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Do you want to buy a dog for your child? You better think it over!

buy a child a dog


Do you want to buy a dog for your child? You better think it over!

A dog can be a great companion of a child – everyone who had a four-legged childhood knows this. A pet can teach a child responsibility, sensitivity and respect for other beings. It is also a good reason to go outside and exercise. Especially at a time when most children prefer to sit in front of the computer instead of going for a walk! However, if you want to buy a dog for a child, then you should seriously think about whether this little man is definitely ready for it.

Do you want to buy a dog for your child? Think it over!

Even if it seems to you that the company of a dog will only benefit your child, you can not make a decision about the dog recklessly. Here are just a few important points that you need to think carefully about if you plan to buy a dog for your child.

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Wait until your child is the right age

Caring for a small child in itself causes many hardships. Adding this pooch, which you still have to teach a lot before becoming a perfect pet, is not always a good idea. A quadruped takes not only a lot of time – it is also huge expenses that cannot be avoided. Waiting for your child to grow up a little and cease to be so entertaining, at least in part, you will avoid the accumulation of daily duties. Also children who are able to understand how to behave properly with an animal are less likely to provoke dangerous situations involving a dog.

Remember that the dog is for life

At least for a whole dog’s life that can last up to 20 years! And even if a child enchanted with a pooch suddenly loses interest in a four-legged friend or grows up and moves out, someone will still have to look after him. So get ready for the possibility that a dog bought for a child may soon become your only duty … And don’t blame your child!

Agree this decision with other household members

The presence of a dog at home changes a lot. So if you want to buy a dog for your child, you should consult this decision with the other people living in the house. Constant conflicts and quarrels between parents will certainly do more harm to the child than unfulfilled dreams of a dog! The quadruped itself will also not feel good in the family in which it will be treated as a “bone of contention”.

buy a child a dog
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Assess if your child is ready for responsibility

Taking care of a dog is not an easy matter. Not every child is old enough to bear this responsibility. And it’s not just about the age of your child! Even some adult people are too carefree and out of order to look after such a demanding animal. If your child seems like a sober, sensitive and obligatory young man, then you may wonder if he can cope with taking care of his own pooch. However, it is always worth waiting an additional year or two or check the child’s abilities, giving him a smaller and slightly easier pet first.

Set the scope of duties

Even before you decide to give your child a dog, you and your family should check if you have time for a pet. Will your daily schedule include time for walking, feeding and training your pet? Who will take him for a walk when you all hurry to school and work in the morning? Also remember that a child tired of other duties, trainings or additional language lessons may simply not have the strength to walk a pooch in the evening.

Choose the right quadruped

A thoughtful selection of a dog breed will avoid at least some potential problems. However, do not be guided only by the size of the pet. Also consider his character, needs, willingness to play and the amount of movement he will need. When choosing a dog, also take into account the nature of your child – in the end it would be a mistake to buy a small athlete a lazy bulldog! If you do not have specific requirements for a future mentee, you can also look for a pet in a nearby shelter or foundation. Many homeless pooches, especially those a little older, are already shaped, and their volunteers will help you in choosing the right pooches.

buy a child a dog
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Do you want to buy a dog for your child? Do not make this decision recklessly!

A child and a dog are a really good combination. Provided that it is well thought out, and the whole family agrees to the quadruped and the division of responsibilities associated with it. It should be remembered that caring for a pet is a difficult matter even for an adult. Therefore, you must not assume in advance that the child will cope with the same … Even if the dog is his biggest dream!

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