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List Reasons and What to do – Dangerous Foods for Cats

List Reasons and What to do - Dangerous Foods for Cats

Animal care

List Reasons and What to do – Dangerous Foods for Cats

Take a look at some of the most dangerous foods for cats – Cats and cats are big lovers of stealing something tasty from the owner’s table, but sometimes the owners themselves would not mind treating the furry pet with a piece of sausage or other food at dinner. From the outside, it looks touching when a mustachioed pet gobbles up fish or meat from his hands, but few people know how all this can turn out.

Dangerous foods for cats

The digestive system of cats is very different from the human one, so common human foods can cause irreparable harm to pets! The diet of cats and cats should be controlled, and it is not so difficult to do this if you know which foods to exclude from this diet.

Raisins and Grapes

Such a product familiar to humans as grapes, as well as its dried analogue of raisins, can greatly harm a pet. Just a couple of berries or a handful of raisins can lead to acute kidney failure!

Raisins and Grapes - what can cats eat

Very often, cats steal berries from the table and begin to roll them on the floor, play and hunt them. This is safe until the grapes are in the animal’s mouth, and this can happen quite suddenly during the game. The first symptoms of poisoning:

  • vomiting
  • refusal of food;
  • intense thirst.

To exclude the possibility of poisoning with grapes and raisins, you should not allow the cat to play with berries, as well as feed him products that contain these ingredients.

Onion and garlic

Onions and garlic in their composition contain sulfoxides and disulfides, that is, those substances that adversely affect red blood cells in the blood cells of cats. Eating these foods can lead to acute anemia, which can be fatal.

Onion and garlic - can cats eat this

Typically, cats show little interest in fresh onion and garlic heads but keep in mind that cooked foods may contain these ingredients. For example meatballs, sausages, canned food, and even baby food. All these products should be removed from the diet of cats and cats.

Raw meat, fish and eggs

Products that have not undergone heat treatment can become a real threat to the health of not only humans but also cats because no one is safe from parasites and bacteria. Salmonella is sometimes found in a raw egg, and eating raw meat can lead to toxoplasmosis. This disease is very actively transmitted from pets to people.

Raw meat, fish and eggs - is it good for cats to eat raw meat

It is important to consider that bacteria do not disappear if the product is frozen or poured with boiling water. It is imperative to carry out heat treatment: boil, fry or bake. Only in this case, all bacteria will die, and the food will be ready to eat and safe.

Sugar and Sweet Food

Cats cannot be called big sweet tooth, because nature has not endowed them with receptors that would distinguish the sweet taste of food, but many owners continue to indulge their pets with ice cream, chocolate, and other sweets.

Excess sugar in food can lead to the development of liver and kidney failure, diabetes and urolithiasis. Usually, the desire to try some sweet food in cats appears out of curiosity, so the owners should always be on their guard and make sure that the animal does not pull something too sweet off the table.

Sugar and Sweet Food - are these foods dangerous for animals

Another dangerous sweet product is chocolate, which is dangerous for both cats and dogs. The main reason is the high content of theobromine in chocolate, a component that heavily loads the heart and blood vessels. In addition, theobromine causes high blood pressure and can even be fatal. Therefore, chocolate, as well as all products from it, must be excluded from the diet of the pet.


The harmful effects of alcohol on humans have been proven for a long time, but for cats, this effect is amplified many times because of their weight and small size. Even the smallest dose of alcohol will be poison for the animal, as well as the cause of severe poisoning and various consequences.

should cats drink Alcohol

Some people still believe that some diseases of animals can be cured with alcohol, but this approach may deprive any chance of a pet recovering.


Each loving owner can not resist the charming eyes of a cat, and be sure to treat her with something tasty from the table. However, it is better to pamper your pet with those products that will only benefit his body, and dangerous delicacies should be excluded from the diet forever. If you treat furry pets with love and care, then they will answer the same!

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