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Silliest Reasons Why Cat Love Boxes (Square and Big) – Photos

Silliest Reasons Why Cat Love Boxes (Square and Big) - Photos

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Silliest Reasons Why Cat Love Boxes (Square and Big) – Photos

Cats and boxes: photos, reasons, history, safety – Every owner of a cat or cat knows that if you leave the box unattended, then the pet will immediately be inside. And it doesn’t matter what this box is or what size it is, fluffy creatures can fit even in the smallest pieces! Why does it happen that for people, boxes are extra garbage, and for animals is an attractive place?

Cats and boxes photos, reasons, history, safety

This question is being considered not only by pet owners, but also by veterinarians and biologists. According to the basic theory, cats, as representatives of predators, have the instinct of a hunter, and therefore need shelter. Such a shelter, most often, is the box that the owner left in a prominent place. However, this explanation is not the only one; there are other theories that biologists and veterinarians still ponder over.

Safest place

a box is what cats consider to be one of the Safest place

Cats are mysterious creatures; it’s not for nothing that these animals have long been composed of all kinds of tales, epics and beliefs. Scientists still do not stop exploring the habits and behaviors of furry pets, conducting all kinds of experiments. Thanks to one of these experiments, it was possible to find out that cats and cats feel best in a confined space.

cat pushing his paw through a box opening

A case study was conducted at the Netherlands Animal Shelter. The essence of the experiment was as follows: the newly arrived pets were divided into two groups, for the first group in the aviary, boxes were installed in which cats could climb freely, and an empty aviary was prepared for the other group. The results of the study were not long in coming: those cats that had boxes felt much more free, they quietly moved around the aviary, and also quickly made contact with people, which cannot be said about the second group, which was deprived of such conditions.

The box is a great place for a furry creature where you can relax and feel safe. Such habits are characteristic not only for wild cats, but also for pets.

A way to get away from problems

Researchers and veterinarians say cats are not animals that can handle conflicts. The book on cat psychology, Domestic Cats: The Biology of Their Behavior, by Denis Turner and Patrick Bateson, says that, unlike herd animals, cats are less sociable, which means they are less willing to resolve conflicts. That is why for these pets the easiest way to avoid problems, which means somewhere to hide.

A way to get away from problems

In this case, the box plays the role of a saving place in which all problems and threats disappear, and also guarantees safety. You might think that this characterizes cats as stress-prone animals, but more often than not, pets in boxes look more than happy.

Warm corner

Owners of cats and cats very often find their pets in the strangest places to relax: in the sink, in the bag, even in a bowl. At the same time, a mustachioed pet is sometimes barely placed in its shelter. So with the boxes, some cats tend to get into the smallest and closest. In this case, the explanation is very logical: the pet is very cold.

Warm corner cat peeping out of a box

The optimum temperature that cats and cats feel comfortable is 30-36 degrees Celsius. In winter, such conditions at home can be difficult to maintain and animals begin to freeze and look for a cozy and warm shelter.

Playful mood

Playful mood - cat in square boxes

Little kittens love to play, this mood is sometimes visited by adult cats, which begin to chase the sun’s ray or the foot of the owner. Another source of entertainment is boxes, because you can jump there from the start, hide for hunting, spinning in a spinning top and much more.


white cat in square boxes

Cats are funny and very smart creatures, with a complex and multifaceted character, who love strange places for relaxation and games. Boxes for them – a whole world that will allow you to hide from danger, and freeze in anticipation of an attack, as well as relax and warm up if the house is too cold.

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