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Does your dog suffer from lower urinary tract diseases? It could help!



Does your dog suffer from lower urinary tract diseases? It could help!

Lower urinary tract diseases, such as infections or urolithiasis, are bothersome ailments affecting many dogs. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to recognize them in an animal – the symptoms are not very characteristic and many owners may overlook that their pet has a problem. What to look for and how to help your dog?

Why do dogs get sick?

It is generally believed that older dogs are most at risk of lower urinary tract disease. True, they are at risk, but it is not only the elderly that are sick. Inflammation of the bladder can affect any dog ​​- all it takes is for the bladder to get microorganisms that, when multiplied in the urinary tract, cause bacterial cystitis.

With another disease – urolithiasis – it is often the case that dogs get sick and rarely get rid of themselves or drink too little water. Improper nutrition of a dog can also contribute to the formation of high levels of minerals in his urine.

Symptoms of lower urinary tract disease

Although the symptoms are non-specific, it’s worth knowing what should get our attention. A dog that may suffer from lower urinary tract disease will show various unusual behaviors.

  • urinates extremely often, though in small amounts
  • does not urinate at all
  • is trying to urinate, although it has no effect
  • intensely licks around the urethra
  • it can be seen that urination (or even attempts alone) causes the dog pain
  • you can see blood in your urine
  • the dog has no appetite or suddenly started behaving differently
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What will help in the treatment of lower urinary tract diseases?

If your veterinarian finds that your pet is suffering from cystitis or urolithiasis, he will definitely recommend appropriate treatment. But for both dogs that have already fallen ill as well as prophylactically, it is worth giving dogs an effective dietary supplement. Biourinex canis is such a proven product, supporting the functions of the urinary system. It was created in accordance with the latest trends – based on substances of natural origin that work effectively and at the same time safely. What ingredients have a positive effect on dogs who suffer from lower urinary tract diseases?

Glucosamine hydrochloride

It has been studied that glucosamine (in combination with cranberry extract) has an adjunctive effect in acute cystitis, as well as in dogs who suffer from it chronically or the disease often recurs. Glucosamine hydrochloride also prevents the accumulation of various crystals in the bladder, thereby preventing the development of inflammation.

Cranberry extract

Cranberry is an extremely valuable ingredient. It inhibits the adhesion of microorganisms to the epithelium of the urinary tract, which hinders the development of the disease. To prove this, an experiment was conducted. A group of dogs were given cranberry extract tablets for 3 weeks. The second group of dogs – control – did not receive this supplement. Then urine samples were taken from all dogs and checked which dogs would be susceptible to bacterial infection E. coli. It turned out that dogs that received cranberries were resistant 3 hours after the first dose! But the highest defense activity against cranberry infection was observed after a week of using the extract tablets. In contrast, dogs from the control group were susceptible to infection with microorganisms that cause lower urinary tract diseases.

Parsley extract

Parsley extract has a diuretic effect in animals. This is important because it facilitates getting rid of dangerous crystals from urine.

Effective fight against diseases of the lower urinary tract

Biourinex canis is effective in fighting urinary tract disorders. Because it contains cranberry extract, bacteria have limited ability to colonize in the dog’s urinary tract. Glucosamine soothes inflammation and protects the mucosa. In turn, parsley extract, which has a diuretic effect, helps mechanically clean the urinary tract.

A supplement with this composition is safe for dogs, and also willingly accepted by them. It works effectively not only by supporting the treatment of lower urinary tract diseases, but also prevents diseases from this group.

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