Dog nose dripping water (Wet): Benefits according to expert

wet nose of the dog

Wet nose of the dog, a question we all have always asked ourselves. Let’s see the reasons and benefits of this feature.

wet nose of the dog
These “wet noses” are called rinariums and are very common in many mammals. (Photo Pixabay)

Suddenly while you are playing with your pet, you feel that his nose is wet. Is this a normal condition for the dog? Or does that mean he has a cold? Do not panic, the mucus of the nose helps to maintain the humidity of the dog’s muzzle and therefore to have an adequate temperature.

In the next paragraphs we will try to clarify precisely this peculiarity of our four-legged friend, namely the wet nose of the dog. These “wet noses” are called rinariums and are very common in many mammals, all of which have a part called philtrum which is the one that reaches the muzzle.

Because the dog has a wet nose

dog nose
One of the reasons why there is a wet nose in dogs is because they continually lick their noses. (Photo Pixabay)

This mucous membrane helps them dissolve chemicals in the air so that they can absorb them into the dog’s skin where the cells that detect odors are found. This is why a dog that is sniffing has a wetter nose than a dog lying on a sofa.

Another reason why there is a wet nose in the dog is because they continually lick their noses. They lick each other to test the substances that have been blocked in their nose and therefore they can bring them to the palate (another important olfactory organ).

Benefits of wet dog truffle

Dog nose
Dog’s nose: why is it wet? (Pixabay photo)

A wet nose in the dog allows it to:

  • reach the brain odor first: the nasal mucus helps you to capture a greater number of odorous particles, thus multiplying its already extraordinary olfactory capacity. Therefore, puppies can identify a person’s track under meters of rubble;
  • cget the best smells: the humidity in the noses of dogs allows you to pre-select the molecules you are about to pass and will leave those you do not need;
  • the dog’s wet nose helps the animal to eliminate excess heat from its body, which he does first of all through his mouth and tongue, thanks to his shortness of breath;

Definitely to the question, because the dog has a wet nose, the answer is directly related to their nature and fortunately there are no reasons for concern and the same applies in case of dry nose.

If the nose is dry, does that mean the dog is sick?

cold dog's nose
Why is the dog’s nose cold? (Pixabay photo)

If your dog’s nose isn’t wet, don’t be afraid. The dog at rest tends to have a drier and warmer nose than the active dog. This is because it licks it less and because the mucous membrane is secreted when a dog sniffs. If you are resting, your nose does not need to be moist. For example, in cases where:

  • your pet has been in the sun for a long time;
  • he sat in a warm place;
  • the dog’s nose is a vital organ that must remain moist and bright, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health, since it has the smell and breath. A simple sneeze, a slight bleeding, a brief change in temperature or a scratch shouldn’t worry us. But if these symptoms persist or become acute they may be indicative of something more important.

The dog’s nose temperature is only a small indicator of overall body temperature. If the dog has a warm nose but is alert and normally active, he is probably in perfect health. But if your dog is apathetic, moves slowly and is in pain or does not want to eat, then do not waste any more time and consult the veterinarian regardless of how the nose is located.

Furthermore there are breeds such as pugs or bulldogs that have very flat muzzles and have a clear difficulty in licking their noses, so they tend to have a drier nose than the rest of the dogs. This is not to say that they are sick, only that they do not reach the nose so easily.

Expert advice

Remember to always make fresh water available in case it is very hot, in particular protect delicate truffles with sunscreen. If you don’t know which protective factor to choose, ask your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice.

Bear in mind that a dog’s mucous membrane should be clear and thin, but if you start to notice an excess or if the mucus becomes thicker, you should take it to the vet. Because it can be an indication of a medical condition.

Finally, an alarm bell can be launched by the dog who is sick, if he tends to scratch his nose, maybe scratching on surfaces, and if he sneezes compulsively.

This could indicate that the dog is fighting with the forasacchi, or that he has involuntarily inhaled wild ears of corn that creep into the nose or ears of our four-legged friends.

Legend of the wet truffle

God told Noah to build an ark to save all the animals from the flood that he would send to earth to punish man, it was an undertaking impossible to get all those animals on the ark so different from each other and used to living free. So he asked the dog for help, who gathered all the animals by making them get on the ark.

So he was the last animal to put his paw on the boat. The ark as we can imagine is very crowded with animals and there was no place for the dog now. Noah wanted to leave his place but the dog refused and stood by the door of the ark.

The latter was not perfectly sealed and began to penetrate the water and so the dog to plug the hole where the water entered, stuck his nose which became wet. The dog didn’t mind that he was only interested in saving the life of his human friend. Since that day, the dog’s nose is cold and wet to remember the love and friendship that dogs feel for their human friends!

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