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French Bulldog Puppies: Information | Care & Feed | Lifespan | Temperament


French Bulldog Puppies: Information | Care & Feed | Lifespan | Temperament

French Bulldog Puppies: Information | Care & Feed | Lifespan | Temperament | 25 photos – French Bulldog puppies like any person. They are very cute and playful. Another advantage of this breed is its size, since due to its low growth it can be kept in an apartment.

French bulldog puppies like any person

Basic breed standards

The French Bulldog is an expensive breed. The dog is small in size, but at the same time it has very well developed muscles. By itself, the dog is compact, strong, folded proportionally.

The French Bulldogs are very funny and playful dogs. They quickly become attached to the person, love his family, especially children. By the way, they are often left alone with the child – this is an excellent nanny.

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Watching the French Bulldog is a pleasure. They have free movement and a straight walk. Sometimes they are a little uncoordinated. This is also allowed by the standards.

The head is massive and square in shape, it is wide. There are folds and wrinkles, which are arranged symmetrically. In the place where the ears are located, the skull is almost flat. The forehead is distinguished by a bulge. Near the arcs of eyebrows there is a pronounced groove. Muscles are strongly developed on cheekbones.

The muzzle is unstretched, which distinguishes it from many other dogs. In addition, it is wide and massive. There are many folds. Nose flattened. The jaws are very powerful, they are very wide and have square shapes. The lower jaw is slightly pushed forward.

The lips are quite tight, they completely cover the teeth, although sometimes the fangs can stick out.

The eyes of the French Bulldog are set wide and low, making it stand out greatly. In addition, the eyes are also bulging. They are located at a great distance from the nose and ears. I have a round shape. Always dark shade. The French Bulldog has a very close look.

Another advantage of this breed is its size, since due to its low growth it can be kept in an apartment

Ears are medium in size. Their lower part is wide, with rounded ends. The ears are set high. Always pointing up.

The neck is slightly bent, but it is a bit short. The body is wide, and closer to the back begins to taper. The chest is barrel-shaped and very wide. Withers mild. The croup is tilted. The width of the back is large. The loin is short, slightly convex. Muscular belly.

The tail of the dog at the base is thick, short and has a kink from birth. The tip of the tail never rises above the level of the back.

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The forelegs are straight and slightly short. They range widely. But the rear is slightly longer than the front paws. They are very muscular and powerful. Front paws directed to the side. Claws short but firm.

The French Bulldog is a short-haired breed. The hairs are not only short, but also very soft, smooth. They shine. As for the color of the dog, the standards allowed white color with spots, red, brindle. There are pure white pets. But by standards there should not be a pure black color, mouse, liver, black and tan or white with black spots.

Gallery: French Bulldog puppies (25 photos)

French Bulldog (video)

Pet features

French bulldogs are distinguished by their peace of love and friendliness. Due to the peculiar appearance they became the favorites of many people. In general, these are fairly calm dogs, so raising a French bulldog will be simple. They are even a little lazy, but at the same time, in any situation, they know from an early age how to behave.

French Bulldog – Shorthair

The puppy loves to play with its owner. Also suitable for games and other pets. This persists in adults – they will also be very active. They need attention, so do not deny games and walks.

The dog gets along well with the whole family. She will feel comfortable with both adults and small children. Children of preschool age can easily be left with a dog – they will play well, and the pet will also keep track of the baby. By the way, children, too, usually love this breed because of their sweet appearance, playfulness, and affectionate and phlegmatic nature.

The French Bulldogs are a pretty smart breed. They quickly and correctly respond to the situation. If his human family is hostile to any guest, the dog will understand this and will experience the same thing.

French bulldogs are not cowardly. They will rush into battle without delay if there is a danger. And they will fight to the end, even if the opponent is much stronger and higher. This must be taken into account on walks. It is best to avoid such situations.

For many people, snoring is the biggest disadvantage of this breed. It is associated with the structure of the muzzle and head. But if this is not important, then the dog will become a loyal friend in the family.

By the nature of the dog is very friendly, despite their serious expression of the muzzle. Training a puppy is quite simple, as dogs of this breed respond well to training. But there are also rather stubborn individuals, with whom it will be somewhat more difficult. In this case, you need to prove to the dog that the main thing in the house is a man.

Another feature of this breed is that it is very difficult to breed them. Usually in broods up to 3-4 puppies. By the way, the French Bulldogs are city dogs, so walking too long is not for them. Only at home, near people, they feel great. By the way, due to the fact that the wool is short and there is no down at all, the bulldog is very susceptible to weather conditions – they do not tolerate heat and frosts.

Choosing puppies

Caring for a puppy of a French bulldog at home is not at all difficult. It is best to take a puppy from the age of 2 months from the breeder. At this time, the instability of the psyche manifests itself, and the puppy becomes hyperactive. Experts advise to immediately begin training.

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Do not hesitate to ask the breeder about the pedigree of the pet. Still need to find out what were the health problems of the parents crumbs. This is especially important to know if in the future the pet will participate in competitions.

Getting a puppy, you need to check the state of his health. It is recommended to make sure that he is completely healthy. To do this, check the skin, coat, abdomen and eyes. Wool should shine. The abdomen should be firm and soft. There should be no flaws on the skin. If pus is released from the eyes, this is a sign of bacterial or viral conjunctivitis. Be sure to check and fall baby. The mucosa should have a bright pink hue. If it is too pale, then it indicates anemia.

Features of the breed (video)

Puppy care

From the first days of dating you need to tame a puppy, so that he trusted his master. If you accustom him to the hands of a person, it will greatly simplify care in the future. It is recommended to choose a nickname with a small number of syllables. There must be voiced consonants.

Puppies are very active and curious. Sometimes they can even show aggression, so you need to immediately show them who is in charge of the house. They must learn to obey. This is especially important for puppies 1.5 months old. Usually already from 3 months the dog understands the requirements of the owner.

In general, care is very simple. It is only necessary to brush out the hair periodically with a brush. Also required are daily walks. If the weather was damp outside, then after the walk you should definitely wipe the pet with a towel. Bathing a dog with short hair too often is not recommended. It will be enough to wipe it with a wet towel. Experts advise to carry out a full bath procedures about three times a month. During bathing use a special shampoo. Be sure to pay attention to the folds on the face, claws and ears. If they are very dirty, they should be cleaned.

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French bulldogs do not tolerate heat and cold. In winter, it is better to wear warm clothes on the dog. You should not walk too long to keep the dog cold. In summer, walking is best done only in the morning or evening, when there is no scorching sunlight. It is imperative that you have to keep a small bottle of cool, clean water with you, in order to feed the dog, if necessary, or just pour it in order to cool it.

You can feed a French Bulldog puppy with both natural food and dry food (but they must be of very high quality). From natural food is best suited meat, milk, chopped fruits, vegetables, herbs. Corn, potatoes and legumes are prohibited for bulldogs. They are poorly digested and can even provoke vomiting attacks. Be sure to grind all the food. Dry feed must be filled with water – it will be easier to assimilate them. Meat feeding experts advise to spend in the evening. If the dog refuses to eat any food, then you can not force him to eat it.

Puppies under the age of 2 months should be fed in small portions 6 times a day. Then gradually the number of meals should be reduced to 4 times. At 4 months, feed a puppy 3 times a day, and when he is already half a year old, then only 2 times a day. Adult dogs can be fed once a day. Be sure to adhere to the schedule, that is, feed your pet every day at the same time.

Dog training

It’s easy to train French bulldogs, but this requires special training. Even a child can do this, so you can safely leave the dog and the baby together.

The young dog must be taught to perceive the commands: “sit,” “lie,” “fu,” “face,” “place,” “near,” “give.

The French Bulldog is an amazing dog. She is very smart, but she loves to play and have fun. With this puppy just do not get bored. But with the right care, a decent dog will grow out of it. Before acquiring a dog, it is recommended that you read the special literature in order to know how to care for, feed, and train it.

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