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Cat Bits – Why is it dangerous | Reasons | Behavior | What to do


Cat Bits – Why is it dangerous | Reasons | Behavior | What to do

what is dangerous, reasons, behavior, what to do? – Even furry creatures like cats can bite often and painfully. Cat bites can be dangerous if you do not take care of them properly. Cats have sharp teeth that make deep punctures, and there are many bacteria in the cat’s mouth that can potentially cause infection. It is important for the owner of the animal to wean the cat to bite, but to do this, you need to understand the reasons for this behavior of the animal. So why do cats bite and how to wean them from it?

Cat bites

Often you can hear that the cat is not allowed to go because of uncontrolled biting. Anyone who has a cat can describe cases where the behavior of their pet was less than friendly, and sometimes even aggressive. It is very important to understand that cats never do anything without a reason. Cats are actually very predictable creatures, and bites and scratches are cause and effect relationships, like most other undesirable things.

Cats have two main types of bites and scratches, and both of them are often caused by human imperfections. The first type is “playful bites and scratches,” and the second is “protective.” Before you can figure out what type your cat is showing, it is important to remember that bites and scratches are completely normal behavior for cats. This is an important part of the development of the animal, because it is their only means of protection, as well as their natural way to kill prey in the wild.

Most people forget that cats are predators by nature, despite the fact that they have long been domesticated. Before trying to discipline your cat, try to understand their behavior.

Causes of Kitten Bites

A kitten usually bites due to a problem with socialization. Kittens develop good manners through interaction with other kittens and their mother. Too often, kittens appear in families before they learn these lessons from their mother, so owners should teach the kitten the rules of behavior. Kittens don’t know that teeth and claws hurt, so they need to explain it in the language of the kittens like their mother would.

Begin training as soon as you have a kitten or adult animal. Kittens can bite as a way to communicate needs, as a way to explore their surroundings, or simply because their teeth are being cut. Make unpleasant sounds when the kitten starts to bite you, and over time, it will begin to associate this sound with its behavior.

Reasons why a cat bites

Adult cats can have two main reasons for biting – claiming dominance or responding to a threat. Some cats bite to stop unwanted actions or behavior of people or other animals. For some cats, biting appears as a form of communication or a demand for attention, instead of the usual meow. Any change in the home environment can cause cat behavior that is so painful for the owner. Biting can be a common reaction to stress (moving, having a baby in the family, or another pet).

How to stop biting

You may not be able to prevent your pet from biting again, but there are some methods you can try. Constantly respond to bites and make sure that all family members and visitors follow the same rules. If you start to punish a cat for bites, and another member of the family does not pay attention to such animal behavior, it will be more difficult for you to conduct training.

Never let a kitten or cat play with your hands, fingers or toes. All cats need to be taught that hands are not toys. If you give the cat the opportunity to play with his own hands, you encourage her to develop addiction and in the future will be the culprit of such animal behavior. Better offer the animal a suitable replacement toy. Fish, birds and mice are the favorite toys of many cats. Your pet should have access to a lot of toys (at least three) so that he does not get bored and is constantly active when you are away from home.

Interactive toys with treats for cats are a great way to stay active and show animal intelligence. Let the cat scratch its toys, bite them and do whatever it wants with them. In this way, the cat can show its wildlife, which is still preserved in these cute pussies.

Constantly praise your cat for the soft paws that it shows to you. If the cat shows its claws or teeth while communicating with you, utter an unpleasant scream and take your hand away, as another cat or kitten would do to stop the game. If the animal behaves badly, avoid physical punishment that makes the cat even more agitated. In such a situation, she is more likely to begin to resist and protect herself with the help of regular bites.

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