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Cats – Behavior, nutrition, care, game, sleep

Cats - Behavior, nutrition, care, game, sleep


Cats – Behavior, nutrition, care, game, sleep

All cats and cats, like humans, are unique. Each animal has its own character, habits and passions, but there are several things that not a single purr will refuse.

Long sleep

Cats sleep up to 20 hours a day, they need such a long sleep in order to gain strength for hunting. Of course, pets no longer need to hunt, and prey does not run around the apartment, but ancient instincts still make themselves felt.

Cats love to sleep curled up or stretched out to their full length so that no one bothers them. If there are small children in the house who are constantly disturbed by a murky dream, then the animal can become nervous, aggressive and can even become ill. Sometimes it seems that the pet is sleeping even while sitting, but in fact he is only a bit snoozing and alert.


Another manifestation of the hunting instinct is the constant observation of everything around. Other pets, owners, birds on horseback – absolutely everything causes interest in cats. That is why they often sit on the windowsill and observe the changes around, and notice even those that the human eye can not catch.

And if a pet climbs to a height for observation (for example, on a cupboard), it means that he inspects his territory and feels like a master. Do not bother him, it’s better to build several convenient shelves at a height so that the owner feels like a “king”.


Absolutely all cats and cats love to play, regardless of breed and character. Some owners believe that their pet is too lazy, arrogant or proud and therefore does not like to play, but this is a mistake. Cats, like hunters, are ready to run after any attractive object, for example, a candy wrapper. Such games help animals:

  • develop muscle, musculoskeletal, respiratory systems;
  • spend extra energy;
  • improve health;
  • increase muscle mass;
  • have fun.

The games have a lot of advantages. Veterinarians say that if the cat does not play at all and ignores all the toys, then it means either she is sick or too old and unable to run.

Sharpen claws

Many owners lament, swear, upset, or scream when their pets begin to sharpen their claws on wallpaper or furniture. But before getting angry, you need to figure out why cats do this. There are two main reasons:

  1. Claws are grinding off. The sharp claws of the purr constantly grow and prevent them from walking on smooth surfaces, often cling to carpets, and to prevent this, the pets grind them.
  2. Mark the territory. On the cat’s legs are glands that secrete a special secret that cats mark their territory with.

If the pet constantly sharpen its claws on furniture, then you need to buy a special scratching post or do it yourself. It will not be superfluous to trim the claws twice a week with special scissors. It is very important not to touch the phalanx during circumcision.

Bask in the sun

The temperature of a cat’s body is slightly higher than that of a human, normally it should stay at 39 degrees, so cats are sometimes forced to independently regulate the temperature. For this reason, they crawl under the blankets to the owners and get warm, sleep near the batteries, on household appliances that are warming.

But most of all, cats love to wallow in the sun. One would think that they make up for the lack of vitamin D in the body, but in fact, purrs simply achieve the desired body temperature.

Begging for sweets and eating them

Cat food is everyday food for pets, but there are products for which they are willing to sell their souls. Usually this is what their owner eats and each purr has different preferences. Someone loves yogurt, someone – melon, and there are those who serve fresh cucumbers.

Absolutely every cat will ask the owner for a yummy if he learns aroma. Particularly arrogant comrades can demand meow and touch with their paw, the proud will look at the beggars, but not a single pet will remain indifferent. And having got a yummy, they will eat it with great pleasure and go to lick with satisfaction.

Receive affection and love

Even the most independent cats sometimes want to be stroked and caressed sometimes. Feeling the need for communication with the owner, they themselves come and require attention, and when they get tired of stroking, they just leave. Many cats can not stand when they caressed by force at a time when they do not need it at all, so you should not impose your love on your pet.

They, like people, are in a good and bad mood, sometimes they are disposed to communicate, and sometimes they want to be alone. Each loving owner should know how to please his pet, then the relationship with the pets will turn out good. Satisfied cats and cats bring owners only joy and laughter, and never mischief at evil.

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