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Do cats live longer than dogs?

Do cats live longer than dogs? - My animals

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Do cats live longer than dogs?

Dogs and cats are the most typical pets in our homes. There are people who love cats, other dogs and others live with both animals. Among them there are many differences and similarities. For example, have you ever wondered how old each species lives? Do cats live longer than dogs?

How long does a cat live?

A common domestic cat, healthy and receiving all the care it needs, lives an average of 12 to 15 years. Stray cats usually live less years than those living in captivity. Of course, this number depends on many factors and not all breeds of cats have the same life expectancy, and there are differences between them.

As with dogs, artificial selection has made certain races have a genetic predisposition to diseases, which means that a cat is more likely to get a certain disease if it is of a particular breed compared to others because it is associated with its genes.

For example, the Persian cat has a predisposition to suffer chronic rhinitis and eye problems due to the conformation of its face; It also has a greater tendency to polycystic kidney disease. However, it is a cat, usually long-lived, that can reach 17 or 18 years.

On the other hand, other factors directly influence how long a cat will live:

  • Genetics. If the cat’s parents suffered any disease, this may affect their life expectancy.
  • Size. In general, as in dogs, small cats live longer than large cats.
  • Sex.
  • Feeding.
  • Physical activity. Obesity predisposes to multiple diseases such as diabetes.
  • Stress. Stress has many harmful effects and affects the individual’s immune system, which is the main barrier that the body has against infections.

What a cat needs to live for many years

What your cat lives, in part, will depend on the care it receives. A feline, to be healthy and happy, needs:

  • Good nutrition. Invest in quality food is to invest directly in animal health and save visits to the vet. In addition, low-end feed such as those sold in supermarkets can cause, in the long run, oral, digestive, kidney problems and a worse aspect of the fur.
  • Regular visits to the veterinarian to check the cat’s health and as a measure of early detection of diseases. In the kittens the first vaccines are very important to prevent serious diseases such as panleukopenia or feline leukemia. For senior cats, blood tests are advised at least once a year.
  • Environmental enrichment. Enrichment is very important for captive animals, a great way to reduce stress levels, very harmful in the cat’s life. With scrapers, toys, windows, places to climb and hiding places we managed to enrich the feline’s habitat.
  • Attention. Although independent cats are crossed out, they need to be treated by their owner through games and caresses when they are receptive. Good living with other animals can also increase your well-being, but it is a process that must be done little by little.

Do cats live longer than dogs?

The average life expectancy in cats is higher than in dogs, but it is a general figure. As you know, the number of years an animal lives depends on many other factors and the genetics of each individual is the most important factor.

There are unique cases of felines that leave the average reaching more than 25 years of life. An example of them was Creme Puff, the oldest cat in the world to date, who turned 38 in 2005, or Nutmeg, He turned 32.

Many pet owners often doubt their longevity and wonder: how old will my cat live? There are some factors that can influence. Read more “

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