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Dogs must not be looked into the eyes: Reasons|consequences | Brief history


Dogs must not be looked into the eyes: Reasons|consequences | Brief history

Dogs must not be looked into the eyes: Reasons|consequences | Brief history – Man has tamed dogs for a long time. During this time, people have learned to interact with faithful, obedient four-legged defenders. However, there are restrictions when dealing with strangers, yard dogs regarding direct gaze into the eyes. Is it really impossible to look into the eyes of dogs? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Dogs belong to the pack animals, where the hierarchy in relationships is high. When maintaining a pet at home, it is necessary that the person who the pet should automatically recognize as the leader of the pack should dominate. This is possible after regular training sessions. But what occupation will turn out without glances and gestures? Domesticated four-legged defenders with a stern look of the owner avert their eyes. With the right upbringing, aggression against the master – leader is impossible. In the case of an approving glance, this is a promotion, a symbol of patronage.

Animal instincts

In wolves, wild stray dogs, a “face to face” look means a call for aggression, attack. This is a signal of dominance among the members of the pack, an attempt to take a dominant position. In wild representatives of the canine family, the color of the iris is much lighter than in pets. This was proved by scientists from Japan. This feature is explained by the huge amount of information transmitted through the look between the members of the pack.

Socialized dogs have learned to recognize the meaning of the human gaze, as well as smiles. Loud wolves, stray dogs accept as a signal for aggression. Violent manifestations of emotions can provoke street dogs to attack. If for stray dogs a human smile is nothing more than a grin, then the pet will take it for a gesture of approval, encouragement.

The difference between pets, wild dogs

If for stray animals a direct look indicates a person’s attempts to dominate and is capable of causing aggression, then things are different with pets. After extensive research, Japanese scientists have proven that domesticated dogs need visual communication with the owner. Through communication, views, the bond between man and animal is strengthened.

The reason for this is the production of the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the formation of affection. This is especially pronounced during the production of oxytocin in women during labor and causes a strong attachment of the mother to the newborn. With constant visual contact of a person and a dog, the level of oxytocin rises.

In order to prove this discovery, the owner and pet were placed in the room for half an hour. After the lapse of time alone with the dog, elevated levels of oxytocin were noted in people in the urine. During the experiment, scientists found a positive feedback between a person and his pet. It consists in a response to the production of oxytocin by a person – in dogs the level of the hormone responsible for communicative abilities rises. Eye contact during evolution has become the primary means of interaction. During the domestication of dogs, eye-to-eye look was a means of silent communication between a man and a dog. Scientists have proved that during a conversation, a person concentrates his eyes on the right side of the face of the interlocutor, who has a more expressive facial expression. Dogs are the only animals to do likewise.

A similar experiment was conducted with the owners of tamed wolves. In this case, the level of oxytocin remained unchanged. This is because wild animals perceive direct visual contact as a threat and try to avert their eyes. In wild animals, preparation for a fight is expressed in a stance opposite each other, they look the enemy in the eye. Man is not able to “revise” the animal. In the human blood, the hormone adrenaline is produced, which dogs feel, catch by changing the size of the pupil. In this case, the dog immediately attacks.

Wild Dog Rules

Afraid to watch your own pet is not worth it. When you had to run into a stray dog ​​or a whole flock, you need to know the rules of behavior that will help protect yourself. Even if you are an animal lover, do not try their patience:

  • get around stray dogs;
  • do not approach the owner of another dog, do not show aggression to him;
  • when meeting with a stray dog ​​one on one do not look into his eyes;
  • if there is a flock of wild dogs on the way, press yourself against the wall of the building, not allowing you to surround yourself on all sides;
  • avoid sharp gestures, violent manifestations of emotions in the presence of other people’s dogs;
  • refuse to run, as a way of salvation;
  • when the attacks cannot be avoided, do not look into their eyes, identify the leader (runs ahead) and put a bag, bag, scarf under the bite and try to tighten around the neck;
  • Do not provoke dogs to attack in any way.

Before you get a dog, start chatting with your favorite homeless dog, make sure its reactions are adequate, read the rules of conduct. This will help to avoid aggression, the attack of the animal.

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