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Dog Birthday Parties: 10 Ideas For The Best Party

How to prepare a birthday party for dogs


Dog Birthday Parties: 10 Ideas For The Best Party

Dog Birthday Parties: When our birthday comes, we want a party to remember. So why not have a birthday party for dogs when Fido turns 70?

How to prepare a birthday party for dogs (Flickr photo)

Dogs provide us with company, all kinds of cuteness and endless amounts of love – so the least we can do as pet owners is to enhance their importance on their birthday on social media and beyond. Regardless of the occasion or our budget, there are so many creative ways to celebrate the furry wonders that have changed our lives for the better. If we are going to go big with the celebrations (for example: invitation cards and a long list of guests) or if we want to have a small party for just intimate (our dog, a party hat and our camera phone ) only one key ingredient is needed for our dog birthday party: fun!

Dog Birthday Parties: 10 ideas for a birthday party for screaming dogs

dog birthday party
Perfect ideas for a dog birthday party (Flickr photo)

Make it an unforgettable day

Every dog ​​has its glory day – and what better way to start than with donuts or treats? There are now bakeries and pastry shops for dogs everywhere. Whether it’s a party for two (just us and our dog) or something more elaborate, we can buy fantastic desserts for dogs (but we can also prepare them at home, of course).

But even for a great birthday party with many guests (human and otherwise), we can prepare or have many types of desserts prepared for our furry pets, and why not prepare dog and sweets themed invitation cards? There is only our fantasy to unleash.

A photographic set ready for Instagram

cake dogs party decorations
Ready for the photo? (YouTube photo)

Let’s be honest, it’s really all based on the image we share on social media – and of course the love we have for our furry! So why not organize a real photo shoot? We create an extravagant background, or we can buy it to eliminate the stress of the DIY path.

On the market there is a huge amount of photographic backdrops to choose from (or to create, perhaps taking inspiration from the web), and accompanying decorations such as balloons, tissue paper balls, marquees and letter boards which can be added to the set.

For pet owners, this occasion is as important as a human child’s birthday, and it would be a fantastic idea to show on Instagram. And why not even host a photo booth for our four-legged friends? It will certainly be the attraction of the party (in addition to the birthday boy, of course).

We find a “canine” birthday theme

dog birthday party
Best wishes Fido! Let’s celebrate with a fantastic party! (Photo Flickr)

Let’s take an example from professionals who do this type of work: customization is bestespecially when choosing a theme for a dog birthday party.

Many people love to include nice and sweet touches, specifically related to their pet, when they plan a birthday party for dogs or when they prepare games that they know to be loved by their dogs, such as burying a bone, a frisbee or the swimming pool for pets.

It’s also smart to think about what our human guests will like: maybe why not prepare some canine-themed cocktails or snacks, but suitable for us humans, and therefore we could work to incorporate a furry theme. Most importantly, however, are large portions of fun, which can come in the form of activities.

And then we can invent activities involving humans and dogs, as a version for dogs of television talents, where the owners serenade their dogs, or as the game of imitations, where our furry pets must imitate their owners. Dogs feel our happiness, experts say. This type of game offers a good way to fit into their training.

We treat our puppy like a king

cake dogs party decorations
Even our puppy wants to celebrate (Photo Pinterest)

For the puppy that is all royalty and elegance, a canine crown is definitely an obligation. Felt or cardboard crowns are available in many party supply stores, but they can also be created with a little manual skill, in a variety of fun colors. And that his majesty reigns sovereign on his birthday and every day to follow!

It’s a fun birthday theme that can be easily replicated at home. We can search the internet for a model for the crown (or try to do it yourself), some felt, paper, rubber bands, a hot glue gun, and some colors: because in the era of Instagram, details are everything!

The art of the personalized blackboard

This “first day at school” trend has made its way into many photo sets for pelosetti and we couldn’t be happier about it. If we are good at using chalk on a blackboard, then we can prepare a nice birthday message for our dog, or we can ask a professional to prepare a digital file to print and frame, simply. We guarantee that at least one of the guests will ask us how it was made and try to steal it!

We prepare tasty canine cupcakes

cake dogs party decorations
We prepare tasty dog ​​desserts (Flickr photo)

The Internet is overflowing with recipes for puppies (for example cupcakes for dogs), to satisfy the tastes of all dogs. Peanut butter, blueberry, pumpkin and more – if our furry animal loves to celebrate with enthusiasm when eating, this could be the perfect option for our birthday party for dogs.

We prepare a cupcake tray for all friends of our dog in the dog park (we always ask the owners if their dogs can participate!), Or we prepare a special treatment for the only mouth that matters. The gifts that come from our own kitchen have even more love, and are sure to get many likes on social media.

We order a canned party

dog party decorations
Birthday party unleashed! (Photo Flickr)

Parties are fun. But the purchases of party items? Not so much. Too many things to remember, too many products to look for, too many shops to go around. Fortunately, however, there are now ready-made kits with everything you need for a party, in order to eliminate the problem of preparing a party, and give us fun in a simple and handy way.

Inside there are just enough supplies for a party with many friends, obviously depending on the brands and models. An ideal kit could be: eight invitations, eight party hats, four bow ties, four flower necklaces, eight mini bowls, eight cupcake molds, eight snacks boxes, eight leftover bags, eight placemats and a party banner . We prepare cupcakes that are good for pets, fill the snack boxes with delicacies and enjoy a perfect birthday party for dogs.

We create a personalized shirt or bandana

The best part about birthdays? Tell everyone! So why not contact one of the many companies that prepare personalized dog t-shirts with the name of the birthday boy or girl. For dogs that don’t wear clothing, reversible bandanas are a simpler accessory and there are also custom-made embroideries – to prevent someone from forgetting this magical day.

We prepare a cake, or maybe something personalized

dog party decorations
A perfect birthday cake for Fido (Flickr photo)

There are cakes and then there are those perfect cakes. We mean, the kind of cakes that you can’t eat because they’re so cute. Many pastry shops produce ideal sweets to be shown on social networks that are good for pets, maybe with a personalized 3D portrait of them.

If narcissism is not a very present thing in our dog, and we prefer something fresh from the oven, pet cake recipes abound on the internet. We choose the favorite flavor of our dog and complete this creation with delicacies and snacks for dogs.

A ball pool will be a perfect gift

It is one of the most suitable products for an order in the middle of an impulse night, for our dog’s big birthday! Every puppy loves playing with a ball, so why not forty? So let’s create an improvised swimming pool, from an inflatable plastic paddling pool or another large container, and filling it with colored balls suitable for pets (obviously without filling it with water). We launch our puppy’s favorite treats in this mix, for an additional challenge and to have significantly more action in our Instagram stories.

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