Cat behaviors to worry about: Female cat behavior in heat

various cat behaviors

Cat behaviors to worry about: Female cat behavior in heat:  Here are some interesting things you never know Did you know that: female cats can exhibit different behaviors than males? Here are the various behaviors of the cat in different situations.

various cat behaviors
The various cat behaviors: everything you need to know (Adobe Stock Photo)

THE cats, like people, have different personalities and behaviors and some of them also differ from one female cat it’s a male cat. In addition, their environment and interactions with other cats can also have an influence on their behavior.

Many of the common behavioral traits that cats show they are related to the fact that they are sterilized. Some hormonal and seasonal influences can also influence the behavior of the your cat. Let’s find out together the various behaviors that the female cat in various situations.

The various behaviors of the female cat

Cat in heat
Cat in heat: recognize it and relieve the symptoms (Photo AdobeStock)

Cat in heat

A cat seasonally it goes into heat, or becomes sexually receptive, but it can reproduce at any time of the year. If your cat is not sterilized, you will find that it will have a more territorial behavior and that it will mark its territory, to expand it, when it is ready to mate. If your furry friend lives at home, you will notice that when she is in heat becomes more adamant in wanting to go outside due to the desire to expand its territory. Sterilization eliminates this hormonal boost and usually eliminates its desire to mark the territory.

Alpha effect

It is a well known fact that cats always stand out alpha cat, the one who eats first, who jumps first on the bed etc … If you live only with female cats, you will notice that a particular female will affirm her dominance during meals, becoming the alpha female. It is also, however, rare that one female become alpha if a male cat is present in the house.

While generally the alpha cat is the largest and with the best fighting ability, a female cat becomes alpha with seniority and a special bond with his human being.

Maternal behavior

cat and kittens
Cats could recognize mom’s voice (Pixabay photo)

Your cat she can act towards kittens as an adoptive mother, in fact this maternal behavior it can sometimes extend to other cats and their kittens. It is not uncommon for a cat to adopt another female’s litter, but sometimes females can also be hostile to litters that are not their own. The maternal behavior it is related to the relationship between females and the cat’s temperament.

Territorial behavior

While male cats may have more than one reason to be territorial, females also have distinct territories. The latter mark their territory by rubbing the scent glands from the cheeks, chin, hips and tail against different surfaces.

The objects that smell like you will probably receive even greater attention, such as your shoes, the bed or any other place or object that has your perfume as they bind more than male cats, having an instinct mother.

In addition, the female cats they expand their territory when they are in heat, so you will notice an increase in marking and rubbing when they are ready to mate.

Behavior of the cat in society

many cats cats
The behavior of the cat in society

Very carefully you can notice subtle greetings between the female cats which include a quick touch of the nose or a quick rubbing of the cheeks. While I male cats they also share these greetings with the females, the latter tend to bond more often in a community of cats. You too learn these greetings you will discover that the your cat could greet you with the touch of the nose.

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