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Does the dog smell bad? Don’t ignore the problem

Does the dog smell bad


Does the dog smell bad? Don’t ignore the problem

When a tooth hurts, we go to the dentist. When we see that we have a stone, the same – we go to a specialist to remove it as soon as possible. What about dogs? They won’t say, “I have a toothache, I need help.” But in their own way they show us that something is wrong. It’s good to know how to read these signals well before it’s too late. So what to do when your dog smells bad?

Diseases of the oral cavity tease four-legged pets no less than us. However, the dog can withstand this pain for some time. So it’s good to check your dog’s teeth regularly, even if nothing seems to happen. It’s best if we teach our dog commands such as “examination” to be able to see his teeth freely. By systematically taking care of our pet’s teeth, we can save him many unpleasant experiences.

Observation is essential

Dogs can cope with mouth pain for a long time. And as they show with their whole being that something hurts them, it can’t do without professional help. The guardian must therefore watch his dog very carefully and catch any, even small changes in his behavior.

If a dog eats less, it does not have to mean that he does not like the food and needs to change his diet. This may mean that something is starting to happen in his mouth. The dog can cope with discomfort when hungry, shifting food from one side of the cavity to the other. Sometimes he can chew longer and even spit food out of the bowl. If it is additionally connected with the fact that he is reluctant to play with teethers, and for this he no longer wants to play with a jerk, it may be a signal for us to check the condition of his teeth and go to a specialist for control. If this dog smells bad, it is almost certain that our four-legged friend can face inflammation in the mouth. This unpleasant smell is caused by a very large number of bacteria.

What about this stone?

If we see that tartar has already accumulated in our pet, we must act. It is worth going to a specialist for any worrying change in the mouth. There are clinics that specialize in animal dentistry. When we go to the appointment, the veterinarian will assess the condition of the dog’s gums and surrounding tissues and decide if you can talk about the disease or not yet. And if so, is the disease already advanced. He will also tell you what the further treatment of the four-legged patient should look like.

Medium tartar does not necessarily mean gingivitis and periodontal disease, but it can certainly promote bacterial plaque accumulation. And it is she that is the key factor that causes diseases in the mouth. Sometimes the veterinarian finds that the stone is small enough that you do not need to take a photo removal, but it is already visible. Then, it is usually recommended to brush your dog’s teeth daily with a brush and special preparations.

Anyway, we can take care of such oral prophylaxis ourselves before we notice anything. There are many preparations on the market that contain antibacterial substances. There are also special teethers that help keep your dog’s teeth in good shape. Unfortunately, when we see that the stone is already large, it is necessary to perform the removal procedure along with the bacterial plaque. This is done using ultrasound. If we don’t do this, the disease can progress. Our pet will feel more and more pain, the gum line will lower and pus will be noticeable. And then it requires more intervention. It is worth trying to prevent such a state when it is necessary not only to sanation the pet’s mouth, but also other, more advanced dental activities.

Prevention is better than cure

Sometimes the guardian will ignore all this and the dog will have a damaged bone that holds his teeth. What could the worst consequences be? I guess you can guess – sometimes there is no other choice but to extract the tooth. That is why it is worth taking care of the good condition of our pets’ teeth – regularly check their mouths, give them good-quality teethers and brush their teeth.

If we take care of the dog’s teeth and – if necessary – quickly remove tartar, our pet will not only have a beautiful smile, but will also enjoy meals without pain. What is more important in having a dog than caring for his health? After all, we want him to be with us as well as possible. We go to the dentist for control, so let’s allow our pet to visit them – only with an animal dentist.

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