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Causes of lethargy in dogs – My animals

Causes of lethargy in dogs - My animals


Causes of lethargy in dogs – My animals

Lethargy in dogs is a very common symptom, given the large number of factors that can cause it. Observing its frequency, the presence of possible associated ailments or if there has been a drastic change in the environment may help to understand the origin of the discomfort.

Lethargy is a state of numbness or deep tiredness, motivated by pathologies, seasonal changes or other alterations of the environment. This apathetic behavior can also respond to the animal’s own laziness, a situation that should not last beyond a few days.

However, when the sleepiness of the dog affects your daily outings, your appetite and your degree of joy, you should go to the professional.

Main causes of lethargy in dogs

Among the most common pathological causes include:

  • Infections, including parvovirus, distemper, kennel cough and leptospirosis.
  • Metabolic disorders, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and hypoglycemia.
  • Anemia
  • The presence of intestinal parasites.
  • Poisoning by intake of toxic substances or in poor condition.
  • The pain due to injury or illness.

To determine if the lethargy comes from an underlying disease, a series of symptoms must be observed such as vomiting, groans, diarrhea, etc. Informing the veterinarian of any unusual events will help the overall assessment of the dog.

Other possible reasons that can cause lethargy in dogs are traumatic experiences, such as an owner’s illness or changes of address. Stress, fear or worry can encourage apathetic attitudes in the animal, so that he renounces habitual pleasures such as outings or food.

In addition, this state of sleepiness may occur. due to the adverse reaction of a drug or antiparasitic treatment. The latter, especially those of topical format, usually have formulations with very aggressive odors that can promote stunning. Therefore, it is appropriate to take into account the size of the can and administer the appropriate dose at the stipulated frequency.

How to address the lack of activity

Once the cause of fatigue is diagnosed, the veterinarian will send the medication or the relevant protocol. In cases of stress, if the animal fails to adapt to the new situation, it may be necessary to go to a coach or ethologist capable of redirecting depressive behavior.

Dog trainer

Until the pet returns to its usual mood, with proper exercise and dynamism, its feeding must be monitored to avoid excess weight. Even so, periods of lethargy in dogs are usually accompanied by lack of appetite, so that overweight should not be the main concern.

In order to determine the real existence of lethargy, it is convenient to be aware of the recommended rest need. An average of 10 hours of sleep a day is normal. All this means that the probability of finding the sleeping dog is approximately 50%. In this context it is important to check if the night rest is adequate.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the age of the pet. Puppies, like spending more time eating, should also sleep more. Thus, if during the first months they reach 15 or 20 hours of sleep, there is no reason to worry. In the same way, dogs, as they age, have more ailments due to the body’s own wear, the demand for greater rest being completely normal.

Lethargy in dogs, as in people, is a natural response of the body to situations of stress or change. However, when it extends beyond normal, a review will have to be done to help recover the mood and activity of the animal

Tremors in dogs can be due to multiple factors, whether pathological or in response to an external stimulus. Read more “

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