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Dog sniffing Anus – why it does it and how to behave

Dog urinates


Dog sniffing Anus – why it does it and how to behave

What reason pushes the dog that sniffs the anus and the traces of pee left by their peers? All there is to know about this habit.

Dog makes and smells pee of other dogs: all the reasons (Pixabay Photo)

It is well known that dogs have strange habits! But sometimes it is really difficult to understand them. One of them is the use of smelling each other’s anus and also the traces of urine left on the ground by his fellow men. But there is a reason why he finds these signs left by others so inviting: we will find out later. We may be impressed by the communicative ability of the dogs and how they manage to transmit messages to each other, even in ways that may appear bizarre to the human eye. Here’s all there is to know about because dogs smell their pee’s pee.

The dog sniffs the pee: because it does

Dog sniffs the pee
Canine smell: why the dog sniffs the pee (Photo Pixabay)

Of course, the idea that to know someone you have to smell the private parts or worse his remains, makes us turn up our noses. But in dogs it works exactly like this. It is easier for Fido to have urination problems than to desist from resting his muzzle on the remains of urine from some other animal. How many times during the walk did we have to pull the leash to get away from that (questionable) temptation? Sometimes it doesn’t even work, because they are so attracted to that wet wall or asphalt that it is impossible to give them up.

Smelling the ‘urinated’ areas millimeter by millimeter is more than a hobby for them: steal and decipher messages left by their fellows in those same traces of urine. In fact, it contains pheromones that have a specific function: below it is explained.

Pheromones of the urine of dogs

Dogs that sniff
Sniffing dogs (Pixabay Photo)

Dogs love to cover themselves with smells to release messages and, at the same time, have fun deciphering those left by their fellow humans. Unlike humans who often prefer industrial perfumes and cleaners, dogs prefer natural, organic ones. This behavior is directly inherited from the wolves, their predecessors: in fact they changed their smell to mask their identity and hunt more freely.

The odorous traces contained in the urine and feces contain precisely pheromones, chemicals that mainly reveal the sex of the animal, but also a series of other information that can only be understood by dogs. In fact, the language of dogs is understandable by humans up to a certain point, but in the end it is right that it should be so.

Dog urination

After defecating, the glands of the anus of Fido secrete a substance rich in pheromones and deposit it on the stool. Scientific analyzes of these remains have shown that they contain about twelve different substances that transmit information on the sex, the reproductive situation of the female and the supremacy of the male of the species.

Especially uncastrated males feel the need for to remark the traces previously left by a similar one, in order to make them understand that that area belongs to them. They often then lift their paws so that the pee spur ends exactly at the height of the nose of the other dogs: brilliant, isn’t it?

The dog sniffs the urine: what to do

Dog sniffs pee
Dog sniffs and pees on the spot (Photo Pixabay)

First of all, it must be considered that when Fido wants to smell the pee of other dogs he has every right to do it: it is part of his DNA and it is not for us to prevent it. This does not mean, however, that we must leave him free to urinate everywhere. If the dog also has trouble keeping himself in and feels the need to leave his traces everywhere, it is probably appropriate to contact an expert dog expert. But what can we do when the dog leaves his traces of pee to communicate with his peers?

  • Avoiding products derived from ammonia, since it smells too similar to urine and instead of giving it up, it encourages the dog to urinate further.
  • Use enzyme-based products, which also have a calming action especially during the training of puppies.
  • Do not continuously wash the dog’s fur: many owners believe that the remains of feces and urine give that particular smell to Fido’s fur. But actually cleanse it continuously it only risks irritating and drying the skin, since the real cause of that smell is a layer of fat produced by the skin. It serves as protection against parasites and other infectious agents.

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