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Cat looking out Window: 5 Ways To Increase Comfort

cats at the window


Cat looking out Window: 5 Ways To Increase Comfort

Cats at the window are a daily image for those with these furry pets at home. But how can you improve their experience as spectators on the outside?

Cats at the window: how to improve their comfort (Photo Unsplash)

As you know, cats really like to look out the window, beyond the personality of each single cat. But how can we better organize our home, so as to allow them maximum comfort to browse outside when they want? By creating workstations, near windows or verandas, which can be a great way to enrich the home environment for our furry friends. In this way they will be able to observe what is happening outside the house, spying with their instinct as hunters the animals that live outside – birds, squirrels, other cats, etc. – and pass the time in a stimulating way.

The pillow: an option for maximum comfort

cat at the window
A great idea is to place a pillow near the window (Photo Unsplash)

Of course, one of the main reasons why cats at the window can spend even hours, is that they love the heat so much. For this, it would be the case of organize a comfortable and comfortable position for them, with comfortable cushions near a large window. If space allows, we may also have shared spaces, where we can relax together with the cat.

After all, it’s not just cats that love the sun’s rays: what’s better for us owners as well if not relaxing with a good book, in front of a window lit by the warm sunlight on a spring morning, together with the our cat dozing on our legs?

The cats at the window also stand guard

cat looks out
The cats at the window also stand guard. (Photo Unsplash)

Just like their fellow dogs, cats also love to stand guard. There are those who love to stay alert, always waiting for the arrival of a new guest to meet, there are those who are more nervous, and immediately run away when someone unfamiliar arrives, and those who simply wait for the return of his human masters, to welcome them after a busy day away from home.

Precisely for this reason, creating a space in which the cat can freely wait with all the tranquility it needs is very important. Just think of how much is outside, which can stimulate the senses of our cat: birds that flutter, falling leaves, spiders that weave canvases on the windowsill, lizards that run away fast, after all they are movements, colors, elements that make our cats spend a good part of the day.

Routes designed for the panorama

cats at the window
Create interesting routes for the cat. (Photo Unsplash)

For those with large windows, it can be fun to create real paths, so that the cat can move and move with a real organized path. Cats must obviously be free to move, look out the windows whenever they want, move further, maybe hide a little to rest, go back to the window again, and so on.

Cats like to doze, of course, but they really appreciate being able to climb the walls of the house, if possible wandering around the house. And the non plus ultra would be to do it while they can also observe what is happening outside: the cats in the window never get bored!

The choice of the most suitable window

window door cat
Our cat will choose his favorite window. (Photo Unsplash)

We will not choose the window. It will be enough to free from any encumbrances of the various windowsills, put the cushions we mentioned above on it, and maybe have cabinets or armchairs near the windows. Finally, we put the covers on the radiators, where the cat can safely rest near the window. After all, it will be our cat to choose his favorite window.

Maybe it will be the one overlooking the garden outside the house, or on the street, or on the path, where it can still see more movement. Or it will be the sunniest in winter and the most sheltered in summer. Anyhow, let’s keep an eye on his behavior to understand what his choice will be. The cats at the window spend hours, as we said, so we can easily notice his habits.

Once you choose the window, we can leave that to him / her, and occupy the spaces near the windows that do not interest him, with our furnishings. Admiring our cats at the window will be very nice while we relax and he / she looks at the world outside.

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