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Dog names for puppies: Here are 100 (50 female and 50 male) to help you choose


Dog names for puppies: Here are 100 (50 female and 50 male) to help you choose

Dog names for puppies: Here are 100 (50 female and 50 male) to help you choose – A big part of the pleasure of acquiring a puppy is to find a name for him. We can be inspired by a book, a game we love, or a baby names book … The website has just published the most popular dog names. Here are 100 (50 female and 50 male) to help you choose the one of your new companion.

1 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Winnie


50. Winnie

This is the 50th most popular name for a female. In English the name means “beautiful” and also “white and sweet”. He would become a white greyhound; dogs of this breed are sweet, quiet and graceful.

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Popular Names for a Puppy: Gunner


50. Gunner

This 50th name in popularity for a male puppy is suitable for an enduring hunting dog such as the German Shorthaired Pointer, the Labrador or the English Springer Spaniel. It will also be suitable for a dog that darkens after the ball thrown at him. Also think of Gachette for an equivalent French name.

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3 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Charlie


49. Charlie

Charlie appears twice on the list: in the females (49th rank) and in the males, to a rank even better placed. It is written today in the same way, regardless of the sex of the animal.

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4 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Jasper


49. Jasper

Jasper is a word of Greek origin. That is why this name is suitable for Greek breeds: Hellenistic dog, Greek sheepdog or kokoni. And then Jasper means “treasure”, which will be good for any little fur ball.

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Popular names for a puppy: Princess


48. Princess

Some dog breeds have the elegance that suits a princess. That’s why emperors and royal families often chose shih tzu (lions’ dogs), pekinese and king charles riders. These breeds have often had the chance to experience a life of luxury on the knees of beautiful aristocrats.

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Popular names for a puppy: Koda


48. Code

The popularity of this name for a male dog may come from dogs named as such in the movies, Snow Dogs or Eight underneath (Antartica, prisoners of the cold). Koda can be inspired by Kodiak, Alaska.

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7 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Hazel


47. Hazel

It’s a female name. According to, 94% of dog owners consider their pet to be part of the family; in addition, 36% of dog names are first names. Finally, many babies today receive old names.8 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Ace


47. Ace

This name goes to a puppy that is believed to be the best or “number one”. It is a very common dog name in Australia.

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Popular names for a puppy: Kona


46. ​​Kona

In Hawaii, Kona means “lady”. At Starbucks, Kona is a light caramel coffee with a floral aroma.

10 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Sam


46. Sam

Who does not know a dog called Sam?Has a single syllable easy to recognize for a canine, Sam is suitable for a dog loyal, gentle and sociable.

Here’s how to tell if your dog loves you.11 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Beautiful


45. Belle

A perfect name for the beautiful dog park. Think about the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. You can not go wrong with this traditional name of bitch.12 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Cody


45. Cody

Originally a breed of dogs from Ireland and Wales that was popular in the 1990s, it has become a household name in all languages ​​for a pet. It is suitable for an active and loyal dog, like the Irish Setter.

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13 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Annie


44. Annie

Annie is on two lists: our long list where this name ranks 44th and the sub-list of the most adorable name for a female, where it ranks 3rd. Annie is really good for a female with a calm temper: collie or English cocker spaniel.14 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Bandit


44. Bandit

It befits a smart dog, enduring and independent. If your dog has a spot of dark hair around one eye, he also deserves that name. And if a piece of chicken disappears from the kitchen counter, he’s the thief. This name goes well to Australian Cattle Dog and Bull Terrier.

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Popular names for a puppy: Olive


43. Olive

According to, 5% of dog names are inspired by food. The trend is here to stay. Here are others that come straight from the pantry: Couscous, Crisco, Cheetos, Pasta and Ramen.

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16 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Apollo


43. Apollon

It has already been said of the Great Dane that he was the Apollo of dogs in size and spirit. With its 76 cm (30 in) and 79 kg (175 lb) weight, Apollon is a custom name for a large dog who loves running in nature and has a heart to spare. It would be an ironic name for a fiery chihuahua.17 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Dixie


42. Dixie

This adorable name is suitable for a sweet little dog, full of charm and courage: dwarf pinscher or small fox terrier.18 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Baxter


42. Baxter

Who did not faint in front of Baxter, the adorable border terrier of The Legend of Ron Burgandy? The scene where he stands curled up against the star presenter – played by Will Ferrell – in pajamas with his headphones is irresistible.

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19 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Maya


41. Maya

This is the name of a civilization of Central America. It is also the name of the American poet and singer Maya Angelou. And its sound is all feminine.The word means “water”. Suitable for females of the following breeds: Chesapeake (Chesapeake Bay Retriever), Labrador and Newfoundland.20 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Thor


41. Thor

According to, the names of pets are increasingly inspired by the heroes of series and fantasy films.Names like Thor are up 34%. Thor is the name of the god of thunder in Nordic literature. It is also the name of the hero played by Chris Hemsworth in the film of the same name.

Read these testimonials showing that animals can be real heroes.21 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Emma


40. Emma

Emma is a female baby name that has been in fashion for a decade. He was ranked 1st in Quebec in 2016. He ranks 3rd in the English-speaking world. So it’s not strange if the new owners of a female puppy think to give it such a name.

22 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Diesel


40. Diesel

It’s a strong and biting name, but not bad! The actor Vin Diesel is perhaps at the origin of the attraction for this name. He is strong with a sweet side: bulldog or drover.23 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Izzy


39. Izzy

A nickname for Isabelle? In any case, Izzy is a short and sweet name that will quickly attract the attention of your little dog. It will be suitable for a brave and independent animal, but also cuddly … with the appearance of a soft toy.

Adopting a dog is a long-term commitment! See the longevity records of these pets.24 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Blue


39. Blue

A very popular name among pit bulls.We also think of Willie Nelson’s country song about his dog named Ole ‘Blue. And it’s reminiscent of Nickelodeon’s American children’s TV drama, Blue’s Clues, which featured a blue-colored cartoon dog with even bluer spots to find clues for the animator.

25 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Lexie


38. Lexie

In Greek, this word means “defender of man”. It is applicable to breeds of small or large dogs with a loyal and protective nature, with a soft side that they reserve for the members of the family only.26 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Oscar


38. Oscar

In 38th position in North America, this name, which suits a male dog, ranks 4th in England. Who would have believed it ?27 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Lady


37. Lady

It has always been a favorite name for female dogs. Remember Lady, the english cocker spaniel of the Disney movie The Beauty and the Tramp. We can not forget the big eyes of the dog and her long ears. Lady will suit any breed or mixture of breeds with long silky hairs.28 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Beautiful


37. Beau

Ah! Beautiful, the neighborhood charmer who captures the attention of humans and furry females. It can be a strong and quiet dog, unless it is a husky. This breed gives strong dogs that win our affection, but for the silence, it will be necessary to iron: the huskies like to scream … and they “chat”.

Are you worried that your dog will bark in your absence? Here are 4 ways to prevent it.29 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Layla


36. Layla

Eric Clapton in his famous song Layla tells how this woman has turned her life upside down. The little fur ball will do the same thing in your household and you will not be able to stop admiring it.30 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Bruno


36. Bruno

This name from German means “shield” or “armor”. If he ranks 36th on the list, he is at the top of the list for huskies, according to data.It is therefore a muscular name!31 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Willow


35. Willow

Magic and mystical word, which means in English “willow” (a graceful and slender tree). It will often be heard for a female greyhound, dog of the pharaoh or azawakh. It suits the elegant and agile silhouette with the clean lines of these breeds.32 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Harley


35. Harley

Think of motorcycles. This name will go like a glove to a dog who has temperament. Harley-Davidson owners, or comic book buffs raging in the wild harley Quinn, will not hesitate to choose this name for a male dog.33 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Millie


34. Millie

One wonders if actress Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven in the success of Netflix Stranger Things is at the origin of this name often given to a female dog. In any case, it occupies the 34th place in North America and the 7th in England.34 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Loki


34. Loki

Villains are popular in male dogs, according to; the choice of this type of name has increased by 18% over previous years. Loki is a super villain of comics (Marvel Comics): he is the half-brother of Thor and he has a bad character. Hope this will not be the case with your puppy.35 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Harley


33. Harley

Have not we just talked about that name? Yes, in males, but in females, the same name (which also has a feminine consonance) is ahead of two ranks.

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Popular names for a puppy: Jackson


33. Jackson

Generation Y is likely to acquire a pet before having a child. According to Pet Business, seven in 10 members of this generation own a pet: in 56% of cases, it is a dog. But you will be amazed to learn that, for the sixth year in a row, the name Jackson comes first in the United States among male babies, according to BabyCenter.37 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Sasha


32. Sasha

Sasha may have become popular for female dogs because it is the name of the youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama. But Sasha also means “helper of the human race”.Whatever the reason, the name ranks 32nd in the general list and the 5th for the names of strong female dogs.38 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Hank


32. Hank

There are many famous Hanks: baseball player Hank Aaron or comic superhero (Marvel Comic) Dr. Hank Pym. This respectable name is perfect for a loyal companion.39 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Pepper


31. Pepper

Excellent name for a black bitch. And Pepper (pepper, in French) also meets the trend of food names. In Baltimore, the “city of charm,” this type of name has grown by 20%; Pepper comes first, followed by Peanut (why not Pinotte) and Oréo. This last name looks a lot like “oriole”: there is the bird – the Baltimore oriole – and the baseball team – the Baltimore Orioles. That’s good!40 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Lucky


31. Lucky

Lucky brilliantly passes the test of time. It was even more popular when dogs received “dog” names: Spot, Rover, Baron, Ti-gris and Fido. But in these times when we use names for our pets, Lucky is still popular.41 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Riley


30. Riley

No wonder if new dog owners look at baby names directories and borrow a female name like Riley for their little fur ball. Riley has been part of – for years – the 30 favorite names for girls.42 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Moose


30. Moose reports that 12% of pet owners give their dog a name of wild animal, plant or natural phenomenon.It is not surprising that Moose (“moose” in French) is suitable for large, imposing dogs, which are, however, gentle giants.43 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Loulou


29. Loulou

A little girl or a little dog will come running when they hear their name Loulou (or Lulu). It’s like saying their name twice. And then Lulu is the NASDAQ symbol of the Lululemon spandex clothing brand.44 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Buster


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29. Buster

Buster is an old name. This is the English springer spaniel with incredible sense of smell that discovered weapons hidden during the Iraq war, saving thousands of lives.Buster has become a heroic name.45 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Zoé


28. Zoé

A Zoe is cheerful and likes attention: we immediately imagine a female pug who loves to be the center of attraction. Zoe comes from the Greek “life”. This name goes very well to bitches full of life.

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Popular names for a puppy: Riley


28. Riley

Riley is better placed on the list of male dogs than on that of females.This name is at the top of the list in Ireland.47 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Ginger


27. Ginger

Ginger is both a woman’s first name and a food name (ginger, in French). It is particularly suitable for red-skinned breeds: Irish Setter, Black Coonhound and Fire (dog running for raccoon hunting) and Hungarian Vizsla Bruiser.48 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Henri


27. Henri

Old names are trendy for babies; they are also for dog names. Henri (or Henry) is ideal for waterfowl hounding dogs: labrador, chesapeake and English setter.49 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Abby


26. Abby

This name is suitable for all adorable and playful little bitches.50 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Bailey


26. Bailey

Here is a name that is popular for babies, boys and girls, as for puppies.Bailey appears twice on our list, and we are only giving you his rank in male dogs for the moment. You will not be surprised to know that this is a common name for a dog in Ireland – think about the alcoholic drink!51 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Elly


25. Elly

This name is more and more popular among baby girls, but not as much as it is among little bitches, where it ranks 25th, which is the middle of our list.52 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Dexter


25. Dexter

This name evokes a strong and stocky dog ​​with a temperament a little difficult. Perhaps dog owners have dubbed theirs by that name, after following the television series Dexter, on a serial killer. In any case, it’s a trendy name.53 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Piper


24. Piper

Pronounce “papper”. This name is trendy in babies as well as female puppies. We immediately think of the heroine of the Orange is the New Black series or the adorable Pixar hungry sandpiper.54 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Gus


24. Gus

This Scottish-sounding, rough-sounding name also evokes folklore and the Wild West. We imagine a good dog lying on the front steps of the house after a day spent tirelessly walking the trails, nose to the ground.55 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Mia


23. Mine

This short name of Latin origin means “mine” or “mine” and also “desired child”. It’s a bitch name that is often heard in Florida, where it’s the 5th most popular name in Miami, according to / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Finn


23. Finn

Finn, a new character from Star Wars, is a rather awesome character. This stormtrooper revolted against the First Order to join the Resistance in a heroic mission. It takes a brave dog to carry that name.57 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Ruby


22. Ruby

Ruby (or Ruby) seems to be suitable for a female puppy who loves to play in the grass.

Do you think of adopting your puppy in a pet shop? Discover their secrets before you decide.58 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Ollie


22. Ollie

We think of Laurel and (Oliver) Hardy.Ollie is a rather retro name that suits a man with a sweet temper and a bit crazy.59 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Ellie


21. Ellie

It’s such a sweet name for a little bitch. If he ranks 21st on the general list, he ranks 10th for dogs living in the country, according to research.60 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Jake


21. Jake

Strong, independent, loyal, naturally happy and loving: that’s what we can say about this good name for a good dog.61 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Nala


20. Nala

In The Lion King, Nala is the female cub who will become Simba’s companion. has discovered that many dog ​​names come from books that the masters have read or movies they have seen.62 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Louie


20. Louis

Classic, this name was that of many kings of France. It is also the name of the new baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Prince Louis.Know that the names of the British royal family are up 11% among dog owners.63 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Rosie


19. Rosie

If it ranks 19th in North America, it ranks 8th in Great Britain for female puppies. Many little girls are also called Rosie.64 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Murphy


19. Murphy

Murphy is an Irish name. has discovered that dog owners who have an Irish surname are 14% more likely to give their dog an Irish name.65 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Gracie


18. Gracie

Another well-ranked name for bitches living in the countryside: it ranks 8th.It goes so well to a small fur ball that is soft, charming and refined most of the time, but does not hesitate to play hard when it drains with frisbee in the mouth.66 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Winston


18. Winston

First name of the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, it is also the name of the gorilla armed with a tesla gun for followers of the video game Overwatch. It is suitable for an energetic puppy who has a dynamic attitude and can play the brute, while loving to be cuddled on the sofa.67 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Roxy


17. Roxy

Roxy is not a shy female puppy who is lining up between her legs. She is neither calm nor modest and shows courage and impertinence. On the list of bitches living in the countryside, she even ranks 6th. We could say that this name evokes the energy of a country singer.

Do you like small dogs? You will melt in front of the pictures of these irresistible little animals.68 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Zeus


17. Zeus

In fact, every dog ​​that bears the name of a Greek god commands attention.We will think of breeds such as bulldog or mastiff. In any case, one must be strong enough to bear the name of the god of the gods and the god of lightning, whatever the breed of the puppy.69 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Coco


16. Coco

The inspiration probably comes from Coco Chanel. And then it’s a female puppy name very common in France and Spain. We can also think of the Disney cartoon, Coco. But if your little dog belongs to a French breed – Briard, Dogue de Bordeaux – or is a Yorkshire terrier, Coco is really a very cute name.70 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Jax


16. Jax

He is the grand master of arms of the video game League of Legends. He is distant and sarcastic. That’s why male dog owners choose this name for breeds such as the Alaskan Malamute, Shiba Inu or Basenji, who adore their family, but are reserved with strangers.71 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Lily


15. Lily

Or Lili. This name will become the little ball of hair that is not afraid to get dirty paws by digging up the flowers of the garden.72 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Teddy


15. Teddy

Many dogs look like cubs when they are still puppies. It is no wonder that this name goes like a glove to a goldendoodle (cross of golden retriever and poodle) or a chow-chow with bushy fur.73 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Zoey


14. Zoey

This is the name of a skin (female suit) Fortnite: the names of video games are up 16% according to names from popular video games for dogs include Lucky, Rex, Ranger, Raven, Trooper, Petunia, Mako, Magnus and Tracker.74 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Leo


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14. Léo

This wonderful short name evokes a friendly hip-hop vibe. It comes from the Latin leo, lion. Think of this name if your dog was born between July 23 and August 22 under the sign of Leo.75 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Penny


13. Penny

Penny is one of the adorable puppies of the wonderful film The 101 Dalmatians. This name ranks 7th among the bitches living in the country, according to’s sub-list.76 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Toby


13. Toby

It’s a name for a good dog. There is a reserved character who wears it in the series The Office and if your dog is shy, you may go thinking. But it is also a country singer who carries the Toby Keith: If you find it a resemblance to your puppy is that he likes to scream and steal your socks. In any case, it is the 10th most popular name in the UK.77 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Chloe


12. Chloé

female name, if it is: sweet, cheeky and fluid at the same time. It is without hesitation to a fiery chihuahua. This is the 8th most popular name in Chihuahua females, in the sub-list of this breed, on / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Bentley


12. Bentley

It evokes the sumptuous British luxury car adopted by several members of the royal family. This name really seems to suit a distinguished puppy.79 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Sophie


11. Sophie

If you can imagine your elegant female doggie wearing a tiara set with diamonds or a feathered bibi, Sophie is a relevant name. It is that of the Comtesse de Wessex, wife of Prince Edward. In the names of dogs from the British royal family, Sophie is ahead of George, Prince, Charlotte and Harry.80 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Milo


11. Milo

This classic name is suitable for male dogs anxious to please, but timid. It is also reminiscent of the actor who plays the role of Jack Pearson in the television series Our life: what a beautiful role!81 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Maggie


10. Maggie

A classic in the southern states of the United States, it also ranks 5th among female dogs living in the countryside, in the sub-list.

Follow our recommendations to leave your dog alone at home.82 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Tucker


10. Tucker

He is calm Tucker. You could also decide to name it Stamp. As Baltimore Ravens’ excellent footballer is Justin Tucker, it’s no surprise that Tucker’s name ranks third for a male dog in the “city of charm”.83 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Stella


9. Stella

This is the name of the French Bulldog in the TV comedy Modern Family that makes many antics. It is also the 3rd most popular name for female bulldogs in the sub-list.84 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Oliver


9. Oliver

A very popular name for a male: the story of the pit bull named Oliver is that of a refuge dog who became ambassador of the shoe brand Bzees.His exemplary behavior counterbalances the bad reputation of his race.85 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Bailey


8. Bailey

This name is found on three lists of in 8th place on the main list, it ranks 6th among the most beautiful names of bitches and 48th on the sub-list of names drawn from alcoholic beverages.86 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Bear


8. Bear

If your dog is a labrador with a brown dress and a large face, Bear (“bear”, in French) will suit him perfectly.Because, it looks like a bear and eat just as much. Bear is also on the sub-list of the most popular names for large dogs and ranks fifth on the sub-list of male dogs living in the country.87 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Molly


7. Molly

Oh, Molly! This is the most popular name in Ireland for female colley breeds, according to And it ranks 3rd in England, all breeds combined.88 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Duke


7. Duke

This is the name of the dog advertising beans beans branded Bush’s. This beautiful golden red retriever is talking to the camera trying to deliver the secret of the family recipe. Duke – who will say good in French, Duc – ranks 6th in the sub-list for dogs living in the country.89 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Sadie


6. Sadie

Reliable and loyal as a female beagle: this is the type of dog that Sadie’s name is good for. He also occupies 4th place in the sub-list of females living in the countryside of Rover data.90 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Rocky


6. Rocky

This is a proud name, reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone. Names inspired by people known in their community and fictional characters are up 20% according to / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Lola


5. Lola

“Lola gets what Lola wants. Lola will take away your heart and you will not be able to stop loving it. The nickname of Lourdes, Madonna’s daughter, is also Lola. He will go to a female dog that could become a celebrity.92 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Jack


5. Jack

It is suitable for a reliable dog, simply the best dog. And then there’s the TV show from Amazon, Jack Ryan. Jack, my dog, this hero!93 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Daisy


4. Daisy

Daisy is sweet like a long spring day, and she’s pretty. She ranks 4th on the general list and 1st on the sub-list of female dog names living in the country, according to / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Buddy


4. Buddy

Buddy means buddy, buddy, mate.What a perfect name for a dog! Buddy is particularly popular in Detroit, in the “city of the automobile”. Finally, the name of Copain is common for dogs in French.95 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Lucie


3. Lucie

Or Lucy, a name of choice for little girls for ten years. As we know that dog owners consult directories of fashionable baby names, we will not be surprised at this 3rd rank for a female puppy.96 / 100

Popular Names for a Puppy: Cooper


3. Cooper

It is likely that in the United States this name has become fashionable because of the brilliant CNN reporter Anderson Cooper. He reminds us of a silver fox, intelligent, humorous and fair.97 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Louna


2. Louna

Louna or Luna today occupies in the West the 10th rank of the first names of baby girls most popular.98 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Charlie


2. Charlie (for a guy)

We have already seen Charlie on this list for female puppies. This is even more true for male puppies. Perhaps the appeal of this old name is cool.99 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Bella


1. Bella

In the American film saga Twilight, Bella is supposed to be, according to author Stephenie Meyer “a girl like everyone else”. Any bitch can be Bella, because Bella is all at once: sweet, fiery, rebellious, quiet and shy. This name goes as well to a “giant” breed, as the Newfoundland, to a tiny breed like the dwarf poodle. Its Italian sounding makes it the most popular dog name in this category (Italian).100 / 100

Popular names for a puppy: Max


1. Max

A fundamental name, short, but full of body. The meaning of this three-letter word is “the greatest”. It is carried by the most formidable (in the eyes of their owners) puppies of the planet.This name is cool in the dog park, and as it has only three letters, it is beautiful engraved on his necklace or on his dish.

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