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Dog Tail Wagging Left vs right: what does It tell us

dog wags its tail to the right


Dog Tail Wagging Left vs right: what does It tell us

A queue is a communication tool for dogs. But what is the meaning of the tail of the dog wagging its tail to the right and what is the meaning of the tail to the left? We explain it to you in this article.

Tail left or right (Adobe Stock)

The dog has a way of its own to communicate with man and his fellow men: grimaces, tongue, ears, paw movements and especially tail they are among the “tools” at his disposal to tell us something and make us aware of his emotions. There tail it is one of his main distinctive features, often studied by experts. The latter analyze and confront each other dog tail positions, on movements and how to interpret the various expressions of his moods.

Dog wags his tail left and right: when do you need to be alarmed?

trusted tail
What Dogs wants to communicate (Adobe Stock Photo)

In this article we focus on two movements of the dog’s tail: when dog wags true right and when I pour left, what do you want to tell us?

We mistakenly tend to assume that if the dog wags his tail means that is happy, but it is not always the case. If your furry four-legged friend continues to shake the tail to the right it is a signal that he wants to approach a person or an animal but if wave the tail to the left you need to do caution. Much attention. This is a way of warn you is alert you a danger so, for example, if you are in the park for a walk, perhaps dog has just found a snake hidden in the bushes or has seen an aggressive dog.

A group of scientists demonstrated just that: dogs wag their tails to the right when they feel positive emotions (for example, they see their master) and to the left when they have negative sensations. This has to do withasymmetric organization of the brain of the dog: the activation of the left hemisphere generates a wagging of the right and the activation of the right hemisphere a wagging of the left.

But that is not all. In 2013 Italian researchers have found that i dogs react otherwise to the right or left wagging of others like it. This means that dogs are perfectly aware of which side their wizards are wagging and react accordingly. several dogs, when they have seen the wag to left, they showed themselves anxious it’s theirs heart beat increased, when they have seen wag tail to right I’m remained perfectly take it easy.

It will also be useful to know that a slow movement of the tailback and forth indicates that the dog is not sure of the situation he is experiencing; you should, therefore, keep your distance until dogs calm down. Also, a tail moves back and forth but rough has a similar meaning: it is once again a way of communicating the dog to let you know he is nervous, let him calm down.

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