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Dog friendly beaches in Italy

Spiagge dog friendly in Italia


Dog friendly beaches in Italy

Dog friendly beaches in Italy . Holidays are upon us and it is time for the sea for our dog too. Just imagining him digging wild holes in the sand, playing on the shoreline with the waves advancing and retracting, and then launching himself into the water to retrieve his dog frisbee already fills us with joy. Or maybe your dog simply prefers to enjoy relaxation by observing the sea from under an umbrella.

If you are looking for a beach where your dog is welcome, you will find, throughout Italy, numerous “pet friendly” beaches, totally dedicated to our four-legged friends and their owners. We have selected for you some dog friendly beaches in Italy and collected tricks and useful tips to help you spend an unforgettable summer at the beach in the company of your dog.

Dog-friendly holidays: where to go?

Are you already dreaming of the sand, the sun and the sea? Spontaneously booking a holiday or taking advantage of a convenient last minute for the best seaside resorts is unfortunately not always possible for dog owners. Every time we talk about holidays the same dilemma arises: “Who will take care of the dog?”. Of course there are dog sitters and dog pensions that can take care of your dog in your absence.

However, many people decide to take their dog on vacation. Fortunately, organizing a beach holiday tailored to Fido is possible, perhaps not too far from home. Just move in advance and look for dog beaches and dog friendly bathing establishments, as well as accommodation facilities happy to welcome pets and their owners. Therefore, before choosing a beach destination, we advise you to inquire in detail about the services reserved for animals.

On the beach, as long as with your dog

Until the nineties it was necessary to go to France or Spain to rest easy on the beach with your dog. It was in 1997 that, after long battles, the first dog beach in Italy was born in Albisola Marina, in the province of Savona. A year later it will be the turn of the historic Baubeach® di Maccarese, near Rome. Over time, dog friendly beaches in Italy have increased and if before they reserved for dogs and their owners quite out of reach beaches of gravel, pebbles and concrete, today animal friends no longer have to give up fine sandy beaches with water clean and boasting a good location.

Over time the sensitivity towards animals has grown and in parallel the potential of what has been defined as “animal tourism” has been understood. Today they are present in the Bel Paese more than 700 “dog allowed” beaches and more than 100 beaches equipped for dogs.

Dog owners’ usability of Italian beaches has improved a lot in the past twenty years, but there is still much to be done. Unfortunately, several regions, with the exception of individual municipalities, have approved the ban on the access of animals to the beaches during the summer bathing season. Of course, guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs engaged for the rescue service are exempt from the ban.

Less than half of the equipped structures allow animals to swim in the sea or access to water is only allowed in certain time slots which vary from area to area (usually the ban ceases at 20:00) and they also depend by the local bathing ordinance. If your dog is a lover of water, we recommend that you first check the municipal regulations regarding the usability of the beaches by animals. Being on the beach without being able to take a nice refreshing swim could be a real pain!

An alternative would be to bring a dog pool with you.

Spets allowed, bau or dog beach: what are they and what do they offer?

We mainly distinguish between free non-equipped beaches and equipped beaches, public or private.

On free beaches, except for the bathing ordinance of the municipality and explicit prohibitions, access to the dog is allowed. They are not equipped, so it is up to dog owners to think about everything necessary for the well-being of their paw friend.

In equipped beaches and totally dedicated establishments, dog and owner are pampered by a series of practical services: availability of bowls for water and food, drinking fountains, courtesy kit, hand shower and dedicated toilets, presence of a veterinarian on site, areas of shade for the hottest hours, play and training areas, dog sitting service and much more.

Another option, if you want to take the dog with you to the beach, is the traditional equipped beach that also admits dogs. However, access to the beach is allowed in limited numbers and usually only to small dogs, if they do not bother the other customers, provided that they remain under their owner’s umbrella and are led on a leash on the shoreline.

Dog friendly beaches in Italy: the sites we selected

From the North to the South of the boot, here are the dog friendly beaches in Italy selected by us, where you can spend a holiday or simply a day at the beach in the company of your best friend. The selection criteria were the evaluation of the services offered, customer reviews and the opportunity to swim in the sea.

Dog friendly beaches region by region


Liguria is certainly among the most virtuous regions in terms of welcoming dogs to the beach. Among the best known dog friendly beaches we recommend you the Bau Bau Village in Albissola Marina, in the province of Savona. It was the first beach equipped for dogs in Italy, over the years a reference point for many dog ​​owners. This strip of Fido-sized beach is equipped with an agility area and custom-made showers. At the reception, dog owners are given a welcome kit and a bowl for water. Access to the sea is allowed at any time of the day, from 9:00 to 19:00. In addition, dog training courses for dogs of all ages and conferences with video supports can be taken.

We recommend that you also take note of the Baba Beach in Alassio, always in the province of Savona. It is a pet friendly equipped beach not just for dogs, which offers an area dedicated to four-legged friends, with cushions, bowls for water and a welcome welcome pack, with croquettes and shampoo. Bathing is also allowed here. Dogs must be kept on a leash except when they are on the shoreline and in the water.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

There Snoopy beach in Grado, in the province of Gorizia, offers dogs of all sizes and their owners a large beach surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. Each station is equipped with dog-sized beds with bowls, dedicated hand showers, play areas, agility courses and shaded areas for the hottest hours. Bathing is allowed without time limits in the sea area delimited by the appropriate floating equipment.

Our four-legged friends can also enjoy a nice beach holiday in the company of their owners Duke beach in Lignano Sabbiadoro, in the province of Udine. Here the dogs have cots for their exclusive use, bowls, personalized hand showers and an agility dog ​​area. In addition, customers can take advantage of a self-service grooming area, where they can wash and dry their dog and a pet shop where they can buy dog ​​food, accessories and much more. On this equipped beach dogs must be led on a leash. Access to the sea is allowed from 8:00 to 19:00.


Veneto boasts the Pluto beach in Bibione, in the province of Venice, a real Fido-sized seaside paradise, where access to dogs of all sizes is guaranteed. It is a beach equipped with dog-sized beds, water bowl, hand showers, play area and enclosed walkway, equipped with agility tools and the presence of a dog trainer. In case of need, the structure has an agreement with the local veterinarians. Access to the sea is allowed from 8:00 to 19:00. In order not to miss anything, there is also a shop dedicated to the sale of the best products for dogs.

Spending your holidays in the company of Fido is not a problem either Bau Bau Beach in Jesolo, in the province of Venice. It is an establishment with an area reserved for four-legged friends, where the dog must be led on a leash, with a body of water dedicated to their bathing. The structure offers bowls, dedicated rinse showers and an agility course with a shaded area.


If you decide to spend your holidays in Tuscany, you will find numerous dog beaches and bathing establishments equipped to welcome your dog. There Dog Beach of San Vincenzo, in the province of Livorno, is an equipped beach where your paw friend can be left free to play. In this structure you can choose whether to stay in the free part or in the area dedicated to those who rent umbrellas, sunbeds and Fido-sized beds. You and your dog can take advantage of dedicated hand showers, agility course, shaded areas in the adjacent pine forest, as well as dog sitting service by reservation, the presence of a veterinarian on the beach once a week, dog training courses and events. This dog beach has been awarded a dog friendly facility by the Ministry of Tourism.

Dogs of all sizes are also welcome on the beach Strut Beach Kite & Surf in Puntone Vecchio, in Scarlino, in the province of Grosseto. It is an equipped beach where dogs are allowed to enter the water in a dedicated area. This beach is suitable for the most sporty owners, windsurfers and kitesurfers, who do not want to give up cultivating their passions in the company of their faithful friend.

Emilia Romagna

Although Emilia Romagna is a region at the forefront and attentive to tourism, dogs are not allowed to enter the water. There is no shortage of “pet-friendly” beaches, scattered between the nightlife of the Riviera Romagnola and the wide and peaceful beaches of Comacchio. In Rimini we recommend the beach Dog No Problem of Bathroom 81, where the municipality allowed the bathing of dogs. The beach is equipped with sun beds for four-legged friends and you can choose between the classic umbrella, well spaced from those next to it, and the suite, a fenced box in which Fido can move freely while you sunbathe. In addition, you will find drinking fountains, two areas equipped for dog agility depending on the size of your dog and you can take advantage of the presence of a team of experts including behavioralists, veterinarians and dog sitters.

There Maremoto Bau Beach in Comacchio, in the province of Ferrara, is a public beach “pets allowed” with more than 200 umbrellas dedicated to animal friends. It has an agility dog ​​& walking area and a swimming pool for dogs, the first in Italy; it also offers its guests bowls, courtesy kits, camp beds and stoves, fountains and a dedicated shower, as well as a menu reserved for Fido in the refreshment area.


If you are in the vicinity of Rome you cannot miss the historic dog beach of the Roman coast: the Baubeach® by Maccarese. The dogs on this beach can be kept free and have bowls for water, toilet bags, showers with free shampoo and a meal at the Baubar. The calendar is full of events for the whole family, ranging from dog sports to animal-assisted activities, not to mention yoga and pilates classes in the company of the dog.

In the Tuscan Maremma area of ​​Lazio, dogs of any size and breed have access to the beach and sea a The blue pine forest in Marina di Pescia Romana, Montalto di Castro, in the province of Viterbo. It is a private equipped beach, ideal for those who love tranquility and nature. For our four-legged friends, it offers bowls for water, dedicated hand showers, a shaded area and a welcome kit.


The Marche has several equipped beaches completely dedicated to our animal friends. The largest is certainly the Scooby Doo Beach in Senigallia, in the province of Ancona, a pebble beach with many exclusive services for dogs and their companions. Here you will find dog-sized beds, bowls, showers and nebulizers, an agility course and fenced areas for large, medium and small dogs. Dogs are allowed to bathe and on request the presence of a veterinarian on the beach is guaranteed.


If you are thinking of spending your holidays in Abruzzo, among the best equipped “pets allowed” beaches, we recommend the Bau Beach of Lido Sabbia d’Oro in Francavilla al Mare, in the province of Chieti, a bathhouse where dogs are welcome and can swim with their owners. The property offers “suites”, enclosures equipped with umbrellas, beds and nebulizers, inside which dogs can be kept free, and the stable presence of a veterinarian on the beach, being the owner herself a veterinarian.

A note of merit goes to the municipality of Pineto, in the province of Teramo, for allowing dogs to access all the free beaches in the municipality.


For a very short time Molise has also had its own bathing beach for dogs, the Scooby Doo Beach in Campomarino Lido, in the province of Campobasso. It is an equipped beach equipped with every comfort for dogs and humans. The lido is divided between normal umbrellas, where you can keep the dog on a leash, and “suites”, 16m² wattle fences equipped with umbrella, sunbeds and a Fido-sized umbrella, where the dog can move freely. Unfortunately, the regional bathing ordinance does not allow dogs to be bathed, except for rescue dog units and guide dogs for the blind.


Campania boasts the first four-legged village in Italy: the Bau Bau Beach Village on the Eboli coast, in the province of Salerno. The beach is equipped with all the comforts for dogs of all breeds and sizes: dog beds, dog suites, kiosk bar with pet shop, lawn area for relaxation, area for agility dog, walking area, swimming pool and a beauty area with professional tub and dryer. Bathing is allowed inside the dedicated body of water.


Even the Apulian coasts offer the opportunity to spend the holidays in the company of our paw friends. There Bau Beach from Santos a Torre Canne – Fasano, in the province of Brindisi, is the first dog friendly beach in southern Italy. Here your dog can swim in the sea and play without a leash in a fenced area of ​​over 7 hectares adjacent to the beach. In addition, the beach is equipped with dedicated hand showers, fresh water dispenser and on-site veterinary assistance.

In Salento you can find instead the Dog Beach of Eden Salento, in the province of Lecce, the first agri-beach in Italy, where dogs of all sizes and breeds have access throughout the area. The animals have bowls with fresh water, food, toilet bags, play areas, dedicated showers and the presence of a dog educator. Dogs can swim in the sea at any time.


Those who want to travel with their dog and have chosen Basilicata as their holiday destination will find three dog beaches in Marina di Pisticci, in the province of Matera, stretches of free beach established by the Municipality for dogs and their owners, where swimming is allowed in the sea area delimited by the appropriate floating equipment.


If you have chosen Calabria for your holidays with your dog, we recommend you on the Tyrrhenian coast Bau Beach in Amantea, in the province of Cosenza, a beach entirely dedicated to our four-legged friends. This beach offers dogs of all sizes and their owners traditional or fenced umbrellas, a dog pool, an agility dog ​​course and a walking area of ​​over 400m².

A few kilometers from Tropea we recommend the Lido La Praia in Zambrone Marina, in the province of Vibo Valentia. It is a private beach that allows dogs of all breeds and sizes to enter and bathe in the morning from 7:30 to 9:30 and in the afternoon from 18:00 onwards.


In recent years several have also been born in Sicily beaches dedicated to the reception of dogs on holiday, both equipped and free. There Bau Bau Beach in Brolo, in the province of Messina is an equipped beach where dogs can swim in the mirror of water in front. It offers shaded areas, an agility area and a four-legged boutique.

Even the Lido delle Palme in Catania welcomes all animal friends with a fully dog-friendly beach, equipped with shaded areas and grooming service to remove salt from Fido’s coat. The property boasts the presence of a veterinarian for emergencies and a Dog Bazaar.


In Sardinia even dogs have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters, such as on the Palau dog beach, Bau Bau Palau, in Punta Nera, in the province of Olbia-Tempio. It is a dog friendly equipped beach, among the most beautiful on the island, which offers umbrellas, bowls for water, courtesy kit and a shower for animal friends.

In the south of the island, on the Costa Rei, you will find the Tiliguerta Dog Beach in Muravera, in the province of Cagliari, where dogs are free to run without a leash, socialize and bathe. The property offers bowls of water, floating toys for dogs, private showers, toilet bags, daily cleaning and disinfection of the beach, natural food and snacks, the presence of veterinarians, dog sitters and dog educators.

On the beach with your dog: what to bring and how to behave

Now that you know where to find some of the dog friendly beaches in Italy from North to South and you have general information on their services and the possibility of taking a nice refreshing swim in the company of Fido you just have to plan your holiday or simply a day in beach with your dog. Remember that to access it, your dog must be vaccinated and registered in the canine registry. You will therefore need to bring your personal and health booklet with you. Unvaccinated puppies, females in heat and animals with aggressive syndrome are not allowed.

To access some facilities, the dog must be equipped with an antiparasitic collar or equivalent antiparasitic device.

Your dog should never be left unattended or free to roam. On some beaches there is an obligation for owners to have a soft or stiff muzzle with them, not worn, to be applied to the dog in case of risk for the safety of people or animals.

Bathing is allowed only in designated areas and in some structures it may be regulated to avoid the presence in the water and on the shoreline of an excessive number of animals.

To face the holiday without problems always keep in mind some simple tips.

Make sure your dog has had enough water. As we have seen, all equipped beaches offer bowls of fresh water to their customers. Keep your dog out of the sun for too long, especially in the hottest hours of the day. Take advantage of the shaded areas made available by the equipped beaches and refresh the animal by wetting its head. Excessive sun exposure can cause heat stroke in the dog and burns on the skin. Get a protective cream to use on your paw friend’s belly, ears and hairless areas. Dogs with a light, satin coat are the most vulnerable.

A swim in the sea is certainly the most refreshing and fun solution for you and your dog. There are dogs that can’t resist the call of the water and can’t wait to dive and swim in the sea. Do not let Fido swim too far: he may have difficulty returning to shore due to the currents or because he is too tired. A dog life jacket is the ideal solution for the safety of your paw friend in the water. If your dog is swimming near a rocky seabed, be careful of the spikes of the rocks and the presence of sea urchins and barnacles: it could accidentally hit them and injure themselves.

However, there are dogs that don’t have a good relationship with water. If Fido is intimidated by the waves of the sea and does not want to enter the water even in front of his favorite ball, do not force him. You can also have fun on the beach making holes, running and socializing with other dogs. Use your dog friendly beach showers to freshen it up occasionally and to get rid of the sand and salt that could irritate your skin.

Finally, whether you are an experienced swimmer or a lover of peace under an umbrella, reward your faithful friend with croquettes or dog snacks.

In summary, here is everything you need to take with you to the beach or at least keep in the car:

  • Cash
  • your dog’s personal and health records
  • 1-2 bottles of water
  • bowls and dispenser for water and croquettes
  • leash
  • hygienic bags to remove excrements
  • umbrella or beach tent (if you choose a non-equipped free beach)
  • a refreshing mat
  • sunscreen for you and your dog
  • croquettes and snacks
  • water toys for dogs
  • the material needed for a bandage (if your dog should injure himself by hitting the sharp protrusions of the rocks)

Going to the beach with your dog is therefore possible and indeed we recommend it, hoping to find the dog friendly beach near you that best meets your dog’s expectations and needs. Happy holiday!

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