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Double Trouble – Ferrets and Cats Living Together

Double Trouble - Ferrets and Cats Living Together


Double Trouble – Ferrets and Cats Living Together

Ferrets and cats living together – On the Internet, you can find a lot of photos in which cats and ferrets play together, bask on the same bed and even eat together. But this is not always the case. About how ferrets and cats get along under one roof, let’s talk in our article.

Ferrets and Cats Living Together

Domesticating a Cat and a Ferret: Cats and ferrets have a lot in common. They are ideal for home maintenance: compact, do not require long walks, are very affectionate, active and just love to play.

For many owners, such a duet becomes real salvation: hyperactive pets entertain each other themselves, which is very useful after a long working day. But there is another side. Both ferrets and cats are by nature predators, and not just predators, but competitors. In the wild, they lead a similar life, prey on birds and rodents. But also those and others possess uneasy character, are exacting and, as a rule, do not give themselves in the offense.

Tortoise-colored cat and ferret plays on a white background

The coexistence of ferrets and cats under the same roof develops in two opposite scenarios: they either become best friends or ignore each other, entering into conflict at the slightest chance. But we hurry to please you: the relationship of pets largely depends not on the animals themselves, but on the owner: on how he organizes their interaction, how they divide the space. Therefore, if you really want to have both a ferret and a cat, you have every chance to make friends with them, but you need to act smoothly.

How to make friends a cat and a ferret?

  • Ideally, it is better to take a little ferret and a little kitten. Pets who grow up together are more likely to make friends.
  • If a new pet appears in a house where there is already a pet-guard, the main task of the owner is not to rush things and correctly delimit the space. At first, it is better to keep pets in different rooms so that they do not contact each other and gradually get used to the smells of each other.
  • It is better to introduce the cat and ferret after the “quarantine” period when the pets were kept in different parts of the apartment. If the pets react badly to each other, do not insist and separate them again. Try again later.
  • As an acquaintance, let the cat go to the aviary where the ferret is located. This will give them the opportunity to sniff each other while remaining in complete immunity.
  • There is another secret that will help to make friends the little household. Take the hands of both pets and caress them. Sitting on the hands of the owner, they will understand that both are needed and loved.
  • A cat and a ferret should have separate toys, beds, bowls, and trays. It is important that they receive the same portion of attention from the owner, otherwise, jealousy will arise. Your goal is to create conditions for the ferret and the cat to have nothing to compete with.
  • Feed the cat and ferret separately, from different bowls and in different parts of the apartment. This is necessary so that they do not feel like competitors.
  • Pets should have their own refuge, which does not invade the second. For a cat, it can be a stove bench, set at height, and for a ferret, an aviary cage with a cozy mink house.
  • The friendship path of a ferret and a cat lies through … games. When pets get used to each other, often engage them in a fun time together.
  • It is better to sterilize both pets. This will have a positive effect on their behavior.
Close-up portrait of two months old ferret kit


  • Do not leave the cat and ferret alone without supervision. Especially, at first. Even if animals have become friends, they can become too much involved and cause injuries to each other.
  • In the house there must be a special cage for the ferret. This pet house is a guarantee of its safety. When you are not at home, it is better to close the ferret in the aviary so that they cannot freely contact the cat.
  • Experts do not recommend starting an adult ferret and kitten in the same apartment, and vice versa. Remember that cats and ferrets are competitors. They can harm the cubs of the “alien” camp.
  • It is better not to have a ferret in the house where the cat lives, preferring an inactive way of life. Otherwise, the ferret simply will not let her pass.
  • To maintain the health of pets, regularly treat both of the parasites and vaccinate. Do not forget about preventive visits to the veterinary specialist.

We hope our recommendations will help you reconcile the fluffy mischievous!

Friends, and if you had experience keeping a cat and a ferret under the same roof? Tell us about it.

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