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Complementary food for a cat – what is it?

Complementary food for a cat - what is it? -


Complementary food for a cat – what is it?

As the owner of a purring housekeeper, your job is to make sure your cat receives a healthy diet with all the nutrients he needs for a long, active pet life. This means getting to know the product you want to feed it. But even a very knowledgeable catwoman knows that this is not an easy task. That is why this text was created.

Complementary feed

There are many producers on the market who openly boast that we will only find meat in their foods. However, this is the so-called complementary food, which we find in the form of e.g. high-quality fillet food – it lacks one or more essential nutrients, such as taurine or calcium. This type of food must be given along with other products to make sure your cat receives everything it needs to stay healthy and have a healthy body. Some fillet brands, such as Schesir reminds you of the guidelines for combining wet and dry food to ensure a balanced diet. These guidelines, if the topic of cat diets is not completely clear to us, it is best to consult a veterinarian. You may find that some of the necessary dietary ingredients will need to be supplied separately.

Even if the introduction of complementary food to your pet’s diet can be difficult to calculate at the beginning, it’s a great way to offer your cat more variety in your bowl – we can go crazy with different flavors, textures, textures.

Additional food is also an amazing pleasure for a cat – just as we can occasionally enjoy a portion of French fries or a piece of fillet in a restaurant, but we still need to make sure that we balance it with other types of food, i.e. a portion of vegetables or vitamins in tablets 

So how do you know what kind of food I give?

You can check if your cat’s food is complete or complementary by reading the packaging or simply reading the product descriptions on the manufacturer’s website. If in doubt, ask the seller. Your pet’s health is in the first place.

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