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Does the cat love me? 10 behaviors to find out if it expresses love

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Does the cat love me? 10 behaviors to find out if it expresses love

Does the cat love me? 10 behaviors to find out if it expresses love – How can I tell if the cat loves me? Domestic felines are often accused of being not very expansive with feelings, but here are the ways of doing that you need to evaluate and “translate”.

Does the cat love me? (Pixabay photo)

Together with dog, the cat is one of the pets more selected give her people who decide to take a hairy friend in home. Often though i felines I’m object of prejudices about them capacity of show affection to human and the latter are inclined to think, mistakenly, that the cat is an uninterested, cold and opportunistic animal.

How to find out if the cat loves me

happy cat spayed
A happy cat (Pixabay Photo)

Below is a list of common gestures with which the cat expresses his love.

  1. The cat “knead the bread” with his paws: it is not a massage or an attack

If you have seen your Puss adapted to “knead the bread” you must know that this gesture is a legacy of the first days of life. When still a puppy, with this movement, the kitten stimulates the mother’s breast to release the milk. Sometimes it can hurt you because it’s a little energetic, but know that it is communicating love to you.

  1. Micio purrs and squints

Purring is the cat’s most famous gesture of appreciation. This too, like making bread, comes from the first experiences of life. When drinking milk the kitten cannot meow at the same time, therefore with purring it communicates to the mother its well-being and gratitude. He’s doing it with you too.

  1. Micio brings you a gift

Who has had or has a cat knows it; often you come across little gifts (even strange) left on the carpet, in front of the door or on the pillow. It can be lizards, small birds or mice, but a gift is always a gift!

  1. The cat stares at you and sometimes squints

If you have seen Micio staring at you and occasionally squinting, you know that he is giving you a kiss and he is showing you affection.

  1. Your feline pushes its head against yours

It is a way of emphasizing that you belong to him a bit like lions who rub their foreheads and cheeks against each other. Reason? Felines have glands scattered throughout the body and rubbing “mark” their mates with their own smell.

  1. Puss nibbles on you

He doesn’t want to hurt you and hurt you, on the contrary, he is showing you all his love and he wants to play with you. The reason? The cat’s skin is resistant and often the cats can play biting each other, but without injuring themselves. If he nibbles on you, it means he considers you his fellow man.

  1. Puss uncoveres his belly

The cat who discovers his belly is not only asking you for his beloved cuddles but is giving you his trust. The cat has always been a cautious and wait-and-see animal so when he decides to show one of the most vulnerable parts of his body he is telling you that he completely trusts you.

  1. “Read” the movements of the cat’s tail

Learn to code the language of your cat’s tail. When the base is soft and the tip curls slowly it means that Micio is serene and at ease.

  1. The cat rubs on your legs

If he does it in a frenetic and almost maniacal way, know that he is marking his territory; he is “screaming” to the surrounding world that you “are his stuff”.

  1. The cat follows you everywhere

It is a more common behavior among dogs. If your cat follows you, know that it is really love between you, but if it does not, it is very likely that it is simply a “type” with an independent character.

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