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Distemper in Dogs – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Distemper in Dogs - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Animal care

Distemper in Dogs – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Distemper in dogs – Plague in dogs is a dangerous and contagious viral disease that affects the lungs and in some cases the brain or spinal cord. Today, the probability of dying from this disease is extremely high, and the puppy has absolutely no chance of survival if it has already been infected. In an adult dog, it is 50%.

Therefore, the owners should be very careful about their pet, in order to timely perform the necessary actions for the prevention of the disease or its treatment.

distemper in dog

Dog distemper is an extremely contagious disease, an animal can get sick just by walking on the grass, where the carrier passed before it.

Features of dog distemper

Dog plague is a virus, in most cases it is transmitted by airborne droplets, however, there is a risk of infection through food and water. In the body of a suffering animal, this virus is located in the blood of the abdominal region, as well as in the spleen. An infection can enter the environment along with excrement or excrement of exfoliated skin.

The dog has the risk of being infected through sexual contact with a sick individual and through the water they will drink from the same container. Also, the virus can be transferred to shoes and clothing. Many believe that insects are also carriers of distemper. Dog distemper can develop at any time of the year, but most often takes place in the period of autumn and spring.

This disease can affect all breeds of carnivorous dogs at any age. However, there is evidence that juveniles are more susceptible to plague. Up to two months puppies have the natural protection that they get with mother’s milk. If the mother was sick with plague, then she was vaccinated on time, then the puppy will have a very high degree of protection.

Symptoms of dog distemper

The duration of the incubation period in an animal that is sick is 3-4 weeks. Moreover, during this period it is almost impossible to determine whether dogs have a distemper or not. The disease can occur in the following forms:

  • very sharp;
  • acute;
  • typical;
  • chronic;
  • lightning fast

The signs of disease in dogs are as follows:

  • an increase in the body temperature of the animal by 2-3 degrees, however, it is important to note that this symptom does not work in puppies under the age of 6 months;
  • with a very acute form, a very strong increase in body temperature is characteristic;
  • The acute form of the distemper lasts 3-4 weeks. Here you can notice a strong fever, and an increase in temperature, which in a few days can fall;
  • the dog may be depressed;
  • reflexes fade out;
  • the animal can hide in a quiet place, avoid the owners, not respond to calls and commands;
  • appetite drops sharply, vomiting is possible.

Very often, the plague of dogs affects the respiratory tract. In this case, the following symptoms are noticeable:

  • discharge of pus from the nose or eyes – pus overlaps the nasal passages, there may be difficulty in feeding and sniffing;
  • cough, diarrhea;
  • body temperature rises.

Often there is also a nervous distemper in dogs. Its first manifestations are as follows:

  • increases the body temperature of the dog;
  • appetite remains at a normal level;
  • the animal becomes very angry and aggressive, often irritated;
  • the dog has muscle;
  • often the effects of distemper in dogs include lameness and paralysis of the limbs, there is a possibility of paralyzed muscles of the heart and respiratory system, which can be fatal;
  • epileptic seizures are possible, which also lead to death.

Symptoms of this type of distemper can last for about several months, often the dog remains very weakened until the end of his days. The nervous form, as a rule, develops only by the end of the disease, and it happens that the primary symptoms appear after the imaginary recovery of the animal.

Treatment of Dog Distemper

Today there is not a single medicine that could cure an animal of distemper. The essence of the treatment is to do everything to maintain the overall tone of the body. The disease is terrible and dangerous, so the dog should be treated only under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

The dog’s plague is an extremely dangerous disease. At the first suspicion of distemper, immediately contact the veterinarian for help!

If the dog is sick, it is widely used drugs that can reduce muscle tone and lower intracranial pressure. Depending on the damaged organ, additional treatment may be prescribed.

For a sick dog, its diet is very important. Be sure to include the following products:

  • minced meat or minced meat;
  • raw eggs twice a week;
  • milk products.

The diet must be followed after the animal has recovered. The use of motherwort broth is shown, as it helps to slow the course of the disease and prevent its aggravation.

Prevention of Dog distemper

The main method of prevention is vaccination. High-quality foreign vaccine is the best way to vaccinate, and after two weeks you can apply the domestic one. Puppies should be vaccinated at the age of 2-3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and after once a year. Before vaccination, the pups’ body temperature should be measured and dewormed.

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