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Cats are afraid of cucumbers: Funny Photos| Reasons | Refutation


Cats are afraid of cucumbers: Funny Photos| Reasons | Refutation

The Internet space is full of videos about the inappropriate reaction of cats to the appearance of cucumbers nearby. Thousands of views of such videos are due to laughter, which causes strange behavior of furry predators. What caused this reaction, let’s try to figure it out together.

Very first video

The cat’s accidentally detected reaction to the appearance of a cucumber forced a man to post a funny video on the Internet. The bottom line was that an unsuspecting animal was quietly placed behind a regular long cucumber while eating. Turning and tripping over a cucumber, the cat jumped in fear to a safe distance from a strange object.

After watching a funny video, which gathered a huge number of views, users rushed to check their pets for a panicky fear of a summer green vegetable.

Reason for inappropriate behavior

Social network users are wondering what kind of danger a cat presents to a normal cucumber. For a response, many pet owners turned to veterinarians, fellinologists. According to experts studying the behavioral characteristics of animals, cats react equally to all long objects that suddenly appeared in close proximity.

The reason for this is the start-reflex, which is inherent in all animals. This reflex is part of a set of protective functions that are the basis of the instinct of self-preservation. In the minds of animals, especially cats, a long static object is associated with the appearance of a poisonous snake, a spider, and another small dangerous predator. To escape from a snake attack, you need an instant reaction. It is this reflex that makes cats jump from the suddenly appeared long cucumber.

The specialist focuses on the fact that the owners enclose an object of fear at the time of ingestion of food by animals. In the subconscious of cats, the area where they eat is considered to be the safest. For this reason, the appearance of a cucumber at the time of eating causes fear and horror in the animal. Additionally, the effect of surprise works on the manifestation of panic.

A similar reaction will cause an unexpected appearance near the animal of similar objects, products – zucchini, bananas, eggplant. Bananas cause a similar cat reaction, not only because of their resemblance to a snake. The banana peel contains a substance that is toxic to the smell of cats.

The danger of such experiments

Most Internet users, after watching a comic video, are in a hurry to check their pet’s reaction. Experts do not recommend testing cats for the strength of the nervous system. Such games on a regular basis can provoke a nervous breakdown in the animal. Experiments of this kind provoke the development of serious psychological problems in animals. In a state of fear, the animal is able to break, break objects that are nearby. Shards of broken objects can cause serious injury to the cat. Therefore, do not rush to test your pet at the level of its start-reflex, this can lead to damage to your property, damage to the health of the cat.

Compatibility of cats with cucumbers

After the material provided, it is clear that it is not worth checking the nerves of a pet by unexpectedly laying up long static objects, spider models, and toy snakes. Your actions like this will cause an unusual pet reaction. At the same time, if the cucumbers, zucchini are chopped and served to the animal as food, then he will enjoy this dish with pleasure.

Cucumbers, zucchini in the form of slices on a saucer do not cause fear in cats.

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