, you can use your design the same way.

Otherwise, you can easily connect the spot with a little aquarium silicone. However, this has the disadvantage that you can not transport your terrarium so easily.

A nicer connection, which can also be easily separated if necessary, is obtained by using an aluminum flat bar and two aluminum H-profiles for connection.

In order to be able to separate the aquariums later, the flat strip and the H-profiles with aquarium silicone are only stuck to one of the two aquariums and the second aquarium is pushed without sticking to it.

Decision: What kind of hamster terrarium is there and which one is right for you?

What distinguishes a hamster terrarium made of glass and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Although terrariums were originally not designed for hamsters, they are in many cases suitable for a species-appropriate attitude.

Glass terrariums provide the optimal conditions for the keeping of a hamster, because it can be very high interspersed and the animals have a very good opportunity to dig tunnels and caves. In addition, there are no disturbing bars in a glass terrarium, which could injure the animals.

The glass panels and doors in the terrarium contribute to easy handling and easy cleaning.

In addition, the rodents are protected from drafts and noise by the closed discs, so in a terrarium they are in most cases subjected to the least stress. In addition, the discs prevent the falling out of litter or feed.

Hamsters are passionate diggers. In order to make the leisure time of your pet more varied, in addition to the litter, you can distribute other smaller containers with litter in the terrarium, which can also be used as a sleeping place. And with a glass cage, it does not matter how wild your hamster plays around – the bedding stays in it. (Source: / Bjorn Antonissen)

What kind of hamster terrarium is there and which one is right for you

But probably the most important thing is watching the animals. With a glass terrarium you can examine your hamster from all sides without disturbing walls in the way.

The only problem with terrariums is the lack of ventilation, if the purchase does not pay attention to the most important factors. Therefore, you should always make sure that the terrarium either has additional louvers or the terrarium in height does not exceed the width.


  • Easy cleaning
  • privacy
  • No litter height


  • Lack of ventilation
  • Heavy
  • unwieldy

What distinguishes a hamster terrarium made of wood and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A wooden terrarium is characterized among other things by its great look, which brings it into your room. With a terrarium made of wood, you can create a real eye-catcher in any case.

Originally the wooden terrarium was designed for desert reptiles. When keeping a hamster you should make absolutely sure that the bedding does not form any moisture in the terrarium.

If the interior of your wood terrarium becomes too moist, mold can form, which can harm you and your pet.

The enclosed walls mean you can not watch your new pet as well as you would in a glass terrarium, but it’s a very good place to start, so your hamster will have a little more privacy and not get stressed out so quickly.

  • Very stable
  • Optically appealing
  • privacy
  • Tends to mold
  • Harder to clean
  • unwieldy

What distinguishes a self-built terrarium and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This type of posture is by far the most optimal, as it has the greatest potential to give your hamster the best possible life.

When you build your own terrarium your creativity knows no bounds. You can not only determine the size of your Hamster home, but also make custom-made for corner terrariums and decide on the entire interior.

In addition, the homemade can be well adapted to your budget. In most cases, this is the cheaper but more expensive option.

Of course, you can also invest several hundreds of euros in your hamster terrarium, if you want to build an absolute hamster paradise. Please pay attention to the criteria for the welfare of hamsters described in this article.

  • Create optimal housing conditions
  • Determine material yourself
  • Set budget yourself
  • Time expenditure

Purchase criteria: These factors allow you to compare and rate hamster terrariums

Below we will show you which aspects you should pay attention to when buying hamster terrariums. 
The criteria that you can use to compare hamster terrariums include:

  • material
  • size
  • security
  • handling
  • air circulation
  • material

In terrariums, as with other products, there is a selection of different materials. There is on the one hand the terrarium made of glass, which only has an aluminum or plastic frame for fixing.

This variant has the advantage that you have a very good insight into the terrarium, since no disturbing walls or brackets are in the way.

Another option would be the wooden terrarium with a glass front panel. This one has an impaired view, but this variant is gentler on the animal, as it is not observed from each side. 
As with many other products, there is also a selection of different materials here.

The last variant is the aluminum terrarium, also known as gauze. Gauze is a fine net lattice construct, which provides sensitive animals with a permanent supply of fresh air.


As already mentioned, it is vital for hamsters to have enough free space.

A minimum size of 100 × 40 cm of the base area and a height of min. 40 cm should not be undercut. No matter which hamster home you choose, there are no limits to the top.

Just make sure that the height does not exceed the width, so that your hamster is supplied with enough fresh air.


Another important factor is safety. To keep your hamster from hurting, make sure that there are no sharp edges or platforms that are too high.

hamster in a log

Another safety factor is the wooden accessories. Give up on your terrarium on plastic accessories. (Source: / Claudia44)

An equally important factor that you like to forget are other pets. If you have other pets such as dogs or cats, make sure that your cage is well secured and closed from all sides.


By this point is meant how well you reach the inside of the cage, whether it be refilling for food or for cleaning. Here you should pay attention to the number of built-in doors and gates.

The more possibilities to open the cage, the easier it will be to clean or feed the animals. It is best if you can open or unfold the top of the terrarium.

You should only make sure that you do not scare the animals when you reach with your hand from above into the terrarium.

air circulation

In terrariums and aquariums, it can quickly lead to lack of oxygen and this can have serious consequences for your hamster.

Therefore, make sure that your pet gets enough fresh oxygen and good air circulation in the cage is guaranteed.

In a closed enclosure, please also make sure that the lid lets in enough air that your hamster will not suffocate. Additional louvers in the lower part of the terrarium promote air circulation inside.

However, you should be careful that they are above the bedding limit, otherwise you have to expect falling litter.

Trivia: Facts worth knowing about hamster terrarium

How do I set up a hamster terrarium?

The nimble rodents love to dig and ditch, so a terrarium is also ideal, because you can give a lot of bedding in the enclosure, without something falls out.

They are very curious and need a lot of work, so you should give them enough toys to keep them from getting bored.

With two additional levels, you can easily increase the footprint, giving the little ones more room to play and explore. In the following section, we have listed a few things you should look out for to make your terrarium more species-appropriate.


The classic litter variant is the commercial small litter made of wood shavings, which you can buy in every pet shop. You should keep a minimum height of 20 cm.

The little rodents like to dig caves, which is why you are welcome to take more litter. Another variation would be a mix of chinchilla sand and dry soil.

This gives the hamsters the perfect opportunity to dig tunnels and caves. Further on, you should provide the animals enough building material such as hay, straw or unprocessed kitchen paper.

Feed and water points

Best suited for hamsters hanging bottles, which are also called “nipple drinkers”. Unlike a water bowl, the water in the bottles stays fresh and is not polluted by litter or feed.

But make sure that your animals can reach the bottle well. If you do not have the opportunity to properly fix the bottle in your terrarium, do not use it and use a regular water bowl. However, you should plan a daily cleaning of the bowl.

When feeding the animals, however, there are several options. When feeding bowls you should grab relatively heavy variants of porcelain or stone, so that they do not slip so quickly or be overturned.

Another option is bird droppings for hanging on bars, if you have them in your terrarium. These take up little space and are easy to clean.

Another popular option is to hide the food, so the hamsters have another job opportunity by finding the food and collecting it in their cheek pouches. This is the most natural way to feed.


Your hamster needs a suitable resting place, so that he is always fit and rested. You should refrain from plastic houses, as they are eaten and the warm air dammed in it.

Your hamster home should have a flat roof that can be used as a seat and have no windows, as they let in too much natural light, which can affect the quality of sleep.

The best way to get a wooden dormitory with several chambers is because it is the most similar to the hamster tunnel system and the animals can wipe their teeth off.

game options

Your hamster should always be sufficiently busy so that he does not start to gag everything up. Distribute some hay and straw in the terrarium, which your hamster can use to build small caves and passageways.

There are also cork tunnels, which offer great employment and hiding places.

Hamsters love playing and hiding

Hamsters love playing and hiding in their hamster home. (Source: / kiragrafie)

You can also use stones, branches, and smaller trunks as a facility. In addition, there are seesaws, digging boxes, bridges, wheels and much more, which contributes to the employment of small rodents. There are no limits to your creativity.

In addition, you should provide climbing opportunities, for example by using slates or natural stones. It is important that everything is fixed and the animals can not hurt themselves.

Additional levels must not be made of mesh, as otherwise the animals may be seriously injured.

How do I clean the hamster terrarium?

When cleaning, you should distinguish between the daily and monthly cleaning.

The daily cleaning

You should do a nest control on your hamster daily to see what he is storing in his hiding place and if the nest is soiled. Hamsters like to hide their prey, which can cause fresh food to spoil quickly. You should remove this regularly.

The second point is the removal of faeces and urine, as these residues contribute to the formation of ammonia and leave an unpleasant odor.

Then you can clean the place with vinegar water. If your pet has diarrhea, cleanse the area extensively with a special rodent disinfectant from the zoo trade.

Monthly cleaning

During the monthly cleaning you should completely remove litter, sand etc. and the floors can be cleaned with vinegar cleaner. Then you should let everything dry well to avoid mold. Then you can fill everything with fresh sand and bedding again.

It’s best to pick up some of the old sand and sprinkle it over so your hamster can focus on the fragrance, so you’ll also avoid stress.

The cleaning summarized

Daily cleaningMonthly cleaning
Nest control, removing feces and urine, cleaning with vinegar water, checking feed and water bowlRemove litter, sand, etc. completely, clean with vinegar water, let everything dry, sprinkle some old sand for orientation.

Clean hamster cage – Where to go with the hamster?

You can just put your hamster in his spout enclosure if you have one.

If you do not have such an area available, there is an alternative to the normal transport boxes for small animals. This is also enough to accommodate your hamster for a short time.

My hamster eats the terrarium, what can I do?

Sometimes it happens that your hamster eats the silicone in the terrarium. This is mostly because your hamster has too little work or your hamster has too little space.

Make sure that your terrarium does not go below the minimum size as described above. If your hamster, despite enough spillage and occupation of the silicone, you can cut it out carefully with a utility knife.



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