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Do Cats Really Recognize Other Cats? What the experts say

cats really recognize other cats


Do Cats Really Recognize Other Cats? What the experts say

You see them playing and fighting with each other, but are you sure that cats really recognize other cats? Let’s find out what the experts say.

cats really recognize other cats
Do Cats Really Recognize Other Cats? What the experts say (Pixabay photo)

THE cats how other animals see the world differently from the human being. THE cats they use different methods than the dog, even to recognize everything around them, including other cats.

Let’s see if i felines really recognize other cats compared to other animals or if for these beloved pets everything the world is feline.

Do Cats Really Recognize Other Cats?

Do Cats Really Recognize Other Cats? (photo Pixabay)

To understand if i cats are able to recognize other cats and if they make the difference between them and man we could observe their behavior.

Unlike dogs that make people understand a lot with their actions, cats hardly make it understood through their behaviors if they understand that they are interacting with the human being or with another cat.

This does not mean that he is unable to distinguish them, but only that it is difficult to perceive through his actions if the feline understands the differences between humans and other cats and decides not to change their behavior, or if they really don’t recognize the difference.

Cats’ senses are known to influence their lives a lot. Unlike the human being who recognizes when he is faced with another man, a dog or a cat, the feline does not use the eyes to identify the other specimens, but rather the nose. It must be said that in spite of this, however, the smells that are in an environment greatly influence the perceptions of the cats.

In fact, for example, the cat he recognizes his puppies by their smell which is unique at birth and takes care of them. But when the babies are weaned or adopted, the mother may no longer recognize them. This is because when a kitten it changes its environment, even its smell changes and is no longer identifiable, not even from one’s mother.

But even if the cat does not recognize her kitten, do you understand by its smell that it is a cat? There are no answers on this topic yet.

Some scientists believe that felines can, even when they are young, learn to recognize a family odor and that they could perceive their “relatives” even if they have never seen each other before.

Although cats seem to possess this ability, however their behavior is not so different as to make us understand if can recognize other felines or not.

Cats could recognize mom’s voice

cat and kittens
Cats could recognize mom’s voice (Pixabay photo)

While, it seems that i cats they can lose any recognition of their peers’ perfumes, they may not lose the memory of their voice, at least not immediately.

In fact, the experts reproduced the recording of the mother of a kitten and a set of other cats with the loudspeaker and declared that the cats they seemed to listen more intensely when they heard their mother’s voice and approached the speaker for a very long time.

This shows that felines recognize their mom’s voice. Outside of this research there are no others that can help us understand if the cat really recognizes the other cats and we won’t know if there will be more.

I infuse felines they are so mysterious and stubborn that they will never let the human being enter their heads to understand them. But we can say that one of the reasons we love cats so much is their stubbornness and independence!\

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