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Top 10 Cat Behaviors That We Find Funny and Annoying

Top 10 Cat Behaviors That We Find Funny and Annoying


Top 10 Cat Behaviors That We Find Funny and Annoying

Check out these cat behavior problems that we find funny and annoying at the same time. Cats are graceful, smart and cute pets. They, like people, have their own preferences and characters. Nevertheless, these fuzzies have something in common – they all do the same things. What kind? Here are 10 things that every cat does!

Top 10 Cat Behaviors That We Find Funny and Annoying

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1. Throw things off the table

Every self-respecting cat keeps order in the house. If something is on the edge of the table, you must throw it.

Throw things off the table cats

Throwing cats can absolutely any things:

  • table legs;
  • stationery;
  • documents;
  • toys;
  • the dishes.

The owner does not have to put things on the edge – a fluffy home friend will help the subject to fall, even if it is in the center of the table.

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2. Asks to let them in and then You are Excluded Included

Cats do not like loneliness and … closed doors. Diligent cats, seeing a closed room (especially if there is someone in it), begin to ask inside. They meow, scrape and even rush to the door.

Asks to let them in and then You are Excluded Included cats

When the owner opens, the cat simply remains seated. He is unlikely to enter. Apparently, the pet simply monitors the safety of the house – all interior doors must be open.

3. Meowing very loudly

Cats are nocturnal animals. During the day they can sleep, getting up only to the tray and bowl. At night, their time comes.

Each cat meows loudly. The animal “sings” for an encore when its owner is asleep or trying to sleep.

4. Lies on things that are urgently needed

Cat lovers should get ready for another interesting thing. Cats consider themselves masters of the house. They try to keep everything under control. For example, furry friends often lie on things that are urgently required by the owner.

Lies on things that are urgently needed cats

No matter what it is about. As a “rug” for a cat can get off:

  • book;
  • boots;
  • clothes;
  • dishes;
  • cutlery;
  • toys

Some cats “advanced” – they are happy to fit on laptops and computers. And even there they sleep.

5. Takes away toilet filler

Every cat owner knows what it means to have a cat at home. These animals go to the toilet in special trays. They fill the filler.

Takes away toilet filler cats

Cats carefully scatter filler for trays around the house. His biggest group is located directly at the place of need. Detect the filler can be anywhere – even in your own bed.

6. Ignores people

Pride is one of the traits of all felines. House baleen friends have it too. They will happily ignore their master, as well as all who come into the house.

If the cat turned away from you or simply turned to the wall, it is useless to tell him something. The animal will not hear – it will simply ignore the person. Such “attacks” can be both single and regular.

Ignores people CAts

The same thing happens with the gifts that the owner makes. Bought a great complex with houses and scratching to your love? Do not be surprised if he demonstratively settles next to him.

7. Prevents to eat

And here is another holy rule of a cat – you must definitely try what the host eats. So the animals simply interfere with the meal.

Prevents to eat

The cat can get into the plate or just try to grab a piece of tasty human food directly from the hands or mouth of the host. A kind of quality control.

8. Jumps and rolls

Cats believe that people need regular exercise. And they help with this. Each cat shkodit, breaks and breaks things.

Jumps and rolls Cats

Riding on new curtains, tearing curtains or wallpaper, jumping where there are fragile and easily beaten things is sacred for each mustache. Remember – if there is a cat in the house, you need to furnish the apartment as if you had a curious baby.

9. Drinks from everywhere

Cats check not only the quality of the food of the owner, but also the water in the house. Pets will drink from any liquid container.

Drinks from everywhere cats

Is there water in the bowl? Fine. Left the potatoes in a pan with cool water? Wonderful! Do you decide to wash the floor and fill the bucket? Do not leave it all unattended – the cat will drink from there at one moment!

10. Destroying Furniture

Domestic cats are trained to claw hands. But this does not prevent them from tearing up furniture anyway. Especially beloved and dear.

Destroying Furniture
Cat Destroying Furniture

Wallpapers and soft toys also fall under the distribution. You can buy at least 50 kogtetochek, but the cat will still sharpen its claws on the furniture.

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