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Cat filler: Types | Composition | Methods of application


Cat filler: Types | Composition | Methods of application

There is a wide variety of cat fillers on the market, and each cat owner has a loved one. But did you know that there are dozens of other uses for cat fillers besides standard tray filling? Just think outside the box and you can use this material for other useful purposes. We bring to your attention 5 ideas for the unusual use of cat litter.

Eliminate musty and unpleasant odors

The musty odors are mainly caused by the accumulation of mold and mildew, which linger in the dark rooms of apartments and private houses in which there is not enough ventilation. Unpleasant odors can come from drawers of cabinets, basements and attics. To help get rid of musty odors, put clean cat litter in the shallow open bowl. It is best to use a flavored version, with the smell of lavender. Change this filler every day, you can put several containers at once in different corners of the room. Within a couple of days, you will notice how unpleasant odors in the room began to disappear.

In a similar way, you can refresh the boxes with old books. If you want to refresh the smell on summer cottages with old things, you can tie a sock with filler inside and put it in a box or box. Put another such sock inside the old boots, and also add a little filler to the bottom of the garbage cans in your country yard.

Will help in frosty weather

Cat filler is a great alternative to anti-icing reagents. If you have frozen ice on the sidewalk or driveway, use a small amount of clay toilet cat litter. It will not melt the ice, but it works great so that the sidewalk does not become slippery after a snowfall or an ice storm. Just be careful not to use too much. Its excess will lead to slipping and dirt when snow or ice begins to melt.

Silikogelny filler perfectly helps drivers to touch cars on ice. When the car is stuck on ice, a layer of water forms between the wheels and the ice, which just keeps the car in the same place. It is the filler that will help absorb this excess moisture. To do this, simply pour a small amount of filling directly onto the road in front of the wheel and wait 3-5 minutes.

Absorbs grease and oil

Cat droppings can be used to absorb fat, oil, or other household spills. Never dispose of used filler in the toilet. In addition, cat litter is able to prevent grill fires. Spread a layer of filler on the bottom of the grill to prevent fire during cooking. The litter absorbs greasy drops and helps to protect the process itself. Replace fresh litter when it is saturated with fat.

Will dry a wet cell phone

Cat litter is actually more effective than rice for drying wet phones and other small electronic devices. Just put the phone in a sock (so that the debris doesn’t get inside), then put the sock in a cat-filled container for a couple of days. Try to complete all these actions quickly and immediately after an accident with a gadget.

Protect against pests

Often cat litter is used in summer cottages. Oddly enough, it is used after its direct application by the pet. Used cat litter repels moles and other rodents well. Pests do not like the texture and smell of such garbage and it scares them away perfectly. The gardeners fall asleep the used filler directly into wormholes.

Such a wood filler in winter is covered with a place near tree trunks and shrubs to scare hares. Try not to use the used filler in the area near the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, as the used cat filler may contain parasites.

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