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Dog walking tips for dog walkers – 3 tips for spacing

walk with the dog in phase 2


Dog walking tips for dog walkers – 3 tips for spacing

Dog walking tips for dog walkers – Here are some tips on how to walk with your dog during phase 2, always following the rules of the new decree.

Walking the dog in phase 2: 3 tips for distancing (Pixabay Photo)

People all over the world have been adapting in recent months to a life under the pandemic and the social distancing. The latter implies avoiding large gatherings and staying at least one meter away from other people.

With the arrival of the phase 2 it is possible to notice many more people on the street than in phase 1, as there has been the opening of other commercial establishments and above all the possibility of walking far from one’s home.

For this reason we offer you some tips on how to walk with your dog in step 2, respecting the rules of the decree.

3 Tips for walking with confidence during phase 2

The duties of the dog owner
Duties of the dog owner: what are the risks and penalties (Photo AdobeStock)

It is known that i dogs they need exercise and in these months even a simple walk can make them feel good. Here are a few advice on how walk with your dog respecting the rule of social distancing and the obligation of the mask for you and leash and muzzle for your four-legged friend.

Tip 1: change the walking program

With more people on the street, we suggest you change the walking time with your four-legged friend. It would be appropriate to take a walk trust in the less crowded hours to avoid contact with others.

Tip 2: set and keep your distance

It is known that i dogs they are an attraction for both children and adults who come to pet them. In this period it would be advisable to avoid any contact with other people also for the our four-legged friend. For this reason, to practice an effective social estrangement, be sure to extend the “bubble of invisible distance” around yours too hairy friend.

Tip 3: avoid dog’s best friends

Dogs waiting for a Facebook family

The Advice more difficult to perform will surely be to avoid your own dog you can meet with his friends. If your faithful friend has a friend in the neighborhood and you notice him walking down the street during the walk, it would be advisable to change direction with your furry friend.

One of the hardest things about social distancing is feeling “rude” when avoiding friends or acquaintances, but parents of dogs must also face their own hairy friend disappointed by their choice to change direction to avoid meeting him with his friends.

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