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Dog for beginners: Breeds | Names | Care | Nutrition


Dog for beginners: Breeds | Names | Care | Nutrition

Keeping a dog requires the owner to not only caress and provide food. Most breeds require the ability to build the correct hierarchical relationship with the pet, to teach obedience. Hair combing, long walks in the fresh air and proper care are included in the list of necessary activities for individual representatives of the canine family. For experienced dog breeders, the implementation of these points is not difficult.

For beginners, the abundance of responsibilities is a little disappointing, but worth it. Providing the pet with the necessary care and care, you will receive a faithful and devoted friend for many years. We represent breeds that are undemanding, while madly in love with the owner and remain faithful to the end.


Dogs of this breed are rightly considered one of the most intelligent members of the family. If desired, they can be trained in a variety of teams, tricks. They are obedient, artistic, have a good disposition. Poodles are distinguished by a high level of intelligence, which helps them to understand the owner from a half-word, half-view. These pets feel the slightest change in a person’s mood.

A big plus of their content is the absence of periods of molting. Poodle hair does not cause an allergic reaction in humans. These four-legged friends calmly endure the haircut procedure, and their wool is used in the manufacture of warming belts.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting a slight excitability, susceptibility to loud sounds. Poodles are wary of strangers, selflessly defending their territory and owner.

Golden retriever

The thoroughbred golden retriever have a calm character, they are loyal to strangers, animals. The high level of intellectual abilities combined with devotion and love for the owner makes these animals ideal friends, companions of man. These dogs love active games, get along with children, and are not at all aggressive.

The list of requirements for care include long walks in the fresh air, caring for beautiful golden-colored wool. Communication with golden retrievers brings joy and satisfaction.


Small muscular dogs will be excellent companions to people living in apartments. The beagle loves to walk, swim, and will gladly keep company on the hunt. These dogs do not require space for maintenance, they absolutely do not bark at night. They are very amenable to training, remember more than 20 teams. Short hair does not require special care, it is enough to comb once a week with a brush – a mitt. These dogs will not make a mess in the house, but will calmly wait for the owner to free himself for a walk.


Naughty babies have a number of positive characteristics. They are easily accustomed to go to the toilet on a diaper, they are easy to wash, do not require large amounts of food. Chihuahua tolerate trips well, you can take them on trips. While at home, the dogs do not make noise, they behave calmly. While walking, they are able to bark at other animals, including larger dogs. It is difficult to train, but not naughty. Otherwise, these pets are great optimists, loyal and devoted friends of man.

Irish setter

A graceful large dog insanely loves all members of the family in which he lives. It gets along well with other animals, tolerates pranks of children. It is easy to train, all commands are performed with pleasure. Suitable for young couples, families with children. The Irish Setter is active, good-natured and smart. Will be a great companion in any situation. He acts as a reliable defender of small children, which allows himself to squeeze. As the nuances of care, it is worth noting the need for a weekly combing of silky hair, ensuring a high protein content in the diet.


A fox dog with a good-natured character, charges positively and gives warmth to all family members. Corgi behave calmly on a walk; children and elderly people will cope with them. Short, densely packed wool does not require special care. It is enough to wipe the pet after a walk with a damp cloth. These dogs are enthusiastic about the execution of commands, they playfully teach the necessary teams, which are capable of remembering more than 25. Corgi is loyal to other animals, small children. Among the disadvantages are excessive appetite, which, without control, leads to rapid obesity.


Smart dogs are medium sized. They do an excellent job with the duties of a caretaker, nanny and just a friend. Immensely devoted to the owner, whom he defends until the last breath. Training does not require special skills from a person. Boxers are obedient, endure all children’s pranks. They are social, suitable for living in an apartment. Short hair does not require special care. Shedding occurs twice a year. You should not start a boxer, if most of the time you are absent, they can hardly stand loneliness. These pets have a playful disposition, always active and obedient.

They love to eat, it is necessary to provide them with full three meals a day. Need rigor and affection. With pleasure they give love to man.

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