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Educating the dog for urban areas



Educating the dog for urban areas

The good behaviour of an cane the master does it. The education of our beloved 4-legged is to reserve from the beginning a lot of attention to the animal to which they patiently go taught the first commands to behave when it comes into contact with humans. Among these teachings there are also some rules to be respected for when we walk our dog in urban areas and be sure that it is obedient, not for a matter of “domination” but for safety both for the animal and for third parties and for any eventuality or situation that arises along the way, as the city can turn out to be a hostile place full of pitfalls for our puppies.

But education begins with the owner who will have to equip himself with the bare necessities to bring the dog with him, like the plastic bags for the needs of the dog, one muzzle to enter public places up to even a bottle of water in case the animal needs to drink especially in the summer.

Then there are a few things to consider for the dog in the city:

– The relationship with the dog starts from transportation by car, for which the animal must be well separated from the passenger compartment by means of a safety net or thanks to a cage to transport it. In no way should the animal be left free in the car.

– The dog must respect the command When gets out of the car to contain the risk of a escape or that, at the mercy ofagitation, you run away from the car, ending up in the middle of the road. Obviously, our beloved 4-legged dog will have to learn to get out of the car with the leash. Even to get him back into the car, the animal must respect the will of the owner and not be distracted by other elements.

– Along the way, it must be taken to the leash and will have to respect the owner by walking to his side On Pavement. The start must be given with the command to the seated dog.

– At intersections, like at a crosswalk, it is good that the animal is sitting and wait patiently for the way to cross.

– At the time of stops, in case at the newsstand or a bench, the dog must always be in tune with the owner, showing that he is always attentive to the movements of the owner and have a calm and relaxed attitude, sitting next to him.

– The dog will have to get used to to cross cars e cyclists and not to be afraid of these means, as well as of those who do jogging or use other means. Among the other dangers of the city are the different ones noises of the urban center for which the animal must feel comfortable and not be frightened.

– When the animal crosses other similar ones, observe and make sure that don’t be too excited to avoid a quarrel between dogs.

– In the case of a dog of small size, avoid taking it in your arms when you meet another dog, this could cause defense reactions.

– At the time of socialization with other dogs, pay attention to the behavior of your pet and the situations of domination that can be created.

– In theory, the dog should also be used to being tied alone for a few minutes, in case in front of a shop, in case of unforeseen events and who is therefore not aggressive with people or fearful for which he could try to escape at all costs.

– In among the people, the animal must feel comfortable and show trust in the owner, without being aggressive towards passers-by.

– Release the dog only in permitted areas, such as parks, away from dangers.

– To enter the public places and take the means of transport, the dog must be given the muzzle as per current legislation

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