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Curiosities about the horse of Finland (Finnhorse)

Curiosities about the horse of Finland (Finnhorse) - My animals


Curiosities about the horse of Finland (Finnhorse)

The horse of Finland is the only breed of horses native to their country. In fact, It is so entrenched that it is part of its national identity. Currently, there are about 20,000 horses of this breed.

From the beginning, the Finns felt that the breed could meet all the horse needs of the country. In addition, this horse was a companion of wars, but also It was a great help in all the tasks involved in farm work.

In 1924, the young was divided into two branches. The division made it possible, on the one hand, to maintain heavy animals and, on the other, lighter animals, suitable for riding and jogging.

By 1950, their numbers decreased due to the lower use of animals to work the land and the lower demand for trotting horses.

In 1971, according to the size and type of task, four types were recognized. These were horses for races, for riding, for work and small horses or type of pony.

Currently, Finland’s horse has a key role in the spirit in equestrian sports. On the other hand, it is a hobby horse suitable for children, youth and adults.

The horse of Finland is a very dear and valued animal

The horse of Finland is an animal very appreciated in various areas. He has a reliable and obedient temperament. Always well disposed and energetic. Therefore, a well educated copy has a lot of value.

As it has a calm temperament and is an animal of constant movements, it is usually recommended to young riders. Although it is also highly recommended for experienced adult riders.

In short, it is one of the favorite races in riding schools and tourist stables throughout Finland. Commonly, they are used for horse tourism, either for recreation or for touring trails.

Although race events are the spectators’ favorites for their beauty, these animals have earned the title of the horses of fastest blood cold in the world.

The horse of Finland is a highly recommended animal for:

The work horse variety

This breed is highly sought for use as a work horse thanks to its good temperament. Their strength and endurance favors them for the task of draft horses. It is common, that at present the most common work is surveillance of parks and natural sanctuaries.

Like the variety of equestrian sport, at present, the workhorse has a place in equestrian tourism.

Remember that in the past, the horse from Finland was an irreplaceable aid for farm work. In fact, in the 50s, before the field work was mechanized, the number of horses became the highest in history in Finland.

Finland's horse is lovely.

The pony type Finland horse

The pony-sized Finland horse is lovely to look at. It does not measure more than 148 cm. However, it is necessary to clarify that it is still a real horse of Finland, not a pony.

This variety is very suitable for use in races, as a riding horse and as a work horse. Definitely, Its calm character makes it popular as hobby horses for the whole family.

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