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Cat Dreams – Reasons | Interpretation | Mysticism


Cat Dreams – Reasons | Interpretation | Mysticism

Scientists have long proved that the dreams that we see during a night’s rest are nothing but the games of the subconscious. However, people continue to believe their secret meanings, which interpretation will help dream books. Often in dreams, our pets come to us – cats and cats. In various interpretations of dreams, interpretations of this symbol differing in meaning can be read. Let’s try to figure out what our pussies warn about when they come to us in a dream.

What does the symbol in a dream mean?

All interpreters of dreams agree that cats, cats more often dream of trouble. The basis is taken of the nature and characteristics of behavior that lives in freedom. Among the main interpretations of dreams about cats, predictions are more common:

  • fraud from others;
  • hypocrisy, gossip;
  • contradictions, scandals at work;
  • betrayal of a loved one;
  • the appearance of selfish people in your environment.

Even in the dream book, which was Wang says that cats dream of trouble. Indeed, in most interpreters, the dream of cats is negative.

Not so bad

Often dreams about felines are a warning. So, if this animal was dreamed of by a man – businessman, he should be more quick in order not to miss a profitable deal. A dreaming cat before the wedding to a young man makes it clear that after marriage his bride can act frivolously, her character will change for the worse over the years.

To decipher the dream in more detail, you need to remember all the details of what is happening in a dream. Many interpretations depend on the color of the animal, its gender, the nature of the actions that it performs.

White cat

The white animal portends the imminent changes in life. A clean cat with long white coat dreams of improvements in all areas. If the animal is dirty, sick, then expect complications in personal relationships. If you are surrounded by a lot of white furry cats – expect an expensive gift from a loved one. The invasion of white kittens in your home indicates the arrival of pleasant guests.

A cat that has climbed onto a tree trunk promises a move, if you help her get down, while the animal bites, the move must be postponed. Adult white sleek cat portends a salary increase, a bonus.


The black color of cats that have come to their dreams is scary, although in reality this is not always a bad symbol. The black animal biting you portends a quick fulfillment of desires. If, on the contrary, a black cat sleeps curled up, then to achieve this goal you will have to make considerable efforts.

A black cat that has settled around indicates that your friends will not refuse help. Many black kittens indicate easy achievement of goals. A black cat that runs along the roadway warns against a dangerous trip.

Red cats and cats

The red color of the dreaming cats promises soon a fun event that will leave vivid memories. A group of red cats dreams of a big family holiday, where relatives will come from afar. The meowing red cats promise an enchanting party outside the house. The kitten of red color promises fun games with the kids. A woman who dreamed a red-haired kitten gives a sign of imminent replenishment in the family.

The dreaming red ginger cat represents a generous reliable patron who will soon meet you on your life path. A dreaming couple of cats with a red and black color promises a cheerful corporate party, where a fateful meeting will take place.

Gray cats

Fur seals are a warning sign. Soon a hypocritical person will appear next to you. If the gray cat is aggressive, releases its claws and tries to bite – expect betrayal from loved ones. The calm gray fluffy says that you can survive after a treacherous blow. If you find a gray cat under the front doors – wait for gossip, confrontation with colleagues. Letting the cat in to – means you should not worry, the boss will take your side. A gray kitten portends gossip around your person.


Three-colored cats, animals with multi-colored colors warn of the approach of difficult trials that will fall to your lot. When a multi-colored cat climbs onto a table in a dream, this is a sign that you will soon go on a long trip. If the cat enjoys food from the table, then on the journey you will find the love of life.

Cat in position

Cats carrying kittens that rub on their legs in a dream remind you of the need to rest. This signals that it is time to learn how to delegate authority. If a cat in a position is aggressive towards you, then you urgently need to rest morally.

Cat with kids

A roving cat, showing aggression, suggests that it is better not to leave the house this day. If the kittens are of the same suit with your mother, then expect great happiness. Multi-colored kittens promise change on the personal front. Kittens unlike mom warn of quarrels with a loved one.

If the kittens sleep peacefully, then soon friends will visit you, frolic – for a profitable deal, walking along the street with a cat – to a surprise at work.

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