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Cat Tail’s Movements – How to understand purpose them


Cat Tail’s Movements – How to understand purpose them

The cat’s tail is a very “sociable” organ that can carry out a huge range of movements. He freely moves up, down, left and right, quickly and slowly, swirls around a cat or other objects and creatures, twitches and much more. And this is not just a demonstration of his mobility and mobility. This is a source of important information that the pet wants to convey to others.

The mood and intentions of pussies can be understood not only by the movements of his tail, but even by the state of the fur on it. Sometimes it is smooth, and sometimes each hair “stands on end”. And all this for good reason!

Vertically up

When a cat holds its tail in this way, it shows friendliness, calmness and, in general, is happy with everything. Mother cats lift their tails upright when they want kittens to follow them. It also helps babies notice their mom from everywhere. And when they run to her, then their tails are friendly sticking vertically upwards.

Back and up at an angle

It is also a non-threatening gesture. It means that the pet is unsure of something. This usually happens when a cat sniffs new animals or people unfamiliar to him. As soon as they “pass the test”, the cat already amiably raises its tail up vertically.

Large amplitude of raising and lowering

If a pet flings its tail high, and then lowers it with a large amplitude, then this is already a strong emotion. Most often, a cat is upset with something, unhappy, and wants to be alone.


If the tail is pointing up and trembling, then this is a good sign. Fluffy is very happy to see his master, and thus demonstrates his friendly greeting. Usually this gesture is used when the owner returns from work in the evening or gets out of bed in the morning after sleep.

Crochet tail

It all depends on how and in what direction this hook “looks”. If the tail is raised up, and its end resembles a question mark, then you should take this gesture literally. The pet doubts something or is not sure.

But if there is not just a hook, but a whole horseshoe, then this already symbolizes defensive aggression. Usually in such cases, the tail also bristles. If someone pissed off your pussies (especially another cat), then such a reaction is not surprising. In addition, a feline can arch its back and back away with cancer. It’s better not to approach him at this moment. Let it calm down and feel safe again!

From side to side

This gesture can mean several emotions at once. It is important to take a close look at the pet in order to understand what exactly it is feeling right now:

  • intense interest – if the cat is focused on something, waiting or hiding in anticipation of prey (most often, toy);
  • pleasure – for example, if the pet is currently licking and combing itself;
  • anger – if the tail at the same time loudly knocks on the floor;
  • invitation to the game – to a person or another pet.

Wool on end

When the cat’s tail resembles a “brush” for washing bottles, this only says one thing. He currently feels threatened and takes a defensive position. For example, if something or someone scared him, pissed him off, about to attack.

In some cases, the feline will try to escape from the scene, and in some it will remain and will defend itself. By raising the hair (both on the tail and throughout the body), the animal tries to appear larger than it actually is. This helps him look intimidating to his opponents.

Between the legs

When a cat hides its tail between its paws, it thereby demonstrates its humility. Sometimes this happens in moments of sadness or frustration, if the pet wants to be alone. Sometimes a cat is afraid of something at the same time, which is why it tightens its tail.

Compared to the previous tail gesture, preloading, on the contrary, visually makes the individual smaller – as if the cat wants to hide and become invisible to anyone.

And pussies love to cuddle their tails. This is a very friendly and loving gesture, so you should not leave it unattended.

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