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Food for the Great Dane: More suitable foods and foods to avoid

more suitable foods and foods to avoid


Food for the Great Dane: More suitable foods and foods to avoid

The Great Dane also needs to feed following its needs. What is the correct diet for him? Most suitable foods and those to avoid.

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Since our big dog, in just about two years, is capable of gaining almost ninety kilos of weight, it goes without saying that he needs to eat a lot and in the right way. What is the correct diet for Great Danes and what are the most suitable and least suitable foods for him?

Food for the Great Dane

Like all dog breeds, the Great Dane also has its dietary needs, whether it is puppy, adult or senior.

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We know that, just born, a Great Dane puppy does not even weigh a kilo: it must be followed constantly so that in a couple of months it already grows twelve / thirteen kilos.

The puppy should be fed 4 meals a day until he is three months old, then reduce them to 3 until six / seven months and then finally go to 2 a day.

As it is a giant dog, care must be taken that there are no nutritional deficiencies: it would pay for its bone development and more.

The dog’s energy needs must be calculated based on many factors: it will be the veterinarian who will evaluate age, lifestyle, breed and existing pathologies to draw up a suitable diet.

Whether it’s a homemade food diet, a dry diet or a BARF diet, the sure thing is that this dog eats a lot.

This breed of dog, as an adult, needs even more than 1 kilo of food per day, including:

  • Meat: it is an excellent source of protein: the Great Dane puppy, for example, needs 30 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. Better if not too thin;
  • Fish: it is recommended to be administered a couple of times a week, without bones and always cooked;
  • Cereals: they must be added to meat and contain both vitamins and essential proteins, fats and minerals;
  • Eggs: it is recommended to use it no more than twice a week, raw whole but cooked without egg white;
  • Milk and derivatives: milk is excellent for puppies until weaning; the derivatives also for the adult dog, even if it has often been shown to be non-digestible;
  • Carbohydrates: better rice, not always and well washed to eliminate as much starch as possible;
  • Vegetable: it should comprise about 10% of the daily ration and cooked would be more digestible;
  • Seasonal fruit.

Choosing for feeding the Great Dane industrial foods, we would be sure of calculating the right amount of nutritional requirements for this breed.

Otherwise it should be us, perhaps getting help from veterinary, to calculate the daily percentages of nutrients necessary for the correct development and maintenance of the dog.

Some choose to go for one mixed diet, which includes home cooked food in addition to dry food.

The fact is that, whatever the choice, if it is true that by preparing the meal we would have the certainty of the quality of the food used, ready-made food would be more practical and perhaps less expensive.

Basically the focus is always on the health of the dog: for a giant size it is important to eat properly especially in the first 2 and a half years of life.

In this time, in fact, the cartilages at the base of the joints grow and strengthen, and also the bone matrix takes shape and strengthens.

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Tips and recommendations

Choosing to take a Great Dane at home would certainly be like having to constantly deal with a sweet and sensitive puppy.

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However it has its own needs as well its diet must be well studied so that it is correct at every stage of its growth.

It is always recommended to never give the entire amount of daily food in a single meal: the dog would risk gastric torsion.

The risk is that you arrive so hungry and eat your meal very quickly: his stomach would undergo a sudden dilation with consequent torsion.

Unfortunately, gastric dilation could also be caused by the fact that this dog often drinks a lot of water and too quickly.

It should therefore be followed and also polite: it is usually very inclined to the rules, it is no coincidence that the Great Dane is compatible with many dog ​​breeds.

In your opinion, if our giant smells the smell in the kitchen, wouldn’t he come begging for some of our food? There would be nothing more wrong with giving leftovers from our dishes to the dog.

Man’s metabolism is different from that of a dog: we have digestive enzymes that he does not have and if we give in to his sweet eyes we would only harm him.

It is important that, from an early age, his diet is integrated with vitamins and minerals: vitamin D for the dog and calcium are of fundamental importance for the correct growth of his bones.

Given the size, then, it is advisable to place the bowls for the Great Dane not on the ground but at about half a meter from the floor to facilitate the consumption of the meal.

This would avoid stressful conditions in the dog: it is a good giant, very sensitive and emotional, so much so that it always seeks attention from its owner.

As it is known that he tends to be a lover of the sofa, not only should he be educated to eat at fixed times but also encouraged to physical activity.

Over time the Great Dane could risk obesity: it would aggravate the pathologies of the bones and stomach to which it is predisposed but be careful not to exercise after eating.

And one must be firm in not giving him food between meals: snacks and various delicacies would cause dental problems in dogs.

Why ours Scooby-Doo live healthy and strong, it should always be kept in mind that each breed of dog has its own dietary needs given by its predispositions to any health problems.

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Not only that, within any breed each dog is unique: only the veterinarian will be able to advise us in the best possible way.

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