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Dangerous objects for Gerbil + Essential Accessories For Survival

Dangerous objects for Gerbil + Essential Accessories – Very nice rodent, your gerbil has many assets to make. She is sensitive, endearing, sociable and quite lively. She also likes to have spaces to be entertained throughout the day. So, she can eventually get out of her cage and enjoy the floor of your house. In this case, you will probably need to take some precautions to avoid endangering your pet’s life. Here are our explanations and advice.

In the same way as some foods, some objects are considered dangerous for your gerbil. Some may even be ” toxic ” if ingested. So, if you plan to let out this small ball of hair in your home, you will have to anticipate and pay attention to what you leave lying around.

Dangerous objects inside his cage

Forget any bulky object, which could be a danger in case it falls on your gerbil. It could crush him and kill him. Do not place too many objects in height. This could increase the risk of falling, and therefore more or less serious injuries. Finally, avoid sharp objects .

In his cage, your gerbil will walk on a litter. The latter must be adapted . As with all rodents, you will soon forget to install a litter made of wood chips . It turns out to be harmful. Same, do not choose newsprint. On the other hand, you must opt ​​for plant litter , flax , corn or hemp , or even a bedding of cellulose or cotton . Although it can be particularly hot in the summer.

As an object, we can evoke not without difficulty accessories such as bowls for the water of your gerbil. Bowl to avoid since it can quickly overturn and make water consumption unsuitable . You would rather opt for a bottle .

Dangerous objects outside his cage

Once outside, your gerbil could run many dangers. Thus, it will have to evolve in a clean, cleaned and disinfected environment . Small rodent, it remains fragile and likely to develop several pathologies .

You will also be careful to hide the electrical wires that litter the walls and sometimes your floors. Curious by nature, your gerbil will not be praying to nibble one or two sons lying around. Beware of electrocution, which is watching.

In parallel, make sure that it can not reach a garbage bag , a plastic bag or any other “hollow” container. This is also the case of vases, drawers . She might not get by on her own, and in some cases risk ending up in the trash.

If your gerbil has the freedom to wander in a room in your house, she must not be able to go anywhere . Parts are too dangerous for her. Thus, you will make sure to close the door and you will try to close them well. The same goes for the windows , which will have to close well. This is as valuable for preventing it from escaping as to reduce the risk of drafts that could make your rodent sick.

If the room where your gerbil can play has a radiator , it should not be too hot in the winter. Upon contact, your pet may burn badly.

In parallel, avoid connecting your gerbil in freedom and another pet , like a dog or a cat. This could sometimes end badly. Better to take no chances.

Finally, you will be particularly careful that your pet does not come into contact with chemicals , that it does not go into a sink or that it does not play in your sofa bed . If the mechanism were to close it, it would be crushed.

These poisonous plants For your Gerbil

poisonous plants for your gerbil

These are not objects, strictly speaking, but plants can be as dangerous as an electric wire. Ingestion of those listed below may lead your gerbil to death. Thus, you must avoid contact with: azalea, anthurium, aloe, buttercup, colchicum, dieffenbachia, fern, hyacinth, ivy, cassava, lily of the valley, narcissus, primrose, sage, violet.

In summary

Putting your gerbil in your home is a great way to fill it with joy. However, many precautions must be taken to reduce the risk of injury or death. Indeed, each object can represent a danger for this very small rodent. From electric cables to plants, to furniture, vases, garbage bags or even chemicals. You must also be careful that she can not escape from the room where she will be free. Unless you do not want to find her again one day …

Essential accessories for a gerbil’s cage

accessories for a gerbils cage

Your Gerbil arrives at your home. To feel good and confident, she will have several accessories previously purchased. This is the only condition to have a rodent happy to choose your home. This will reduce his anxiety state and contribute to his well-being. We advise you on the accessories to buy.

Apart from her manipulation, which she likes, your Gerbil must be able to entertain, rest, eat and groom herself. These repeated daily actions will be a sign of her well-being and, above all, of the fact that she has everything to do with it. Thus, it is advisable to buy him several accessories essential to his domestic life, alone or to several. As a reminder, your Gerbil, alone, will soon be bored. It is a gregarious animal that appreciates the presence of congeners.

Essential accessories for its food

No hay, as for Octodons or Guinea Pigs. Your Gerbil feeds almost exclusively on pellets, which meet all your dietary needs. Thus, its cage must have a bowl of earthenware or metal , so that it does not tip easily. It will be the perfect place to distil the pellets dear to your rodent.

The latter will also have to hydrate. Therefore, it is necessary to attach a bottle of water to the bars of his cage. At a good height, the bottle is an important part of his place of life. One should avoid preferring a bowl of water , which tends to spill too easily. Water can become unsuitable and no longer be good for consumption. However, before buying a baby bottle , make sure your Gerbil can drink well. This requires a technique that not all have.

In any case, the accessories useful for its food should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a week.

The essential accessories of its rest area

The habitat of your Gerbil is indispensable for its development and rest . The habitat is not its cage, but rather a place, inside, where it can take refuge and feel safe . This habitat can take different forms, such as a wooden cabin or a simple pipe.

However, the Gerbil often builds its own nest . You only have to put him in some available materials such as coconut wood or dg toilet paper and tissues . His ingenuity will surely surprise you. She will use whatever you give her (avoid plastic, PVC or toxic materials if she ingests them) to build her rest area. As a diurnal animal , the Gerbil will spend most of his days there.

The essential accessories of its hygiene corner

The Gerbil is a rodent very clean , with impeccable hygiene . You do not have to worry about it, since she herself cleans herself daily. For this, you must simply install him, and change him regularly , his bathing earth . The latter is arranged in a bath tub also adapted to the size and morphology of your rodent. In this land, your Gerbil will roll there daily to remove excess sebum and prevent parasites from clinging to it. This “sand” will allow him to polish his hair , to make it brighter andsilky . You will have to change this bathing earth daily .

In addition, your Gerbil must have a litter under his feet (avoid the chips of softwood) to fulfill his needs whenever he wants.

Accessories for playing and entertaining

Your Gerbil needs games to be entertained and cared for . It can thus spend in a wheel to hamster . There are several models and especially formats. It should not be too big to prevent your rodent from running out. In any case, it must be full . Because, a wheel with bars would take risks inconsiderate to his tail , which could be literally cut off .

Outside the wheel, your Gerbil will be fond of a hammock, like at the Octodon. The latter will serve him as a rest area. She will bask and spend a few moments in her day.

In addition, your pet loves rolls of toilet paper . If the leaves allow him to build his nest, the roll is an element that can be used as a tunnel for example.


Your Gerbil requires fewer accessories than other rodents, including rack point. On the other hand, she will appreciate your little attentions to make her life better and to occupy her daily. For that, you will have to think about:

  • A bowl of food for granules, terracotta.
  • A bottle of water attached to his bars.
  • A rest area with enough to build a nest.
  • Tunnels.
  • Rolls of toilet paper.
  • A bathing earth and a bathtub.
  • A wheel
  • A hammock



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