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Dog breeds: Characteristic and Personality

Dog breeds: How are the Bullmastiff


Dog breeds: Characteristic and Personality

Character and personality of bullmastiff dogs

The bullmastiff is a breed that comes from cross between english mastiff and bulldog which in the past was used to chase and apprehend poachers on farms in England without biting them. It’s a dog very territorial, but with the advantage that is not of those dogs that spend the day barking.

They fall under the classification of giant dog, reaching the male to have a height of up to 65 cm. and despite 50 to 59 kg. and females from 41 to 50 kg. They have the big square head and on the forehead wrinkles form when the dog is attentive.

This considered as a potentially dangerous dog, not because of his temper but because of his weight and size and the size of his jaw. License required, insurance, good training and must wear a regulatory belt and a muzzle on walks away from home. It is important to teach them how to distinguish between friend and enemy from an early age and know how to impose leadership.

Advantages of having bullmastiff:

  • Very calm dog (as an adult) and family. Bullmastiffs have very good temperament and are very affectionate with members of their human family and their friends.
  • Is defender of his territory and very loyal to yours.
  • Having the short hair, does not fill the house with hairs, they do not produce allergy to people allergic to long-haired breeds, and it is not necessary to comb them every day.
  • They are dogs Very intelligent With an amazing memory.
  • Despite its size and its ability to defend, the bullmastiff you don’t need very long walks. Two walks of 20 minutes a day are enough.
  • Imposes As a defending dog.

Disadvantages of having a bullmastiff:

  • It is a dog that in general requires company. He doesn’t like to be alone, he looks for affection and can be a bit heavy (in every way ?)
  • Other animals in the home are not always well tolerated.
  • They are dogs very very strong and quite stubborn – That is why it is necessary to have time and desire to train them. It is not at all advisable to let a bullmastiff develop his own personality without any pattern. You need to see and understand leadership.
  • Young children do not always tolerate and, although they are tolerated once they are known, it is important to always be attentive when families with small children visit us.
  • They snore when they sleep, and they fart that, as you can imagine, they don’t smell like roses ? They drool. And a lot. It is super important to never give them food when we are eating or having dinner because one of the consequences could be a good shower of drool.

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