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Top 10 + 1 Of Our Most Favorite Dogs From The Movies and Cartoon

Top 10 + 1 Of Our Most Favorite Dogs From The Movies and Cartoon


Top 10 + 1 Of Our Most Favorite Dogs From The Movies and Cartoon

Dogs have repeatedly inspired and continue to inspire filmmakers and animators. Already, there are dozens of films and cartoons about the faithful and brave dogs, and every year this number only grows! And which four-legged heroes of famous paintings do you like more? We invite you to take part in a small vote, and at the same time to check which films you saw and which ones did not.

Movie characters



It is difficult to imagine a creature that could be more faithful to the legendary Hachiko, an Akita Inu dog. For many people, Hachiko has become the undisputed symbol of loyalty and devotion.

If you are crazy about adorable little dogs and adore spiritual films with an unbanal plot, then this picture is made especially for you. Will be long impressed. The film has to cry. In a voice. If you have impressionable children – it is better to refrain from family viewing. At the core lies the real story, full of bright sadness.

Lassie (lassie)

Lassie (lassie)

Elegant Collie – hooks with its beauty and intelligence. Lassie was homeless, but found shelter in the family and became the best friend of the family. Incredibly positive, fearless, able to stay on top in any difficult situation.

The film is ideal for family viewing. It leaves positive warm emotions and amazes with beautiful views.



Huge St. Bernard with sad but kind eyes. Beethoven has a big heart that accommodates all family members. The dog takes care of its owners and protects them from all kinds of adversity. He is able and laugh, and make you think about the most important thing.

The film plunges headlong into the problems of an ordinary average family, gradually revealing unexpected solutions. Beethoven is on the second place.

Lucky (“101 Dalmatians”)

Lucky 101 Dalmatians

Dolmatite dog is incredibly kind. His life is full of adventures and difficulties. Lucky is the real father of his large family. Caring and brave, he will do everything to save his loved ones and create family comfort.

The film is suitable for family viewing and makes you strongly empathize with the main characters.

Commissioner Rex

Commissioner Rex

The German Shepherd Dog is smart, kind and courageous. Rex cares more about others than about himself. This dog is a model of masculinity.

The series is dynamic, interesting and exciting.

Milo (“Mask”)

Milo the Mask

Little Jack Russell – not so simple and harmless as it seems. He is very jealous of the owner of his son. Receiving temporary super-abilities, Milo competes with the baby for the love and attention of the father of the family. It looks most amusing, given that the dog regularly fails. But Milo’s resourceful and resourceful doesn’t give up so easily. He stubbornly defends his right to be a pet.

The film has animated inserts. The plot is sharp and filled with humor.

Cartoon characters

Charlie (“All the dogs go to heaven”)

Charlie All the dogs go to heaven

Outbred vagrant dog – very charming, passionate and selfish. He does not think about the consequences, living to the fullest. The dog is endowed with strong masculine charisma.

Throughout the cartoon, changes take place in Charlie. He becomes less selfish, thinks more about his friends, reconsiders his values.

Ball (“Three of Prostokvashino”)

Ball Three of Prostokvashino

The dog competes with the cat for the title of the main pet in the house. He has his own opinion, though not always the right one. There is also a hobby – photographing with the help of frightening surrounding devices in the form of a gun. The ball is stubborn, but kind and simple-minded.

Scooby doo

A tall, silly dog ​​and a funny dog ​​live adventures that constantly happen to him and his friends. Scooby is cowardly, but this does not prevent him from winning, facing dangers.


Volt the pet dog

White and fluffy doggie – not only appealing, but also fearless. Volt is sure that he is a super agent who knows no barriers. Although this is far from the case, the habit of heroism helps him in difficult moments.

Cartoon – perfect for fans of spy stories.

Max (“The Secret Life of Pets”)

Max The Secret Life of Pets

A touching and ideal pet, accustomed to ordinariness and living by the rules. Not surprisingly, he takes the Mastiff’s new pet with hostility. Max is hard to come to terms with the changes that bring him out of his comfort zone. Over time, the dog begins to enjoy the dog’s life to the full. Spontaneity and change – no longer scary.

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