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Top 10 Most Interesting Things – Giant Moray Eel Facts ( Mind-Blowing)

Top 10 Most Interesting Things - Giant Moray Eel Facts ( Mind-Blowing)

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Top 10 Most Interesting Things – Giant Moray Eel Facts ( Mind-Blowing)

Tune-in to these 10 interest facts about Giant Moray Eel – The giant moray eel is one of the most aggressive representatives of the species, it is a big and not very beautiful fish. Is it dangerous to humans? We read further.


giant moray eel facts

Giant moray is called a giant mob. This is a huge creature, as thick as the thigh of an adult male and up to three meters long. This monster can weigh up to forty kilograms. The sides of the animal are covered with mucus, which helps the moray eel easily penetrate small caves and other shelters.

The head, upper body of the fish are covered with dark spots, which provides the predator with an excellent disguise.


Giant Moray Eel Photo

The giant moray eel lives in the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans, off the coast of Australia and in the Red Sea. These fish try to avoid open water and spend most of their lives hiding in caves.

Moray eels alone, mostly at night. In food, moray eels are not very selective, and feed on almost everything: large and small fish, cephalopods, crustaceans. The predator’s way of hunting is terrifying: the predator swallows small prey entirely, and drives large prey to the corner, where it gradually tears pieces from them.

Little is known about the reproduction process of moray eels. Moray breeding caviar. These animals do not have a strong maternal instinct, because the eggs can travel with the currents for long distances, and the newly made mothers do not know anything about their children. When the moray eel is born, it feeds on plankton, then it moves to coral reefs, where it is easy to escape from the jaws of sharks.

Double jaw – Giant Moray Eel

Giant sharp teeth help the moray to quickly deal with prey. In the mouth of this predator is located not one, but two pairs of jaws. The first is where it should be, and the second is in the area of ​​the pharynx. That is why there is a legend that it was the moray eel that served as the prototype for the monster from the movie “Alien”, which had a second, retractable jaw.

The second jaw of the moray is advanced almost close to the first, it is worthwhile to catch the prey close to the predator. The back jaw is designed for grinding food. Such a structure of the animal’s mouth does not leave the victim any chance of escape.

Moray and Sea Bass

Moray hunts at night, waiting for the victim in a safe haven, and sea bass – during the day and in open water. It seems that these creatures have nothing in common. However, some moray do not pay attention to the rules and hunt during the day, so even with a partner.

Sea bass swims to the moray eel and invites for a joint hunt. The perch takes such a risky step only if it is very hungry, or good prey hides near the Moray’s habitat.

Sea bass escorts the moray eel to the place where the prey is hiding. The moray eel slips inside, pushes the second jaw, and all – the victim is captured. Often, a giant moray eats caught herself, but sometimes her companion gets some food.

Interesting Facts – Giant Moray Eel

Interesting Facts - Giant Moray Eel
  • Moray has always been considered a dangerous and bloodthirsty predator. In ancient Rome, noblemen used moray eels as one of the sophisticated ways to punish their slaves. Unhappy people were thrown into the pool with moray eels and watched an unequal fight in which the person was doomed. Before the brutal execution of predators almost did not feed and accustomed to the smell of blood.
  • The body of moray eels resembles a snake, so they easily penetrate the most hidden shelters. Only the head sticks out from the shelter. At the same time the mouth of the fish is constantly ajar, and the eyes resemble glass.
  • Snake fish is often called the sanitary of the sea, because the predator does not hesitate to eat weak or sick fish.

Moray and man

Moray and man

Moray eels do not represent commercial interest for humans. Although in ancient times, these fish are highly valued for their specific taste. Exotic lovers may keep small representatives of this species in aquariums, but in the case of the giant moray it will not work: it requires too much space for living.

Despite their terrible appearance, snake fish are very shy animals. Most of the attacks of these predators on humans occur solely through the fault of the latter.

A giant moray eel can only pounce on a person for self-defense. Divers should be especially careful not to try to penetrate the narrow grottoes in the coral reefs, where these fish hide from prying eyes.

A person can lose his fingers while feeding these animals. This dangerous way to attract tourists is banned in most of the moray ein habitats. The fact is that they, like many fish, have very poor eyesight, they only rely on the sense of smell. Therefore, it is difficult for a fish to determine where the food intended for it ends and the human hand begins.

Although a person is more dangerous to a giant moray than it is to him, divers should be careful. Most animals fear us more than we do. However, if the moray eel is disturbed, it can cause serious wounds with the sharp teeth of both jaws.

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