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Dogs – how to keep them away from the dustbin

dog eats garbage


Dogs – how to keep them away from the dustbin

If your dog also eats from the garbage and you no longer know how to convince him not to go near the dustbin, try reading our useful tips to solve the problem.

The dog rummages in the garbage and eats garbage (Photo iStock)

Dogs are very curious animals, especially when it comes to smells: it is known that Fido’s nose is legendary and that very often dogs love to rummage in the trash, probably because totally enraptured by the myriad of smells that food waste and waste emanate from under the lid.

But while the garbage appears to the dog’s eyes as a real treasure to be discovered, all those old plastic waste, paper or even leftover food could actually represent a serious danger to his health: that’s why it is essential to stop Fido’s “fatal” attraction for the dustbin and teach him to stay away from the potential risks that garbage hides for him.

How to dissuade the dog who eats in the garbage

junk dog
The dog rummages in the bin (Photo iStock)

A scene that anyone who has adopted a dog may have already experienced at least once in his life: you come home and the whole floor is littered with food residues, empty cans, shredded boxes. The inverted bin and, in the midst of that great confusion, he sits triumphantly: your dog happy and satisfied for eating from the trash and at the same time ready to apologize to you with his tender big eyes.

At first glance you could also think of letting go, scolding the dog for the trouble he just made and off you go. But actually rummaging in the bin and eating the garbage can be quite risky for your four-legged friend: every year there are dogs that die from ingesting something they shouldn’t have eat from the garbage can.

Among the food residues that Fido can find in the bin there are in fact highly toxic foods for dogs, such as sugar-free gums, but also some dangerous materials such as metal cans, which could cause serious internal injuries if chewed and ingested. So let’s find out the useful tips for prevent the dog from eating garbage.

When the dog eats the trash: useful tips

The sad dog (Pixabay photo)
The bored dog is at risk trash can (Pixabay Photo)

1. Keep Fido well fed

It may seem obvious, but a well-fed dog will be less likely to be tempted by the search for food in the trash: for make sure Fido isn’t hungry during the day, try to distribute your daily ration of baby food in smaller meals. If your dog is overweight and needs to pay attention to calories, the right nutrition for him is rich in fiber that makes him feel full longer.

2. Keep the lid closed

Many people keep the lid of the dustbin open for convenience: pity that this habit can certainly be convenient for humans an invitation open to Fido to sniff, rummage and eat from the trash! Consider keeping the garbage cans in places in the kitchen that are difficult to access, for example in cabinets or behind furniture.

3. Offer the dog safe alternatives

If the dog is used to snooping in the trash it is useful to show them that there are much better alternatives: if you see that Fido is dangerously approaching the dustbin, try to distract him with a healthy dog ​​snack, maybe homemade, or give him a chew toy.

4. Choose the right bin

Let’s face it: nobody thinks much about which bin to choose before having a dog at home! But when a four-legged friend becomes part of your family it is good to think about choosing the right bin, more resistant and difficult to open. In many cases, it is good to opt for a container with a pedal that will make it difficult for the dog to eat garbage.

5. Ban on boredom

A dog going around the bin is probably a bored dog: find time to play with your faithful friend every day and take him often for a healthy walk. Walking with the dog can be fun and it will certainly be healthy for Fido, who can burn energy and feel intellectually stimulated.

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