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Does your dog smell bad? We know the reason for the bad smell!

Your dog smells bad


Does your dog smell bad? We know the reason for the bad smell!

The unpleasant smell of a quadruped can be a real problem for dog carers. This is not only a cause of shame when visiting guests. If your dog smells bad, then all your relationship with the pet is likely to suffer! The dog knows perfectly well when you feel resistance to stroking him, closeness or disgust at the thought of letting the dog into bed. Poor pooch smell can also be a symptom of numerous health problems, so you can not underestimate it.

When your dog smells bad …

It can not be hidden that no homemade quadruped smells of violets. Each dog has its own specific doggy smell. However, it should not stink! Putting your nose in the fur of your beloved pet and puffing on his scent should be a fairly pleasant experience for any dog ​​guardian. However, if your dog smells bad, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your dog. Here are the most common reasons why your pet may stink.

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Excessive growth of microorganisms such as yeast is a common cause of odor in dogs. Unpleasant, reminiscent of mildewed bread or old cheese smells most often come from our pet’s ears or paws. It is often accompanied by reddish discoloration of the coat and itching. For minor infections, bathing your dog in antifungal dog cosmetics and ensuring that your pet’s feet and ears are always wiped dry after every walk can help. In more severe cases, a dog dermatologist will be required.

Problems with the perianal glands

Inflammation, infection, or overflow of the perianal glands can result in an ugly, unusually intense odor that resembles a rotting fish. The doggy with such problems usually licks himself intensively under the tail, scratches and rubs his butt against the ground. Good hygiene and care for emptying the perianal glands will help you get rid of this unpleasant problem.

Unpleasant gases

Farting by a dog is another possible reason why your dog smells bad. Every dog ​​sometimes gets gas – it is completely natural. However, a healthy dog ​​does not fart too often, and they themselves do not smell terribly. However, if your pet releases a lot of “hell” gases, it’s a sign that something bad is happening to him. Inadequate diet, food allergy, digestive problems or disorders of the intestinal bacterial flora are some of the ailments that can result in excessive stinking. In this case, it is worth going to the vet with your dog or consulting a problem with a dog dietitian.

Bad smell from the mouth

It’s hard to expect a pooch to smell fresh. However, we should not smell bad smell from a healthy dog ​​- unless we just got to eat a smelly teether. A strong stench from the mouth is something that should immediately alarm us. It can mean not only dental and gum disease, but also more serious ailments such as digestive problems or internal organs!

Inadequate diet

Poor quality food can be the cause of many diseases, including those related to the skin and its smell. An inadequate amount of nutrients needed for the body to function properly may cause weakening of the skin, which will become susceptible to infection. Food allergies can also make your dog smell bad. A proper, high-quality diet and supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids can help solve problems related to your pet’s bad smell.

Your dog smells bad, because … it’s just a dog!

Some quadrupeds love to wallow in various aromatic finds. Dried carrion, moldy cheese or even the excrements of other animals are temptations that many dogs cannot resist. Often, you just need to lose sight of your dog on a walk for a moment to make him come back all happy and … smelly. So if you suddenly feel a bad smell from your dog – don’t panic. Look at your pet carefully and check his fur for any stinking treasure. It is possible that proper scrubbing the dog and watching him on walks will effectively solve your annoying problem.

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